Thursday , 9 July 2020
Get Your Handmade Business Listed!

Get Your Handmade Business Listed!


Handmadeology has been helping creative business owners run their business for over 3 years. Millions of visitors have read articles, downloaded business tools, and interacted via social  media.  Through the Handmade Directory, creative business owners are now going to be able to directly benefit from the daily visitors on Handmadeology.

We know that exposure is the number one thing that drives an online creative business. Without traffic, you will not have sales.  We also know that most everyone is on a tight budget and there is not much money left to pay for advertising.

Learn more about getting your items featured HERE.

The Handmade Directory is not another selling venue, it is a live directory to show off your handmade businesses and events. We welcome sellers from all sites and ones who have their own site.  There are no transactions happening here in the market.  Potential buyers can click through to your online shops and even contact you through the contact form.

Our directory is directly connected to Handmadeology and we will be utilizing our social media network and readership to get exposure for the sellers who list their items.

With 230,000 + fans on Facebook and over 100,000 followers on Twitter, Handmadeology has the reach to help sellers get the exposure they need.

For Artists: The Handmadeology Directory helps artists gain the exposure for their creative business. Increased exposure leads to more sales and returning customers!

For Buyers: The Handmadeology directory showcases TRUE handmade businesses and events from around the world!

For Craft/Art Show and other Handmade Event Organizers : We Provide a space for your event to be seen locally and around the world.

Business listing page overview:

hm list2


1.  In this section you will find the category your business is listed in, your review rating, your business location, and your link to your website.

2.  Social media connections

3.  Visitors can add your business to their favorites in our own built in social media network.

4. Visitors can easily contact you for more info.

5. Here is our dynamic photo slider.    Be sure to upload images that are no smaller than 500 x 500 .

6. Here are the tags for your business.

7. This is the overview for your business.

8. Your business reviews are found here.


Here is a shot of the front page… notice the large search function for searching for busienss and events on a local level!

handmade directory


hm ad 50 off new


We hope to see you and your handmade business on the directory!  Go Handmade!!!!

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  1. Handmade one of a kind Christian decor and jewelry

  2. Would like to see the cost of the Handmade Directory listed right up front…like you said, advertising is expensive! And maybe even at 50% off.

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