Thursday , 9 July 2020

Featured Spotlight | ByElsieB



ByElsieB is a boutique offering beautiful hand-sewn home décor, and some garments, for children. By far the most popular product has been the personalized name pillows. They are a beautiful and practical gift solution for many people, having been bought by mothers for their new babies, in pillow-case form by grandmothers to send inexpensively to grandchildren in foreign countries and by friends and relatives wanting to buy that extra special present for babies and small children. Also available in the store are bandana bibs to catch the dribble, applique laundry bags and bunting to match the name pillows and personalized Christmas stockings.

Set up by Lucy, a stay at home mum with a passion for needlework and making homes a beautiful and practical place to live, ByElsieB offers pieces that both children and mothers will adore, and will be cherished for years to come. Please come and take a look for yourself.

“The pillow is Perfect And was so beautifully wrapped. I can See the Love it was made with!!” Sina, Germany

“I loved the pillow, it was perfect! The craftsmanship was amazing.” Stephanie, USA


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