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Handmade Artists' (HA) has been kind enough to offer a free shop for life giveaway to our Handmadeology members

Free Shop for Life Giveaway on Handmade Artists


handmade-artists giveaway

Free Shop for Life Giveaway on Handmade Artists’

Handmade Artists’ (HA) has been kind enough to offer a free shop for life giveaway to our Handmadeology members. The venue has been around for 3 years as a forum added a shop 2 years ago. The site only allows handmade goods by the artists, no resellers or mass produced sellers are allowed. HA was created by a husband and wife team, Kimberly and Andrew Kitchen. They started selling on Etsy in 2006 and hung around for a couple of years until the resellers got the best of Etsy and decided to leave and start their own venture for handmade artists only. Thus HA was born and they have never looked back. The site keeps a simple fee structure of $5.00 a month or $50.00 a year, that’s it, no commissions or listing fees are charged. Although HA is small compared to their big brothers Etsy and Artfire, the site is up and coming and growing daily.

To enter the giveaway just leave a comment on this post and like, tweet or pin this post, the winner will be picked in one week on 10/13/2012

Here are a couple of excerpts from members on Handmade Artists’, they’ll be able to tell you what is going on over there better than me.

Nici Laskin’s Jewelry and Art Says

Selling handmade art and jewelry online is not for the faint of heart. Considering the plethora of websites available, numerous competing philosophies, and competition between small artists and big resellers, finding yourself lost with no views and sales is almost inevitable. Handmade Artist removes the first big hurdle, the dread resellers, and takes a very personal approach in getting to know the sellers and their products. Soon after creating an account on Handmade Artist, the seller will get to know the proprietors and developers of Handmade by name, Kimberly and Andrew, and have a chance to interact with them in the forums. With a New England style town meeting on Thursdays, everyone’s voice can be heard regarding business topics and improving the site.

Regardless of which listing sites you use, promoting your online store gives you traffic, sales, and helps to spread the word. Kimberly and Andrew will use every tool available to add and promote your listings in Facebook, Newsletters, Plurk, Stumble, Twitter, and many other social networking sites. In the 6 months that we have been on Handmade, we have had recorded 45 sales, but more importantly many of the buyers have returned on multiple occasions and purchased custom products directly from us. If we had the time to participate in Kimberly’s weekly Facebook rounds and special promotions, I am positive that our success would be even better.

Reef Botanicals Says

I’ve been a member of Handmade Artists since before there was a shop, and I’ll never leave.  Not only the owners, but also the community members are generous and share one single agenda:  promoting handmade.

So when the shop opened, I knew I needed one despite also having a stand-alone.  I’ve had quite a few sales.  The originals, the first, were through my own marketing efforts, but the additional efforts of the HA administration and other members have since brought me sales from people who just found me here, which has been really exciting.  It does take some time and effort, like anything else worthwhile, but it happens.

Handmade Artists is going places.  And I plan to go with it.

Blue Highways Says

I opened my shop, Blue Highways Books, back in June 2011 and I’ve never doubted my decision one single day. From the ease of setting up shop to the family-like, fun, drama free vibe in the forum it has and continues to be a sheer pleasure to be part of.

The site owners, Andrew and Kimberly are champions for all things handmade and their vigilance in both keeping the venue handmade only to their tireless efforts in promoting all shops equally is refreshing and encouraging (I’ve got a shop on Etsy so I do know the ugly other side!). I will add, they maintain a constant presence and are very quick to answer any questions and very receptive to suggestions and feedback. I’ve had about 50 sales, not including lots of custom work, and many have been a direct result of their Tweets, Facebook, Pinterest pins just to name a few of the sites they shamelessly plug their vendors on!

Traffic and sales continue to grow steadily and for a flat $5 a month – can you beat that for the exposure alone?? I think not. My shingle will remain hung there for as long as I have the love of making books in my heart and I can still wield a binding needle!

IKnitQuiltSew Says

As an artist, I experimented with a few selling platforms.  None of them had the commaraderie I was seeking.  Then I found HandmadeArtists.  The fact that their shop platform is easy to navigate both as a buyer and seller, and that the layout is superb, is almost secondary to the sense of community, support, promotion and friendship within the HandmadeArtists community as a whole.  Many of my sales through this venue are received only because HandmadeArtists allows and encourages direct communication with buyers.  It’s a flat $5 per month (no listing fees; no final value fees), but the intangible values are priceless!

Remember to comment on this post and like, tweet, or pin this post  and you’ll be automatically entered in to win a free shop for life on Handmade Artist’!!

Good luck…..

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  1. Sounds like a great site! I have nowhere on line I sell my handmade stuff right now, just supplies.

  2. Fabulous giveaway! Thank you for the opportunity. Sharing on FB.

  3. Sounds great! Fantastic giveaway:)

  4. Great Giveaway! Thanks!

  5. Sounds amazing! Thanks for the chance! :)

  6. very exciting. sharing :)

  7. Thank you for the chance.

  8. This sounds absolutely fantastic; thanks for the opportunity!!

  9. This looks like a great place to set up shop, because it seems easy to use as a potential customer/vendor. It’s encouraging to read about people already having success with their shops – perhaps this is the place for us?

  10. This is a wonderful giveaway that I, like many other handmade artists, would love to win.

  11. I’ve not heard of this site before but have now! A great giveaway and a wonderful opportunity.

  12. i am so grateful that my “surfing” led me to handmadeology and that their updates led me to handmade artists…

    i cannot wait to explore the options that await me…how exciting….

    this is an amazing offer which i’d love to win!!

  13. Kim Fisher-Anctil

    Amazing giveaway! I’m definitely sharing on Facebook. Thank you for the information about this site and the great opportunity. :)

  14. I’ve been looking into joining this site for some time now. This is a good incentive. Thanks so much

  15. I’ve never heard of this site but I will check it out. Thanks.

  16. Always lookging to expand my shop and find great places to share my goodies! Thank you so much for offering such a great giveaway!

  17. Wow, what a wonderful giveaway! Winning for one person would be great, but for everyone else, 5.00 a month seems very doable!

  18. I need to check into this, too. I am always looking for alternative ways to promote my online shop and this sounds great. Thanks for letting us know about the site and the giveaway offer.

  19. Fabulous giveaway! Thank you for the opportunity.
    Sharing on FB.:)

  20. It’s so good to have another venue to reach customers. Thanks for introducing me to Handmade Artist. I’ve tweeted about it at MtnQuiltworks.

  21. Thank you for offering this wonderful opportunity for some lucky winner! A great break for someone! Awesome alternative for exposure.

  22. I love that there is an online venue now that really supports handmade. What a great giveaway too!

  23. This is a wonderful idea a giveaway, Thanks Handmade

  24. What a great opportunity! I have posted this to my FB personal and business page. Thank you!

  25. What a great giveaway. I love this site! It’s been a pleasure doing business with this site.

  26. Thank you so much for the opportunity! I am retiring soon and will have oodles of time for my craft projects.

  27. Always looking for venues to sell my wearable art. Sounds great!

  28. I’d give a Handmade Artists site a try!

  29. Oh what a wonderful thing for them to do. Good luck everyone!

  30. This sounds perfect for me! I am just getting started with my art and jewelry, so don’t have a lot of inventory. Would love to win this as a way to get “noticed”…


  31. An interesting site and generous offer! Thank you HA!

  32. Thanks for the giveaway! I would love to win.

  33. Looks amazing! Going to check it out right now.

  34. OH! I hope I win!

  35. WOW….I didn’t even know about HandmadeArtists! I learned a lot just reading about this contest, and the accolades for HandmadeArtists. Had never even heard of Spurk either?! Can’t believe it is only $5 a month, what a deal… off to check it out! Thank you!

  36. I’m definitely going to check out this site. Been selling on etsy for a number of years with very limited success. Shared post on pinterest…

  37. Shared on Twitter and Facebook. I have been wanting to open a shop on Handmade Artists as I am already a part of It’s Better Handmade and have seen how much Andrew and Kimberly already do in the handmade community the chance of winning a shop for life is irresistable ;~D

  38. Kudos for promoting handmade in such a professional way!

  39. I was just on the site the other day, and its on my list of places I want to be. I have one store on Etsy, selling digital downloads and will soon start a new store with my handmade items. Its good to have several options.

  40. Thanks for hosting this for us Tim. We at Handmade Artists’ have been avid readers of Handmadeology for years now. You always have great info for handmade businesses no matter where they sell. We look forward to doing more giveways and features with the Handmadeology team in the future. Anything to help handmade!

  41. It would be amazing to be so fortunate as to win this. Thank you for t the opportunity!

  42. Thank you for doing such a wonderful giveaway!

  43. Another great venue! Thanks for sharing the information! Tweeting! :)

  44. This is a wonderful giveaway! I’m an artist on Handmade Artists and love the site.
    Thanks for doing this for all the handmade artists!

  45. rebekah shattuck

    Woohoo good luck everybody! I have seen the word handmadeology but I didn’t know what it was. Maybe I will try to well some of my art!

  46. Great giveaway, thanks! Pinned and tweeted

  47. I’ve been wanting for years to get into jewelry making as a business, and finally my day-job employer gave me the opportunity by laying me off. I like the philosophy of Handmade Artists, with personal attention and commitment to the spirit of handmade art.

  48. A great idea! Thanks.

  49. I’d give that a try! Great give away! Thank you…

  50. This is great, thanks for the chance to win!!!

  51. Oh wow this is awesome.
    I would love to open a shop here.
    Thank you for the opportunity to try to win a lifetime shop.

  52. I’ve had my eye on Handmade Artists for awhile now. I’d love for the opportunity to win a free for life shop.

    Thank you for the giveaway! <3

  53. I would love to have another venue where I could sell my handcrafted jewelry!

  54. Sounds great. Thanks for the opportunity!

  55. Wow! I’m intrigued! This could be exactly the shot in the arm my jewelry business needs outside of Etsy!

  56. Thank you for the opportunity to win such a wonderful gift!! Deanna

  57. This would be a Dream come True for me!! There could be nothing better than loving your job, that I can personally think of. I take care of my 92 yr old Mom (She had a brain stem area stroke 6 yrs ago), everything came back for her but her balance therefore she needs me to walk. This would light up her eyes as much as mine because she could be a part of it!! This is such an amazing gift for someone! May your Lives be filled with Much Love and Many Blessings! Ty for the opportunity to participate. One Love!!

  58. Thanks for the opportunity!

  59. What a wonderful giveaway! I almost forgot to comment in here because I was distracted by all the links. lol, so many great articles.

  60. Cool giveaway! I am sharing it on twitter!
    Keeping my fingers crossed!

  61. What an awesome opportunity! Thank you for the chance to win the “shop for life”!

  62. Finally a handmade marketplace that is truly handmade! The amount of resellers on Etsy has always made me shy away from becoming a seller (I letterpress + screen print) and let’s face it marketing using your own site is a big challenge for just one person starting out. Definitely going to look into Handmade Artists.

  63. What a great article. HA is a fantastic group.

  64. What a wonderful giveaway! I’ll be sharing on Facebook. Thanks!

  65. WOW! That sounds wonderful! What a great opportunity Thank you!

  66. Fabulous and Amazing Giveaway ^____^ Thank you for the opportunity ^____^

  67. this sounds very interesting! heading off to check it out!!! thanks :)

  68. I am so ready for this!!! Love your philosophy, and I’m ready to try some new venues! Thanks for the opportunity.

  69. what a great opportunity! Thanks so much!!

  70. What a wonderful and generous gift, I would love to win the free shop! As a hand weaver I don’t make a lot of sales but with more exposure I hope to be able to expand.

  71. I would LOVE to win!!

  72. This is so awesome ! Thank you for the opportunity… Will consider this venue even if I don’t win…. Sounds wonderful for someone like me who is starting over in designing & creating jewelry…. :) Will share on fb since I have limited phone and cannot tweet & such! Good luck everyone! :)

  73. I love this idea and would be thrilled to win a site. I will go post on FB and tweet right now.

  74. I learned about this from Yami, I am also looking for a new venue for my sculptures. I will check this place out as well! Thanks!!

  75. I have been a long-time fan of Handmade Artists… I would love to open my shop with them… My personal economy has not made that reality, yet. Kim and Andrew are two of the kindest souls; I have enjoyed many chats in their forum. Long Live HA!!

  76. I get the HandmadeArtists email and I would love to win this to join in the fun.

  77. This looks like a great time to get in on the ground floor of a new handmade site. It looks like Etsy will only continue to act more “corporate”, at the cost of customer-maker contact and relationships. Good for these guys! I applaud their efforts.

  78. Looks like a nice site to sell off of. I am glad to enter the giveaway. Also tweeted this

  79. I hadn’t heard of this handmade site, either, so I will check it out. Please enter me in the give away. Thanks!

  80. In this day and age of mass production, stay true, be creative, buy handmade products.

  81. What an exciting opportunity and what a generous prize. Thank you for all your supportt of “handmade”.

  82. I love Handmade Artists and all the folks there!!

  83. I am one of them…Awesomeness personafied this website of
    Have had mny shop there for quite a while and love, love, love it for all the RIGHT reason’s. Come check us out!

    The sooner the better….♥

    Tweeted and shared

  84. This would be awesome. Thank you for the opportunity.

  85. I am in. Can’t wait to check it out!

  86. Fabulous giveaway!

  87. Terrific giveaway!!
    Off to tweet.

  88. Please enter me in your contest. I will be checking into your site.

    Thank you!

  89. Love the Handmade Artists Forum and would love to win a shop!

  90. Been with Handmade for awhile now, have enjoyed good sales, and there are a lot of people there to help you on all aspects of your shop.

  91. GAME!! Looks and sounds grrrreat!

  92. I would like to enter the contest. Andrew and Kim have always been quick to answer my questions and give encouragement.

  93. I’d love a chance to win a shop there. Thanks.

  94. I have been on Handmade Artist for almost a year and I will never leave this site. I have my own website as well, but it not nearly as fulfilling as being on the Handmade Artist site. The owners are funtastic and ooober supportive. They are always there to answer questions, give assistance, lift your spirits, but not just them as if that were not enough, the other folks on the site are the same. They are always there for you. We have a good time while we sell and create our own special handmade products. If you don’t think we really have fun, just come to our chat sometime and you will see we are a family.
    Thank you for hosting the shop giveaway. I would love to have a shop for life, it would be sooooo cool.

  95. This is an awsome giveaway!!! I hope I will win :)

  96. What a very generous offer! I sell on Etsy and it is getting to be really tough with all of the re-sellers and mass produced goods. I would love to have a shop here!
    i will tweet this and post on facebook. Thanks for the great opportunity!

  97. !WOW! What an amazing opportunity, and I am very happy to have the chance to enter this contest.

    3.5 years ago I suffered an illness that turned into a chronic condition. Although I had to give up lots of amazing things, I was also granted the wonderful opportunity to slow down my life and spend my good days as a potter, jewelry maker, knitter and felted handbag designer, as well as mosaic artisan. I originally sold my wares through my own website, but I have just recently decided to branch out and offer my wares through larger platforms.

    It would be an honour to become a member of Handmade Artists!!

  98. Thanks for the chance to enter such an awesome giveaway. I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

  99. This site is new to me too; thanks for the great giveaway!
    ap_lemos at yahoo dot com

  100. Fabulous giveaway for a great selling/buying venue. Stop by and check it out. You’ll love selling there! Tweeted and shared on Facebook!

  101. Thanks for this great giveaway. I have tweeted and shared on Facebook.

  102. ok, let’s see :)

  103. Thanks so much, Handmade Artists. Keep up the great work you’re doing !!!

  104. What a generous give away, thank you for the opportunity.

  105. Great looking venue, easy to use. Good luck to all with this fantastic giveaway!

    Off to tweet and facebook this now =)

  106. I would so like to win this, I am currently looking for a venue to sell my handmade items that actually care about it being handmade. I tried to sell on Etsy and ended up switching over to more of the supply items because I couldn’t compete with the resellers selling handmade quilts for $50.00. Most of my handmade items are sold through craft fairs and shows right now, but I am always online doing research for a venue to sell my items.

  107. RosieRowe (@RosieRowe)

    I have become quite disillusioned with Etsy and their spin-offs, so this would be like a dream come true for me…

  108. Marilyn Kelley directed me to this site. Thanks marilyn kelley- artist

  109. What a great promotion! Love Handmade!

  110. What a great prize. Really great! Thank you.

  111. I enjoy the friendly community atmosphere Handmade Artists offers. I’ve been a member for years and love the support I get from Andrew and Kimberly. Between the business tips, contests, forums and the fun weekly chats I know I can count on someone to help me out when I need a boost. Thank you everyone !

  112. Great opportunity! Thank you! I love the community at

  113. Fantastic give away. Would be great to win.

  114. This would be a dream come true for me. I love crocheting unique items but haven’t yet found the venue on which to sell them.

  115. Thanks for doing this! Handmade Artists is a fabulous place!

    I tweeted and FB the contest!

  116. A shop for life would be fantastic!!! Congratulations to the lucky person!!

  117. This would be just the start I need … great post.

  118. what a fab idea… good luck every one…

  119. Thanks for this terrific opportunity! Sounds like an awesome site!

  120. I have been looking at the HAF shops for a while and the promotion the owners do is awesome! I will be opening one soon. It would be great to get one FREE!

  121. This sounds like a fantastic prize. I do very well with my jewelry supplies on Etsy, but my jewelry gets lost there. Good luck to all of us, but I really, REALLY hope I’m the winner!

  122. What a fantastic opportunity! This just might kick-start my dreams of being a real work at home mom!

  123. Thank you for such a wonderful giveaway!!!

  124. Great idea I am in !!!!

  125. It is always great to have alternatives to the heavy hitters which are riddled with resellers. What a great idea which has stood the test of time and is an established online entity.

  126. I have been a member of HA since April of 2012, and have found the site to not only be supportive, but full of fun, interesting and wonderful artists and their creations. Handmade Artists provides a more intimate on line shopping experience and the buyer can be sure that what they are purchasing is a quality handmade item. The community is wonderful and the Artist’s on the site are always ready to help or offer wonderful advice. As a vendor / artisan, I can say the give away means much to many. A free shop would alleviate a lot of the stress that goes with having an on line store, freeing the artists to be more creative and producing their items for sale. For me it would mean endless possibilities.

  127. What a great offer! Everyone at HAF is super to work with.
    M Jane Barkley

  128. Looking forward to checking out this Venue that I was NOT aware of. Thanks for all your Great Info!

  129. Good idea! Thanks!

  130. Awesome giveaway! Already tweeted and shared with others on FB!!

  131. I was on Linkedin when I saw info on a new venue for artists. This venue stated they would not become anything but a venue for handmade. I jumped on it!! Handmade Artists’ Shop will be a force on the net for Artists! I appreciate the hard work of Andrew and Kimberly to promote HAS and their Artists. I feel I have made the right decision, and I encourage every handmade artist I know to check them out!!!

  132. Great idea, thank you for the opportunity!

  133. I’ve tried 3 different websites for selling my jewelry on-line and have found HAS to be the very best option. It’s so user friendly and the community of artists is superb. I will definitely stay with this site!

  134. Wow! This looks awesome! I came across Handmade Artists a few months ago and was really impressed. Thanks for the opportunity! :)

  135. What a wonderful offer. I’ve already shared this on facebook. Someone will be very happy soon!

  136. Thank you so much for putting this site together. And thank you for having this fun contest.

  137. Great idea! Sharing

  138. Handmade Artists is amazing and so is this offer! Going the Facebook and Twitter now…

  139. I just joined handmade artists as a Quilter in September. I am still exploring the site as there is always so much activity and contests. I had been on a site where the Quilt seller added 40 % commission to my price. I was always unsure what she actually was doing for that ( in one quilt that meant an extra $360 for her). At the feedback is active and real and the staff (or other members) will help you if you are not so tech savvy. I have a dumb phone not a smart phone. I wish I was more socially networked enabled so I could tell more people about this great site.
    p.s. give the quilts at a look as well. The girls could use a bit more traffic.

  140. What a generous give away. (I have my fingers crossed) Off to Tweet.

  141. Linda @ Mixed Kreations

    I’ve been with the Handmade Artists Shop for close to a year. Great place, lots of caring, helpful, and talented artist. Kimberly and Andrew are great! Always there to help and promote. Great place to be. Thanks for the opportunity to win a shop for life.

  142. Great idea! Great offer! Thanks so much!

  143. Oooh, fingers crossed!

  144. I would love to win!! Thank you so much for this contest and opportunity!! <3

  145. What a tremendous opportunity for any artist. Thank you for such a generous giveaway!

  146. What a great giveaway. I hope I win.

  147. I am on etsy right now but am always looking to spread. I make handmade soaps, candles bath salts and sugar scrubs. I’m a single mom in college and My dream is to get my business the Enchanted Bath well and truly off the ground

  148. Sounds fabulous, can’t wait!

  149. Fingers crossed!! Will tweet and pass the word now :)

  150. I tell everyone about HAF and HAS… I love my shop and the price and lack of additional fees. Keep up the good work.. Oh and pick me! LOL

  151. Just reading the comments, I too have some of the same feelings. I’m new to Handmade Artist and have very good thoughts about it. Andrew has been so wonderful with his help and suggestions. And I too have a shop with Etsy for two years and sales are low, lots of visits but no sales. The personal touch is what I love about Handmade Artist. Thank you Handmade

  152. Mary @ Sewnsewsister

    I have been at HAF for almost 2 years and LOVE this site! But I LOVE the staff and fellow vendors more!! This giveaway is fantastic and so very nice of you to do!
    One more thing…Pick me!!!!!

  153. I am a new person to Handmade and I really like it. Andrew I wish to thank you for all your help in getting me setup and you are right it will get better. I have a Etsy shop as well and I have been there for two years and sales are none existing. Lots of visiting no sales. So thanks again Andrew and I’m digging in foe the long term.

  154. I’ve been considering starting to sell some of my work, but the whole licensing thing has made me procrastinate lol A free shop would certainly help me get my butt in gear ;) I love that it is ONLY handmade. I enjoy looking through all the shops on esty, but am getting rather tired of all the resellers cluttering the place up.

  155. New events are always just around the corner and that’s why I’ve always loved having a craft business! Thanks!

  156. What a fantastic opportunity,hope to win. Love the glass beads and love to shop for them. Keep them coming and hope I win.

  157. Wahoooooooo!!!!!! Really looking forward to a seamless migration!

  158. I just signed up with HAF. Looking forward to move some of the handcrafted items on there.

  159. I havent been on my etsy shop for a year. I would love to win this prize.

  160. Awesome giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity.

  161. thanks for the opportunity

  162. for everyone, but sales quickly, but why?

  163. I have just opened my store at HandMade Artists and am really happy with the ease of doing so. Questions? They had immediate answers. Thanks for providing this super opportunity.

  164. I just joined HA a few months ago, and I love the philosophy behind it. Thanks for the opportunity for the giveaway! I will tweet about this and mention it on my Facebook page also!

  165. Fantastic giveaway, thanks for such a great opprtunity.

  166. Fantastic giveaway, thanks for such a great opportunity.

  167. What a fabtabulously generous giveaway. I am so excited for this amazing opportunity. Thank you all so very much bye for now and Happy Crafting

  168. Stephanie Turner

    I’ve talked with Andrew and his wife on a FB group, and they seem like really nice people. I’m thinking about opening a shop on their site…thanks for this informative article!

  169. I’m new to HandmadeArtists, having opened my shop less than 2 weeks ago. No sales yet but lots of views. I’m hoping to find a home here where I can hang my hat for years to come. And I’d SO love to win this contest! LOL

  170. Thanks Timothy! This is very generous, just like HAS owners:) I love that place! Yay! Handmade!

  171. I’d never heard of this venue/host until I saw the giveaway post. The flat fee and barring re-sellers makes it look really interesting as an option to explore.

  172. This could truly open doors in my life if I won this. I am commenting because I would love to have that “lifetime” free shop. I could use it to sell items, and pay it forward(from profits) for other, new members or current members that can’t afford the 50 dollar fee to have it for a year!

  173. How very nice it would be to have a Free For Life account!! Thank you for the opportunity to win one.

  174. I would love to have a free shop for life! I just finished a cake decorating class and I start a quilting class this month. I am trying to get back into doing crafts. It is my “me time” activity. I would be more than grateful for this!

  175. Lady Faith Jewelry

    This is a very great way to let the world know about Handmade Artist Shops it is a wonderful place with affordable prices and it seem to be a helpful group of people.

  176. What a great giveaway! I’m strongly interested in further expanding my handmade business, and it would be a refreshing change to work with people who value and support truly handmade shops.

    I tweeted about the post and giveaway!

  177. sounds fantastic

  178. What a great opportunity for a lucky someone. :) Keep up the great work!

  179. I love that there is a site so dedicated to handmade art. Definitely a welcomed alternative to the sites that don’t care about resellers.

  180. Sounds very exciting!

  181. sounds like a great group of people and a great place to learn to things to make. I make alot of jewelry, it helps with my depression, and I love it when someone buys something I made and loves it. It makes me feel like I am worth something.

  182. Thanks for the giveaway! Great!

  183. What a wonderful giveaway! Someone will be very lucky

  184. Great opportunity!

  185. This would totally be a Dream Come True for me, it’s difficult making ends meet anymore and having my own shop is something I have only ventured to dream about never thought I’d have an opportunity to enter to win one. And it would help keep me going with my jewelry making/designs etc, which is something I need badly to keep doing to help me deal better with the grief that has overtaken my life completely since May 23rd , 2009 when we lost our only son, his death was classified as a suicide but I know they are wrong. Anyways this would help my mind deal with all that grief a bit easier by keeping my mind occupied. What a wonderful , kind giveaway and I so greatly appreciate the opportunity to enter along with everyone else. Thanks Tremendously!!!

  186. What a great contest! I started my HA shop a few months ago, and I really love their support of the handmade scene. I shared via my pinterest.

  187. Sounds like a great opportunity.

  188. What a great give away~wonderful!!

  189. What a fabulous prize! Sharing on Facebook now! Thanks, Robyn.

  190. Sounds like a wonderful site. I am very new to this and I’m always looking at different places to showcase our work. Thanks!

  191. What a great promotion! :)

  192. Thank you for such a wonderful giveaway!!!

  193. Holie Molie this is a fabtabulous opportunity. I would be honored to place my jewelry on your website. I do not have a shop anywhere and was thinking about setting one up somewhere online and then I was reading my google reader posts on my blog and saw this awesome giveaway and thought wow this must be fate. Here I was just days earlier contemplating this very thing and wa la there you are. lol…Thank you all so very much for your kind generosity …bye for now and Happy crafting

  194. Thank you for this opportunity. Great idea.

  195. Sounds like a great opportunity.

  196. Sounds like an interesting site. I’ll check it out!

  197. Sounds like a great idea! I would love to be able to have my handmade silk flowers more exposed to the discerning public which really appreciates craftsmanship and uniqueness of hand created accessories as well as made to order pieces.

    Thank you ☺

  198. Great idea, Thank you. I left a message yesterday but I see that it did get to it’s destiny.. So I leave another one. Also posted it on Facebook. Good luck to everyone :)

  199. As a person new to making things for sale, have spent way too much on juried art shows, traveling, website development, and ETSY. (Etsy is great, but it is hard to find even my own things when test a search and know what words to use!). This sounds like a God-send for emerging artists like myself… one who has created a money pit.

    Congratulations on a fabulous new venue! If I am not the winner I still think it is a great thing for you to do and a God-send for whoever is chosen!

  200. Although I have had my own site for a few years I do like to spread my wings. I just wish UK sites were as forward thinking and positive as US ones. Somehow the US makers and all things creative really know how to get their points across with a spark.

  201. This is such a generous opportunity! Will certainly promote!

  202. This is an awesome opportunity for us handmade artists. It hard to get a chance like this and you have to take the opportunity when it offers itself

  203. What an awesome opportunity! It would be such a pleasure to be able to showcase my own creations in such great company!
    Also am tweeting this giveaway!!


  204. I think it’s a wonderful idea to keep handmade items in a class of their own. Competing with resellers or people who just buy & resell vintage items is really not an even playing field. Thank you for trying to make it a fair game!

  205. I have been considering selling my creations, and I think this just might be the place for me.

  206. Handmadeology looks amazing – i’d be thrilled if I won – a great platform for my handmade in Yorkshire Uk products

  207. Caroline Enstock

    Fab opportunity

  208. Nancy giangrande

    Sounds great! Looking forward to the results.

  209. Great idea

  210. I’m just beginning to get the courage to to put my work out there! Hopefully, this opportunity will give me a platform to show my talent! Good luck & God bless to all!

  211. I currently have a shop on another venue, but I really like the idea of a venue that offers only handmade. (I’ve been wishing my venue was like that.)

  212. Hi! I currently have a shop on Etsy and I’m not all that pleased with it. I really like the ideas you have, including offering handmade only! Some the things I see on Etsy is NOT handmade. It isn’t fair that they can sell these for a cheaper than I can make them. Dosen’t sound fair does it.
    I would love a shop at your site!

  213. I just found out about Handmade Artists and you know I opened up a shop right away. I am really happy that it is all handmade. I for one, will tell others and all ready have. Thanks for the chance to have a free site for life. I will place this on facebook and will tweet and pin.

  214. Exciting giveaway!

  215. Sounds like a great site, I’ll have to check it out.

  216. Debra Schwartz (DatzKatz)

    Wonderful opportunity!!! Thanks, Handmadeology!!!

  217. Very nice opportunity.. Must take advantage of it!

  218. What a wonderful blessing this would be. Finally can see the light at the end of the tunnel of starting your own business. How awesome it would be to win this as a prize for the struggles that accompany this task.

  219. This is a new site to me, I’m glad to learn of it. Thanks for the opportunity for a free shop!

  220. Handmade Artists sounds like a great place to be and I’m looking forward to checking out the shops. I’d love to win a shop space.

  221. Thank you so much for the wonderful opportunity! Best of luck to everyone!

  222. I would love to have another shop for my handmade “stuff” :)


  223. I have long considered an online presence. Sounds like Handmade Artists could be the ticket!

  224. HA, thanks for the chance to win such a great giveaway!

  225. I would love a lifetime shop account with Handmade Artists. It is a pretty cool site. Thanks for the opportunity.

  226. I’d love to find another site that would get me more sales than I do now on Etsy. I liked, pinned and tweeted!

  227. Thank you so much for this opportunity, have a wonderful day.

  228. This is a great contest! Making jewelry is my therapy so this would be a wonderful gift to win!

  229. Fabulous giveaway! Thank you for the opportunity. Sharing on Facebook and Twitter.

  230. I also pinned it on Pinterest.

  231. Oh my! What an opportunity, and I know whoever wins will love it. :D I’ve been really encouraged by all the post on Handmadeology, too. What a wonderful blog for us struggling, naive businessowners!

    Thank you ever so much!


  232. Resellers can be the bane of artists; they are middlemen who make money without adding value, thereby devaluing the artists work.
    I am not ready to sell my work but I applaud the intent of the group and wish you long life.
    I subscribed to your feed.

  233. WOW you guys are amazing. Just reading through the comments is so humbling. I’m so glad that so many artists are looking forward to winning a shop that it warms my heart. It is also nice to hear all those that have been looking for a breath of fresh air with a site that is handmade ONLY!
    Since you guys have come out with such force to support Handmadeology and Handmade Artists with this giveaway, I’d like to sweeten the pot.
    I’m willing to offer a free shop for life per 100 comments. So at this posting there are 249 comments, mine being 250, that means I’ll give away 2 free shops for life. If we break 300 I’ll make it 3 shops and so on. That way we can have more winners since we have such a good turnout.
    There is still a view days left so get sharing and lets keep the comments coming so we can giveaway more shops!!!

  234. I have just joined Hand Made Artists shop and am so surprised at the views I am getting for my listings. Soooo many – especially compared to etsy – which is very low. It seems a happy site with everyone very friendly. Glad I joined.

  235. Wow, what an amazing opportunity! You are extremeky generous! I have been away from online selling for a while, but have been recently working on new pieces and I’m excited to get back on track. Winning this would be a blessing. Good luck to everyone! Ana

  236. This sounds wonderful. I would definitely like to enter.

  237. Great opportunity! Thanks you so much! Sharing on Twitter and Facebook.

  238. Fantastic idea! “Liked” and shared. Keeping my fingers crossed! :)

  239. Sounds wonderful! We’re just getting started selling online, I will have to check out Handmade Artists! Fingers crossed!

  240. Thank you for the opportunity to show our homemade artisan lovelies!

  241. I would love to give HA a try!

  242. Thanks for the chance! Great giveaway :)
    I shared on pinterest:

  243. This is something I would definitely like to try! Thank you. :)

  244. A fantastic opportunity to join what looks like a really good site.

  245. I’ve been eyeing this site for a few days now and considering opening a shop….It seems to be exactly what I’m looking for in order to showcase my handcrafted Jewelry….Thank you for this incredible opportunity !

  246. I do have an online store, but have been considering another one. Thanks so much for all of the valuable information! I plan to check it out! Anita

  247. Julicia Hernandez

    WOW what a Great Giveaway would love to get a Shop on HA

  248. Too good to be true! But worth a try.

  249. Wow, what an opportunity! I would love to win this, thank you for the offering.

  250. I’ve been crocheting my entire life…keep getting more creative and better, but still don’t have the outlet for selling. Now, I’m retired and would love to have a shop in which to display my creations and, hopefully, make some sales…thanks for the chance!!

  251. Just thought I’d let everyone know Tim has picked a winner! Anita and Fiona! I’ve emailed both and have already heard back from Anita. This was a great contest, are planning a couple of more giveaways in the near future so keep your eyes open. Anyway thank so much for all the comments and entries it truly warmed our heart to see such support. Hope to you see you guys on Handmade Artists’.
    Thanks again,

  252. This would be a great opportunity ….
    Would love to be a part of the community of Hand crafters !

  253. Thank you so much for this great opportunity!

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