Saturday , 19 September 2020
Free Pattern Download – Sweet Little Dress

Free Pattern Download – Sweet Little Dress

What’s an auntie to do when she has an adorable niece? Knit her up something special, of course!


This is a pattern I designed for a class I taught several years ago. Before today, I haven’t made it available online. I did some tweaking and changed the skirt from a gathered skirt to a circle skirt. That flounce and those chubby little thighs…too sweet!

Free Knit and Sew Baby Dress Pattern | I'll Knit You Up I Love You Sew
The bodice is knit from the top down in one piece. The sleeves and trim are worked in seed stitch, the rest in Stockinette stitch. It’s a fairly quick project since you don’t have to knit the skirt. Sewing the bodice to the skirt can be a little tricky. Pin it well. You may even want to hand baste it together before using a machine. When using a machine place the fabric on the bottom and the knit bodice on top to prevent it from getting caught.

The skirt is cut in a circle, so it’s not suited for prints with an obvious up and down pattern. If you insist on using a fabric with an up and down you’ll want to cut two half circles going in the same direction and sew them together. Otherwise the print on the back will be upside down.

Lastly, some notes about sizing. I’ve decided that it is impossible to accurately size babies and toddlers. They vary so much. My niece is 19 months, but she’s a tiny little peanut at 21 pounds, the size of a 12-month-old. The waist of the bodice is 18.25″ and the waist of the skirt is 20.5″. The bodice is 8.5″ long. The skirt in the picture is cut at 12.25″ long. After seeing the dress on her I thought it could use one more inch of length so I’ve added an inch to the pattern instructions.

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