Thursday , 15 April 2021

FREE 5-Day Blogging Ecourse from Sunday Afternoon Housewife

sunday afternoon housewife

You have heard me say over and over how important blogging is for your creative business.  Staying motivated is a difficult task sometimes when it come to consistent blogging.  Martha from Sunday Afternoon Housewife has put together a FREE 5-day blogging ecourse, that will get you motivated and give you a blogging boost!

Here is the info:

Free 5 Day Blogging E-Course for Crafters

It’s FREE!

It is chock full of tips for crafters who blog or want to blog, but need a little kick in the pants. These tips are sent directly to your inbox each day. These tips will help you on your quest to improve your blog.

Each day for 5 days you will get a blogging prompt.
These prompts will help give you something to write about, to help add variety to your blog, and give you that boost you’ve been needing to get your blog up and running with more regularity.

So, what do you have to do to partake in this free, awesome e-course which you could, if you wanted, take in your pajamas every day? Just fill out the form below or CLICK HERE to sign up! You’ll get your first lesson right away followed by 4 more days of blogging tips and prompts. You, my friend, have nothing to loose and only knowledge to gain.

Check out all the FREE tools and ecourses Handmadeology has to offer HERE.  

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  1. Tim- Thanks so much for spreading the word about my e-course! Lots of folks have signed up this morning I am sure thanks to your sharing of the class!

  2. have been thinking (and procrastinating) about starting a maddy & me blog (I even have a name) but haven’t gotten my a$$ in gear. Signed up, and hopefully this will get me moving in the right direction. Thank you Martha and Tim!

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