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In this post we’ll walk you through how to set up your Pinterest account, start pinning things, and add “Pin It” and “Follow” buttons to your website. Let’s get started.

Getting Started With Pinterest

Getting Started With Pinterest

By Lynne Brehmer – SpreeWorks (

This is the second article in a series of blog posts for Etsy sellers who want to learn more about how to use Pinterest to drive sales.

Last time we gave you an overview of Pinterest and explained why you can’ afford to ignore Pinterest. In this post we’ll walk you through how to set up your Pinterest account, start pinning things, and add “Pin It” and “Follow” buttons to your website. Let’s get started.

Request an Invite

The first thing you’ll need to do is get a Pinterest invite. The fastest way to get an invite is to ask your Facebook friends or Twitter followers. You’ll be surprised how fast you receive a response. You can also go to the Pinterest home page and request an invite. I chose this route and it took about 36 hours before I received my invite.

Setup Your Account

To set up your Pinterest account, click on the activation link in the Pinterest email you received. This brings you to a web page where Pinterest asks you to sign in using your Facebook or Twitter login. As of now there is no way to set up a Pinterest account without having a Facebook or Twitter account. If you’ve purposely been avoiding Facebook and Twitter this may be a good time to sign up. Both of these social media networks are great avenues for interacting with your customers.

Choose a username and enter the email address and password you’d like to associate with your Pinterest account.

Select People to Follow

Pinterest asks you to pick a few items that are interesting to you. They use this information to add “followers” to your Pinterest account. The next time you login to Pinterest you will see boards related to these topics. In addition, Pinterest will make you a follower of all your friends on Facebook or Twitter with Pinterest accounts. You can choose to unfollow any of these people later.


Create Pinboards

Next you’ll set up your pinboards. Pinterest provides a few pinboard theme ideas based on the items you liked in the previous step. You can delete the suggested boards, add new ones, or browse other board ideas.

Verify Your Email Address

You will receive an email asking that you verify your email address. Just click on the Verify Email button in the email.

Start Pinning

Now you’re ready to start pinning! To add your first pin, click on the Add button in the top right corner.

You can choose to add a pin from a website address or you can upload an image from your computer.

To add a pin from a website address, just enter the address and click Find Images. Pinterest will search the website for images to display and give you a few to choose from. You can also add a description of the image and choose which pinboard you would like to add it to. When you click the Pin It button the item will be added to the pinboard you selected.

The Upload a Pin option is very similar. Just choose an image from your computer that you would like to pin and then follow the same steps to assign it to one of your pinboards and add a description.

Add “Pin It” Buttons to your Etsy Listings

Displaying Pin It buttons on your Etsy listings allows Pinterest users to easily add products from your store to their pinboards. This helps drive traffic back to your store which could lead to more sales. Your Etsy listings are automatically configured to display a Pin It button that will allow Pinterest members to share your products on their Pinterest boards. No additional configuration is required. When Pinterest members pin your items, the required pin description field is prefilled with the item title and price. Pinterest users can also add a note about why they like your product.

Add “Pin It” Buttons to your Website

If you also sell products on your own website, then you’ll want to add “Pin It” buttons there as well. If you built your website using SpreeWorks then your products are automatically set up with “Pin It”, “Like” and “Tweet” buttons and there’s no need for configuration.

If you’re not a SpreeWorks user, you’ll need a little bit of technical knowledge to add a Pin It button to your website. Go to the PinterestGoodies page and scroll down to the Pin It Button for Web Sites section to get started.

Enter the URL of the page on your website where you want the Pin It button to appear. Next, enter the URL of the image. You can right click on the image on your website to find the URL. Then enter a description for the image and choose if you want the Pin It button to appear horizontal, vertical, or with no count. Count represents the number of times someone has pinned that particular item.

Pinterest automatically generates the code that must be added to your website when you complete this information. The first bit of code should be placed where you would like the Pin It button to appear. The second bit of code needs to be added above the closing </BODY> tag on your page source code. If you don’t add the second bit of code then your Pin It count won’t work properly.

Add Pinterest “Follow” Buttons to your Website

You can also add Pinterest “Follow” buttons to your website. This enables Pinterest users to easily follow you and your Pinterest boards which also helps drive traffic to your site. Again, if you’re using SpreeWorks this will be taken care of for you automatically once you connect your store to your Pinterest account.

If you do not have a SpreeWorks store, however, you can set this up using the Pinterest website. Go to Pinterest Goodies page and scroll down to the Follow Button for Websites section. Click on the type of Follow button you would like to place on your site. Then copy and paste the displayed code in the area of your website where you would like the Follow button to appear.

Unfortunately, there is not an option to add a Pinterest “Follow” button to your Etsy page. To get around this you can include a statement in your Etsy store profile like “Follow me on Pinterest at

Lynne Brehmer is the Director of Product Marketing at SpreeCommerce.Spree offers a solution that empower sellers to create an online store in minutes. There are no technical skills required. Etsy store owners can also easily synch their products with their SpreeWorks store. Checkout the SpreeWorks website for more information on how you can start building your onlinestore today.


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  1. Hi:

    Great article and quite helpful! I’m all set up on Pinterest, but I’m having trouble adding the Pinterest button to my Blogger page.
    I’ve tried to add a gadget, but when I copy and paste the code in the url window, the message says I’m using illegal characters, specifically the “” symbols.
    I’m sure there is some very simple, very obvious step I’m missing, or I’m trying to add the button code in the wrong place. Help! And feel free to explain it in a way a 2 year old would understand– I won’t be offended! :)


  2. ChristineWitton

    I have the same issue as Tracy S. I cannot get the Pin it button onto my tool bar and so cannot pin anything. Even the above article does not tell you how to go about getting the Pin in button.

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