Tuesday , 4 August 2020
"The news feed is one of the most important things we've built," Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg mentioned during the press event today.

Facebook Announces the New Design of the News Feed

New Facebook newsfeed

Facebook announced Thursday it is giving its news feed a new look and feel.

The launch of the new news feed represents the first major overhaul of Facebook’s core service.

“The news feed is one of the most important things we’ve built,” Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg mentioned during the press event today.

New Facebook news feed


“How we’re all sharing is changing and the news feed needs to evolve with those changes. This is the evolving face of news feed.”

The new news feed features three major changes:

  • Larger images and videos
  • Multiple Feeds that you can pick from
  • Mobile Consistency on phones and tablets 

A New Focus on Pictures

Zuckerberg mentioned that photo posts have been on the rise along with posts from fan pages.

New Facebook news feed

With this in mind new design is a huge departure from the Facebook of old.

New Facebook news feed

The new look is a radical departure from the Facebook of old. It’s mobile-inspired and consistent across devices.

Greater emphasis is given to pictures — which are now much bigger. Photos now make up almost 50% of news feed and stand out front and center.

More Feed Choices, More Control

New Facebook news feed

With the new news feed you will be able to control and see your choice of feeds.

Mobile Consistency

New Facebook news feed

Taking cues from the Facebook mobile app, the new news feed will be consistent on the web and mobile.

Facebook will start rolling out the new news feed today on web.  You can sign up HERE.

What does this means for the creative business owner?  Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!





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One comment

  1. I read this as well…. I think the only downside for businesses is that users have the potential to ONLY look at their “all friends” feed and never see the updates from pages/businesses. Then again, perhaps the default will be “most recent” feed, and people will not care enough to change from that.

    I wrote a piece on my blog as well about the new layout, with some hands-on video and tutorials about the new redesign: http://www.charmedbywine.wordpress.com

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