Thursday , 9 July 2020

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 Fire In the Sky

Fire In the Sky | By:  dkjewels

I love making treasuries from all the amazing handmade, vintage and supply items found on Etsy.  So I am putting together this weeks treasury and I would love to make one from the items found in the Etsy shops of my fans and readers.  i will also be featuring the treasury here on Handmadeolog!  To get featured just leave a comment here below this post, or head over to the Handmadeology Facebook Fan page and comment there.  Both ways will get your shop some exposure whether I pick your shop or not!  Ok… Go for it! 

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  1. Good idea, Timothy! Wishing all the best!

  2. Excellent idea !!! thanks for always coming up with great ideas helping others to promote :D

  3. Thank so much for the offer! I appreciate your efforts to help Etsy sellers. Deborah Julian

  4. Love Handmadeology! Thanks for all the promo you do for handmade artists. BTW – Love your work!

  5. Great idea!Thanks for the promotions of talented artists of all kinds.
    I am trying hard to build my online business.Its been a really great experience,trial and error.
    Some success. I am still learning everyday.
    And thats a good thing!
    Jody Engelmann
    mojowoman jewelry

  6. I opened my little shop in April and have been happy that I have had at least one sale each month and a total of 15 sales so far. I have gotten such helpful advise from you and I thank you so much for that! I don’t know where you find the time to do all you do but I’m glad you do it! :) In a few weeks I’ll be posting some Halloween charms to my site. Thanks!

  7. Great idea! I’d love to be featured!

  8. AWESOME :) thank you for supporting the handmade community.

  9. I love making treasuries too – especially in preparing for the holiday seasons!
    A feature would be awesome.

    Roz Petalz Studio
    Handmade polymer clay beadsm jewelry & more!

  10. I love making treasuries, too, especially now that they are available to everyone. I like giving support to my street team & also try to “return the favor” when someone puts me in their treasury!

  11. Treasuries are in themselves works of art!

    I’d love to be featured :)

  12. Nice example of a slick treasury. I love the color combo.

    Perhaps I have something that would fit into one of your treasuries.

  13. Thank you for your efforts on our behalf. Looking forward to seeing your next compilation. Best of success to you. ~ Gracie

  14. I’ve left a link on Facebook but I figured why not leave a message here too! You are just too succesful and will all the links on FB I feared I’d be drowned by the number!
    Thanks for your great ideas!
    xoxo Sheshanna

  15. I love anything blue and this treasury is awesome!……..katy

  16. That is an awesome treasury that Krystle (DKJewels) made! I commented on it yesterday on Etsy as she and I are both on the Etsy Treasury team (Etteam)! Making treasuries is fun and a great way to promote some fabulous Etsy items.

    My shop? Well I have 2. :o)

    KnitzyBlonde – Unique Handmade Knitwear & Handbags

    ZaftigDelights – Fashion Jewelry & Plus Size Clothing

  17. This is a great idea. Thanks so much for the opportunity. I can’t wait to see all the lovely treasuries.

  18. wow what a wonderful idea! Would love to be featured in your treasury. Something bright would be nice especially on the front page. I know they are getting ready for fall, but come on fall is full of wonderful bright colors.

  19. Fun! Check out my jewelry… and thank you for all the Etsy love n’ support.

  20. You’re the best and thanks for helping other Etsy shops. Looking forward to your picks.


  21. What an awesome idea! Thanks so much for supporting the Etsy community!


  22. What a striking color combination…very unique! Great textures as well…nice picks!

  23. I love how much support there is among all of the handmade artists on the web. Thanks for helping out your fellow Etsians! If you have some room for my shop it would be greatly appriciated!

  24. Such a great idea! I can’t wait to see the treasuries!

  25. I love treasuries and I would love the get some exposure to my new shop!! =)

    Thank you!

  26. Love the colors and items in this treasury! The bingo card reminds of a travel bingo game we used to have when I was a kid:0)

  27. Thanks so much for the chance!

  28. Thanks for the offer, I love making treasuries too. A word will pop into my head and I go into Etsy and do a search to see what it comes up with. I’m always surprised at what I find.

  29. I also love making Treasuries! Love being in them too.

    Your site is wonderful!

  30. I love making treasuries in the new Treasury East and will spend hours on it!
    I love the red and turquoise combo of the one here-
    thanks for all you do to keep us informed and to support the Etsy community!

  31. Oh – Pick Me! Pick Me!

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  32. Yes! I would love to be on Handmadeology!
    Cool site!

  33. Great idea!Thanks for the promotions of talented artists of all kinds.

  34. A great idea to promote handmade, love it – love this treasury too (as shown above, really nice blues with reds)


  35. You are always coming up with the best ideas! Would love a little exposure :)

  36. Beautiful treasury! Love the red and aqua!

    I would love to get picked. Not whining, but seems like supplies always get left out! So pick me!


  37. Yea! Thanks for the promo- I really like the vintagy look of the blue treasury above :)


  38. So happy to see that your still doing what you do best online, tips, blogs, and of course promoting. Always enjoy reading what you have to say. Best of luck! The treasuries look nice, looking forward to fall…

  39. Just discovered your blog! What fun, and love the above treasury. Would love to be considered!

  40. What a beautiful treasury!!!

  41. I’ve been going through all your treasuries, been reading your blogs, and all I keep thinking about is “wonder what his his house looks like!?!?!” Im guessing … definitely stream lined, but not quite minimalist with a very quirky colorful edge. How’d I do?

    oh, and I’d love to be considered for one of your treasuries as well when there’s space!

  42. I just started getting your blog and I’m amazing at all the tips. Thank you! Hope you’ll visit my shop – as I would be thrilled to be in one of your beautiful treasuries.

  43. Love this red and blue treasury! Awesome!!

  44. Great combination of colors! Look forward to seeing more treasuries from you…

  45. Pretty colors!! Color always grabs me first!

  46. it looks so good!

    i have a new shop, check it out:

  47. Awesome treasury! Thanks for helping to promote others!

  48. Awesome treasury! Thanks for helping to promote others!

  49. DK’s Treasury is BEAUTIFUL! I’d love to be considered for one of yours!! Thank you for all that you do to support the world of handmade!!

  50. Lovely treasury-making!
    Going to go fan you on Facebook.

  51. just discovered your blog – it’s great! thanks for the insights

  52. Hmmm oops I’m a bit late in the day! Only just found this post…. lovely blue treasury

  53. jaded seas designs

    awesome tips on your site, thanks for all that. My jewellery is full of color, so i’m sure you’ll see something to suit a treasury sometime! , cheers JO

  54. I can’t wait to see my work out in the world and appreciated and sold. Thank you.

  55. Beautiful treasury! You’ve got some GREAT articles here about all the changes on Etsy and how to tweak our shops to fit them….

  56. I guess I am late for this, but can still appreciate your benevolence. Helping others is always an awesome thing. Here is my etsy url.

    Thanks, d

  57. Tim , Thank you so much for creating yet another opportunity for us all to be featured.

    I’d love to be in one of your upcoming treasuries of course, if you have something quirky cooking you can always check out my shop for ideas in this niche

  58. Love the dramatic effect of the blue and red treasury.
    I know I can always count on you, Tim to help explain the way things work.

    Would Love to be featured. Thanks

  59. Love your emails FULL of advice!

    I’d love a feature.

  60. I love making treasury’s and even more being in them! :) would be honored to be in one of your treasury’s.

  61. Love treasuries, Love your site and what an Excellent idea !!! Thank you so much for the opportunity. A feature would be awesome :)


  62. Hi! What a nice idea…I’d love to be featured. My shop is

    Just found your site via One Pretty Thing…love it!

  63. Great idea for a feature, would love to have my metal and enamel store featured,

    Love the colours in this treasury, I am a big fan of the mix of bright turquoise blue and red.

  64. Great feature. I love beautiful treasuries and this is one for sure! Thanks for all that you do for Etsy sellers.

  65. Thanks Tim for all your help in the handmade community. Would love to know how you balance your art life with the business and also with your family life.

  66. I’ve missed the boat for this one, but I’m going over to FaceBook anyway. I love looking at all the treasuries, and often find things to buy on them.


  67. I would love to have my shop promoted. Greta idea. Thank you. E all must help each other. Marilyn

  68. As usual it looks like you’ve had too many replies to feature everyone!

    What I don’t understand Tim, is how you manage to achieve all the blogging, social networking, creating and renovating you are doing when there is a new baby in the family… Have you thrown away the idea of sleep completely?!

  69. I love this picks. So lovely

  70. We would love to be featured!

    That is probably the best looking treasury I’ve seen…
    Angie & Jenny

  71. I love reading your site you come up with a lot that a lot of us have problems with, your on top of your game and I know all of us appericate this thank much love and success

  72. Wonderful idea, I would love to be included. Treasuries are a great way to share all the fabulous things found on Etsy. I never cease to be amazed by treasuries.

  73. we are just starting spring in Sydney and those blues remind me of a warm summers day at the beach!

    Tracey Jane.

  74. Awesome… I’d love to be featured!

  75. Mine is I have a few things on sale there for the Aweteam’s 1st Anniversary on Etsy for First Friday Art Walk.

    Thanks for doing this Tim!

    ~Linda =0)

  76. This is my first visit to your blog and I’m awed – it is helpful, beautiful, supportive and just generally – great. The featured treasury above is quite gorgeous! You did right in choosing that one as an example.

    I have 2 shops for you to consider


  77. I am a frequent reader of your blog…so much useful info – it’s pretty incredible! Thank you for pooling it all together and sharing your knowledge. You’re the best!

  78. I would love to be featured…thanks Tim!

  79. Just found you here, Tim! I am wondering why it took me so long!

    Paper Demon hasn’t yet made a treasury, although we’ve been in 78 as of today.

    Are we allowed to contribute treasuries that we’re in, if we didn’t make them? Because, I’m in a gorgeous paper arts one made by Jan Kramer that I’d love to see get some exposure. It’s really innovative…

    Thanks for your great work promoting Etsy shops. It’s been a great help to my store. And I’d love to be featured here too, natch! :-)


  80. I love your site and would be thrilled to be featured in one of your treasuries!


  81. What a wonderful idea! I would love to be featured! I collect and sell beautiful embroidered fabrics at . Come visit my shop…


  82. KaciasPremoCrochet

    Thanks for the helpful tips =)

  83. Love the idea and would be thrilled to be featured. I’ve been with Etsy fr about three years…and things keep selling. :)

  84. I’m just finding this site and I’m in love! ♥ Thanks.

  85. I just made my first Treasury today! What a kick. I think it was such a fun thing to do for other shops. I would love to featured on yours. It would help me too. Thanks.
    1st Treasury

    My shop:

  86. really colorful and cheery. Thanks Tim

  87. Just joined you on Facebook Tim. Thanks again, Summersgabby

  88. Very nice Treasury! This is great! I’m going to follow you on Facebook too :)

    My shop is This n That Handmade Accessories

    I specialize in quality crocheted accessories as well as jewelry. Check it out! You can also “like” me on Facebook at


  89. Thank Tim. I always appreciate the opportunity to get my shop out there!

  90. thank you so much!
    my shop:

  91. Hi Tim!

    What a wonderful opportunity, I would love to be featured! I have 2 Etsy stores, one featuring unique stationery:

    and my bridal stationery:

    Thanks again!

  92. We are Vancouver based and specialize in handmade bulletin boards created with refurbished antique frames and decorated cork as well as antique button push pins. Also, this weekend we will be releasing special push pin sets that all proceeds will go to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation in conjunction with Run for the Cure. We would love to have you look at our work and let us know what you think!

    Thank You!

    Etsy Shop:


    I would love to be featured. I love handmadeology!

  94. Would love to be featured, thanks for the opportunity :)

  95. That would be a treat! THanks for the opportunity!

  96. Made my first treasury a few weeks ago ‘ grain’, fun looking for related pieces. Thanks for all of the useful info.


  97. Hello! LeafandInk would L-O-V-E to be featured!!!
    And LeafandInk would L-O-V-E to do a feature on Handmadeology! We have an artist profile we would like to submit to you asking amazing questions of you. Please let us know where your preference of sending it would be.

  98. postpost–id like to be featured

  99. Thanks for all the hints and information you always have for us!

  100. I love the choice of colors. i would love to be featured on one of your treasuries!

  101. Thank you for the offer! I would love to be featured in one of your treasuries!

  102. Cool treasury. Love those colours. And thanks for the offer, Tim. I’ve already dabbled in creating a couple of treasuries on Etsy and I don’t know where you find the time to do all you do. You’re an exemplar of the adage “If you want something done, ask a busy person.”

  103. thanks for the offer and support! your blog is very interesting to read (i do not actually read lots of blogs) now i’m off to check out your shop and all the treasuries you’ve made!

  104. I’m an as-yet undiscovered Etsy jewelry shop :) please stop by! I would love to be featured.
    All my best,

  105. It was so fun to see my treasury, “Up, Up and Away” here today– many heartfelt thanks, Lorelei

  106. Tim, this is a delightful and exciting treasury because the colors are lively and complimentary. You choices make this a super appealing graphic design

    Of course, I too, would love to have an item or one of my shops mentioned or listed.

    Thank you for all you do!!!

  107. What a great way to promote my shop. Thanks. You can find princess dresses, wings, tutus, paintings, and accessories in my shop. ENJOY!

  108. Thanks DKJewels! I love your ideas!

    Yes! I would love to be featured, here is my shop:

    Thank you heaps!

  109. I have really been enjoying your site here at Handmadeology.
    I browse through hundreds of blogs/sites each week and yours truly stands out among the crowd. We are constantly studying and researching here at LeafandInk and really appreciate how well thought out and professional your site is with still maintaining a sincerity. We are definitely committed to stay tuned in to all Handmadeology has in store. We are all about Hand Made items and life. We have new products coming out for our online buyers and are exited to offer more to them at affordable prices.
    We personally invite you to come visit us at and also to view our Etsy shop at
    Blessings, Lisa & all of us
    at LeafandInk

  110. The colors are gorgeous in your above posted treasury, really eye catching!

  111. I would love of I got featured, this is such a cool site. the treasury is really pretty.

  112. Thanks, Tim, for giving us opportunities like this!

    My Etsy shop:

    My FB fan page:

  113. Thanks so much for creating Handmadeology!!!!

  114. Here is a link to our store– we feature handcrafted artisan sterling silver components for making jewelry!

  115. I don’t usually get into reading blogs, but your site is AWESOME! You have really good advice that’s helped me out a lot!

    Keep up all the good work!

    Also I would love to be featured!

  116. Thanks for the great info.

  117. Thanks for this offer. I would like to be featured.

  118. Thank you for your support and maybe you will find something interesting in my little shop!

  119. Hope, this is my chance too:)))
    Am I lucky to be featured?
    I like your blog, Tim! There always is good help for me here!

    My site:

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  120. Thank you very much for useful info, I’ll try step by step.
    My shop:

  121. Forgot name, I’m very new for online…
    Thank you very much for useful info, I’ll try step by step.
    My shop:

  122. Great Treasury! I love that we can all help each other. My etsy shop is –


  123. Beautiful treasury … simply gorgeous!

    I would love to be featured!

    My Etsy shop:

    My FB fan page:

    Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  124. Love all the great information you share! My etsy shop is

    Thank you!

  125. Uh Oh. I think I made a mistake with the address of my etsy shop.

  126. Timothy, I must personally thank you for all you do for the craft community. I have gained so much knowledge because of you.
    And, yes, I would love to have my etsy shop featured.

  127. Please check out my shop. I love handmadeology! I think my bat wings are a good on to show the closer we get to halloween but any of the princess dresses are good for costumes as well.

  128. Thanks. I am new to Etsy and can use all the advice I can get from the more experienced sellers.

  129. Love your site! It is a lot harder to get noticed then I imagined when I started my website and Etsy site. Thank you for helping us get noticed!

  130. I am just now really discovering this blog, even though I have been a Facebook fan for a while. So much good information – I appreciate all you put into this!


  131. Tim, I am a big fan of your blog :) Love treasuries too :)

    Irina @

  132. Yay!! Loving this blog!!! :) Thanks so much for all the GREAT info! :)

  133. Hi there, i like your treasury and i would like to be featured. Thanks!

  134. I forgot to link my shop….

  135. I’d love a feature for either of my shops:


    And this treasury is HOT. Love it.

  136. The red and turquoise (aqua?) are a gorgeous combination! Good job, dkjewels!

    Would love for you to take a peek at my bbrunophotography shop:

    …or my squeaky new blog:

  137. Well it’s my first day.So just to say hi I love Handmadeology. It’s a great name. frecklesoriginals on etsy.

  138. awesome I would love to have help & be featured on handmadeolgy & Etsy, always running sales so stop by sign Up to shop for many beautiful unique necklaces, bracelets & earrings!

  139. Tim…you are my HERO! You have such great ideas! This will be a boost for my newly-opened second shop! I’m adding a new line of prints today, in fact, and hope to start seeing more activity soon at! You can also find my vintage shop at!

  140. Hey! what fun making treasuries is! we would love to beincluded in one of yours! here is our shop:
    we make hair art, wooden snwoflakes and wood bowls! off to comment on the FB page too! Thanks for your considertaion!
    Love Kimi

  141. I love Handmadeology! Thanks for the invite to share my shop!

  142. Lovely collection!

    Colors are so vibrant~

    Beautiful items . from very talented Etsy Artists!

    Thank you for the invitation to be a part of it!

    With Warm Regards,

  143. You have great ideas and are very helpful. Love your treasuries as well. Keep up the good work.

  144. Great Ideas and lots of Help! Thank you so much! PrairieJewel – Joanna Turnbull

  145. A great idea! Add me to a treasury sometime!!!

  146. Hi DK!!! good to see you!! and wishing you the best!
    great work on the treasuries!!!

    warm hug!!


  147. Thanks for the opportunity would love to be featured

    Tim. I have put together a Treasury for Breast Cancer Awareness and would love for it to be featured to raise awareness.

  148. Thanks for the oppotunity! Today is my 6 month Etsy Anniversary! Yay!

  149. I am a Colorado photographer featuring the cities, landscapes, flora and fauna of the American West. All purchases are satisfaction guaranteed!

    Julie Magers Soulen Photography

  150. I’d love to be considered for one of your treasuries! They’re such a fun way to find new favourites :)


  151. Any way to get my shop featured? I make sock monkeys.


  152. I’d love to be featured. started listing mid august, but still no sales…. Just lots of hearts! Better than nothing! :)

  153. I would love to be featured. I am new – started in mid-august and would love some treasury love!

  154. I LOVE love LOVE your blog! I stumbled across it a few weeks ago and have been back every day to catch up on everything :) You have some really great tips and have givin me some great ideas for my shop! Thank you!!! Your AWESOME!!!

  155. Amazing Treasuries! I am pretty sure I have never been in a treasury!

  156. I try to make a new treasury each week. I find the suport we give each other very valuable. I had a shop on a high stree for 37 years and never felt the companionship I find on etsy. Pat on the bach for us I think. Do you agree?

  157. Oh dear sorry the keys on my comp are sticking. XX

  158. I feel like I might have done this before, if this is a duplicate I am sorry. I would love to be in one of your beautiful treasuries!!

  159. such a great idea, thank you for all of the exposure and opportunity

    have a great weekend!

  160. Tim is every time supporting handmade so why we love him work !

    Really great great great !

  161. Expose me! I am up for it! I love treasuries and do a good number of them myself on etsy.

  162. Drop by and have a peek
    Would love to be in one of your Treasuries!

  163. Great Idea! I love treasuries and would love to be featured.

  164. I am always looking for ways to showcase my etsy shop. Thanks for the opportunity.

  165. It’s amazing this treasury! thank you for the opportunity!!!!! ;)

  166. Just saw this and think it is great, holiday shopping season now and I am sure many people are looking for unique finds.

  167. I love this color combo! Thanks for the opportunity. This is really eye-catching!
    I’m enjoying your great tips too!

  168. Hi Timothy,

    Just want to say I checked out your shop and your metal trees are great! Raw and natural…love it. Your articles are super helpful as well. Great of you to spread Etsy love! Good luck!

  169. Beautiful treasury!! love those colors!
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  170. Thanks for the chance. Nice of you to offer this opportunity.

  171. Thank you for your advice and the opportunity to be featured.

  172. Love the blues love all you info

  173. Treasuries are a great way of just switching off and letting your imagination roam through all the great Etsy makers, designers and visual artists!

  174. WOW,
    I sure had to scroll a long way down to leave this post. Congratulations on your popularity! I do enjoy reading your very informative articles.

    I too have just started doing Treasuries and I am addicted. I enjoy showcasing items and artisans whose work I love.

    I am trying to spend more time getting my Etsy Shop in order and really appreciate the tips I learn from your site.

  175. Marvelous idea! We’d love to be featured!
    Love your articles.

  176. I would love to be featured! I make whimsical dolls mostly – exposure is ALWAYS appreciated! This site is marvelous!

  177. Hi Timothy,

    I’m enjoying your wit and wisdom!
    The Smithsonian’s Renwick Museum and many other fine galleries and stores worldwide have featured my work.
    I create whimsical sterling silver miniatures that are worn as jewelry: shoes, chairs, keys, teapots, eggs and more…

  178. maybe here is something interesting bags or wallets

  179. Love Handmadeology and wonder how you keep up with all this and Create. Give Handmade was Great and also the Google Insights for Vintage Search – would love to see Vintage Jewelry listed. Thanks for all your great Etsy shop promotions!

  180. I’m new at this too! Here is my shop -

    How do you get your picture up when you leave a reply?

  181. Thank so much for the offer! It’s great idea!
    My shop

  182. Hey everyone! I’m having a Giveaway – to be in the running to win one of my new cute stitched hearts. Head over to Georgica Designs ( for all the details!

  183. Thank you for your offer. Great idea! I would love to have my shop featured on Handmadeology.
    My shops main focus is hand crafted one-of-a-kind jewelry but have branched out to floral designs and my newest design venture is what I call “Designer Hostess Pants Apron”. You won’t find this anywhere else.

  184. This is a wonderful thing to do:)
    Thank you
    Here is my shop

  185. I would love to have my shop featured on your wonderful site. I just found you through a forum post on Etsy. I design unique and personalized paper products (stationery, poster prints, notepads, etc).

  186. I’m enjoying all the articles and information I find at handmadeology!

    My etsy shop is:

  187. sorry if I am repeating myself ! I didn’t see the post show up ..
    my shop is

  188. Dear Tim
    Your blog rocks! We are a mother /daughter Team at RetroBabs. We sell vintage items and our catch phrase is:
    “We sell pieces of history”
    We believe vintage is about recycling, repurposing and remixing items.

    I’m Babs (the mother) and I didn’t even know what a blog was until I started our Etsy shop.
    We would loved to be picked as a featured shop. Follow the newbies… we have 20 sales since August and still learning and growing.
    Well I’m off to Facebook to comment.

  189. Hey Tim,
    A BIG shout out of thanks to you for all you’ve taught me these last two years!! I’m celebrating my 2nd year selling on ETSY, and about to hit my 110th sale!! I owe it ALL to you, dude!! Would you consider featuring my shop for my anniversary??

  190. I would love to be featured also Tim.

    I love what you do for us.

  191. I love all that you do for Etsy sellers and probably for buyers as well. I’d love to have my shop featured on Handmadeology. I’ve had a couple of blog posts featured, which was a real honor, but having my shop featured would be wonderful.

  192. Great blog – great service! I’m an instant faithful follower! My shop is at

  193. Great idea. Thanks for the opportunity to be featured, and all the helpful information on you site!

  194. Love this site. Thanks for the chance to be in the limelight!

  195. I feel like I have been missing out on something now that I have found you. The information on this entire site is just mind blowing to me.
    We started a new Supply Shop in April on Etsy at
    Our daughters grades were slipping…to put it mildly. She was on the verge of NOT being promoted to High School. SO my hubby and I put our heads together. We tried tutors and everything else. She wasn’t NOT getting it. She just needed an incentive. She had wanted her OWN Etsy shop for some time…but being too young…we had to begin it WITH her. So we opened the supply shop. With a lot of rules. She was only allowed to do so much until her grades came up…and then she could help with listings when her homework was all done for the week…we got reports from the teachers…by the first week of June…we received a phone call from the Principal himself. He said..”I don’t know what you did…but she is not only promoting tomorrow…but her grades have passed up the other students” Now…she is still working the shop…and she still has rules. She is now a Freshman and is on the AB Honor Roll. We thank Etsy for that…So…now that I have found this site…I think we can perhaps get another breakthrough and have an incentive for me…to make the shop even better with the information you are providing everyone!
    Thank You
    Ohhh we also offer Free Shipping on all orders of $25.00 and above to anywhere in the U.S :o)

  196. Great site, I am learning new things all the time:)

    Thank you!

  197. Forgot to put my etsy link;)

    Thanks again:)

  198. Great! I really need some exposure :D
    here it is !
    thank you for the offer :)

  199. Hi, I just opened my Etsy shop and getting some attention would be brilliant! Thanks for a great newsletters!!!

  200. Really great stuff you’re putting on this blog. I’m going to add it to my blog roll. Thanks so much.


  201. I always enjoy my visits to your site, and would be honored to be featured in your blog! My shop is a collection of maps that I have made — have fun looking around!

  202. i am a dk too! i would love to be in one of your treasuries! thanks for the opportunity!

  203. yeah baby I would love to be featured here.
    wonderful, beautiful, fresh watercolors

  204. Great ideas and always happy to see someone looking to help out us Etsians.. Thanks!

  205. Just discovered you! Will be sure to call back soon! Some great advice here.

  206. I have just heard about your shop and blog.
    I would be honoured to have my paintings featured by you.
    Thanks for sharing!

  207. Here’s a vote for me! I’d appreciate having your help in spreading the word about my Nestle And Soar Studio in Colorado. Peace, Georgianne

  208. I am new to your site but LOVE IT! I find it very helpful. Thank you:~) I would love for my vintage finds to be featured.

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  214. Great ideas for us newbies. Plan to spend more time reading all of the posts. Super site. I’m gearing up to creating my first treasury.

  215. This Treasury was very successful: nearly every item has sold!

  216. Hi Tim! I’m new to the social media and find it overwhelming! Elsie turned me on to you and I am THANKFUL everyday! I’m a glass lampwork bead artist, specializing in flowers and anything above or below the ocean! I would LOVE for you to Peek at my Etsy store!

  217. Hi I hope I’m not too late :) I do handmade jewelry~ :) I will be uploading new items on 12/31 and 1/1/11 :)

  218. Hello,
    I make luxurious alpaca fleece hand felted hats and I have some colored pencil drawings of our baby alpacas that were born on our farm and are the source of the fleece I use in making hats and scarves.
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  222. Tim, this is a great idea, and I’d love some more exposure to my shop:

    Happy New Year and all the best to you!

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  229. Timothy, I just found this website and am really looking forward to exploring it. Thank you for sharing your expertise! I’m new to this and all the help I can get is greatly appreciated. It’s people like you who really make a difference!

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  238. this is great!!..I would love to be featured!!

  239. Thank you for your wonderful insite and expertise! I have had 10 sales in one year, and I would love to be featured to maybe get some exposure to make it 11!

  240. Hi Timothy,

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  241. What a great way to help promote other artists!

  242. Hi,
    I am a photographer and jewellery design running two shops on etsy.
    Congratulations on your amazing work for promoting the independent artists in our community. I really appreciate your support.
    Best wishes for continuous success,

  243. I am so glad I found this fabulous family that is handmadeology. I am part of the Etsy team and love helping my fellow teammates get exposure through treasury! I am learning so many things from Tim and everyone else in this community. I would love to be featured here or to see one of my treasuries featured. :)

    Wonderful people and information! Keep it coming!

    Blessings and Best Wishes!

  244. Just found your blog today!
    I spent the whole of my daughters nap reading -rather than sewing as I had planed! But it was worth it! Thanks for all the time and effort you’ve put into sharing this with us.
    Just joined the team on Etsy and looking forward to see what that brings.
    If you are still doing features on shops mine is:

  245. We just recently joined the Handmadeology team. My husband does the woodwork and I take the photos and maintain the shop. This is a great way to promote each other’s work. Our shop is htt://

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  249. I’m game for a treasury! would love it..i have not made one myself yet but plan to.

  250. Still getting started selling online and am looking for every tip I can get on how to be found. But right now I need to make more product.

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  251. This is such a positive & inspiring site. Thank you for such a fantastic opportunity.

  252. Hey there Tim! I’d love to be included in any treasuries you make! Of course they’d have to be baby related since I have a baby shop! Thanks!

  253. Feature? Did someone say feature??
    Yes please … ;)

  254. Hi,
    I have just opened an online store for Montanahandmade. By the title suggestion you can figure I only list items made in Montana, but we do have some etsy sellers in the store. Not too many crafters listed yet but more are waiting to be posted now. Ya never know what a person might be looking for so I figured this it’s worth a shot.

  255. Thank you for doing this, I’d love to be featured! I make beads and pendants and necklaces. Raku, stoneware, and porcelain. Many thanks!

  256. Hello Tim,
    Thanks for the awesome chance for shop exposure :) I have three shops on Etsy- my oldest one is which features a little bit of everything. I opened for my Jewelry only not long ago, and my newest adventure is for digital graphics, altered photos etc… available through email at wonderful prices:
    Thank you so much for any amount of exposure. :)

  257. WOW – thanks for taking the time to promote others!
    Of course, like everyone else, I would love a feature.

    I specialize in anti-tarnish sterling silver chainmaille, viking knit and beaded designs. I also have a shop on

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  261. This is so positive and supportive- I love it!
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    I am looking forward to learning a lot from here!

  262. I love this new lising about 10 things you havent though about very insite ful

  263. I apparently am the last one on the planet to find your page but I am so glad I have! I look forward to learning more from you and the amazing people posting here!

  264. Wow, what a response. Thanks for the opportunity. I feel like a kid again, wanting to be picked for the kick ball team, “Pick me!”, “Pick me!’.

  265. This is great; thank you!

    I just barely opened my shop and it would be great to get a few more people to know about it!

  266. Great site!! Great articles and Tips! Will definitely be using them often! Thanks for the opportunities you’re giving Etsy Sellers!!

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  267. I’m kind of new to Etsy. Opened up shop a while ago but just started posting items. Been learning things everyday. Anything that can get more traffic to my site is great!
    Thank you!
    Chaya Richman

  268. OOPS! forgot to add my Etsy store info. in the last post. Here it is.

    Thank you.

  269. also, forgive my cluelessness, but how do you guys get a personal avatar to pop up, instead of the generic one?

  270. I just found this blog and an in love. thanks Tim for another way for us to promote or shops. Please pick me for your next treasury, I always re-treasure my friends.
    Have to run, family is hungry, they want dinner.

  271. Thanks so much for all your sharing! Fantastic way to support and learn with the community!

  272. Thank you for the support! I really appreciate it~ Here is the link to my shop:

  273. I would love to be featured. I just found out about this team and site and I think this is wonderful. My links are as follows:

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  274. I love your treasury with the recycled buttons. I also design my jewelry around recycled beads and buttons and love to go to second hands stores and go crazy in the buttons box and find vintage treasures. I like to give life back to those awesome little things who sometimes have so much to tell. If only they could talk. Thank you so much for sharing with us handmadeology. Have a great day. Claudine

  275. I just found your blog when searching for SEO tips. Thanks for the information.

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  276. Hi!
    I’m a new member, and after signing up for the e-course I decided to peruse further into the site and found this. Yippee!

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    Many thanks!

  277. Love Handmadeology! Thanks for all the promo you do for handmade artists.

  278. WOW!!!!! I love the colors of this treasury. I would love to be featured in your earth day treasuries. We make clocks, bookends, bowls and scrapbooks from vintage vinyl records.
    Thanks for your great site…….your book looks awesome!!!!

  279. Beautiful treasury!! I would love to be featured! I am a fan on facebook and I make and sell inspirational jewelry!

    Please check out ChariT’s Inspirational Creations at

    Thanks so much!

    ~Stay beautiful and blessed!


  280. Very sweet!!! I am a FB fan, have you in my google reader and am trying to learn all I can about ETSY!

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  282. Love the blog, I would love for my jewelry to be featured I just joined the Etsy team.


  283. Tim, you are amazing ! Thanks for all your hard work and great ideas for us ‘crafty people’! xxx

  284. would love to be featured tim you can find my store here

    thanks for the opportunity

  285. Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes. I would love to be Featured. I will comment here and fb. I hope that you will find my shop pleasing enough. Thank you so much for this opportunity. You Betcha! I appreciate your work here.

  286. What a great opportunity! I would love to be featured!

  287. Keep up the great work. You are doing a grand job for crafters. I would love the opportunity.

  288. Great to see local talent offer so much advice! Is there a networking group you could recommend in the Cleveland area?

    Thanks for the opportunity to be featured! We sell stylish gift items for equestrians and animal lovers.

  289. Prior to the internet and online shops I was ‘winking in the dark’ so to speak. Now I can catch the eye of the entire world. Thank you Etsy and Handmadeology :)

  290. Such a great offer!!! I love your promoting and HELPING ideas!! ;-))

  291. LOVE this site! Thanks for putting such good info out there.

  292. Thanks for all that you do to support the handmade community. Oh my gosh there are so many comments on here. If you ever get a chance, please check out my Etsy store. I have some interesting jewelry in it.

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    It’s greatly appreciated :-)

  296. Great idea! I love receiving daily inspiration from Handmadeology Today!

  297. Thank you for the opportunity, really need promotion for my shop.

  298. Great idea! Thanks for your support and for this opportunity!

  299. I’d be so honored to be featured here! :) LOVE HANDMADEOLOGY!

  300. I absolutely LOVE the vibrant blues in the treasury above!

  301. I love this red & blue collection.

  302. Love the thought of your new e-course coming up, and I look forward to being a part of it.

  303. Thank you for providing clarity on so many levels!! Starting a venture, especially an online venture, can be daunting at times but, your endless giving of time, advice and encouragment help immensely.

  304. Oh I just found out about this! This is so cool to have shops featured here! I’m looking for ways to expand on the views I’m getting so far and hopefully they will lead to more sales too!

  305. Paper art is a small niche, and kusudama flowers are even smaller. When i began selling almost a year ago very few Etsy artisans were selling kusudama flowers, but that is changing now. Sales? Some …. But i love what i do. Asian crafts are very hisoric and beautiful. Thanks for the opportunity to feature Karen

  306. Oh! I would love to get more exposure. This is one forum that rocks and the information is so helpful and useful. Great going everyone!

  307. Hi there, gosh you have your work cut out for you!
    - but I would love to have some exposure for my work. I am an artist who recycles vintage things into jewelry which I sell on

  308. This blog is a daily read for me, it’s packed with great posts! It’d be fun to have any of my items featured (thanks for the opp!). I upcycled unused fabrics and materials to create eco-friendly accessories for guys and girls…they would be perfect in a Graduation or Father’s Day Treasury right now!

    Thanks <3 'chelle

  309. i would love to be featured… but ill take the first step and include one of your items in my next TL. ill let you know!

  310. I follow on FB and Twitter.. I have the smallest Ceramic Studio in the world (probably) and I make handmade handbuilt spiral ceramic mugs. I am now staining and glazing while being a busy mom…and filling up the kiln for another high fire…

  311. I think it would be wonderful to be featured with either of my shops listed below.

    My main shop is and I’ve just introduced some great bullet casing jewelry and a bit of steampunk to my mix of jewelry and accessories.

    I also have a new shop that caters to my line of jewelry and accessories called “Good for One Fare” and it features transit and railway tokens from the early 1920s – 9104s. All transit and railway tokens had the phrase “good for one fare” on the back of them, hence the shop name! I’ve been selling lots of the jewelry at my art shows, but the store could really use some exposure and copy as to how cool this jewelry is….owning a piece of historical memorabilia, but getting a “two for” when the pendant is also your initial. Collectible and personalized all in one! How cool is that?!!

    My website is

    The Key of A

  312. What a fabulous idea! I would love to be featured but I’m happy with just some added exposure. This week all of the proceeds from my Calm After the Storm Photograph and 20% of the proceeds from all other sales go directly to the American Red Cross to aid the victims of the Joplin, MO tornado.

    Visit my etsy shop here:

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