Tuesday , 4 August 2020

Grab a FREE Cup of Starbucks Coffee : Jonathan’s Card Social Payment Experiment

Aqua cup cozy with silver buttons by The Cozy Project

Aqua cup cozy with silver buttons by The Cozy Project

Programmer Jonathan Stark has given everyone access to his Starbucks card (Jonathan’s Starbucks Card). Anyone can add money to it and purchase anything from Starbucks from it.

The buzz is building and has been spreading all over Twitter and Facebook today. There has been so much traffic to his site, his server has been shutting down!  Check out a screen shot of his traffic HERE.

Experimenting with social media as a means of promoting and marketing your small business is a great way to get your name out there.

How are you marketing your Etsy shop?  Do you have any creative ways you are using social media to spread the word about your handmade business? 

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  1. Cool Idea! I wish I could reload for $5…maybe I’ll do that anyway…I wonder if the barcode will work on a camera..I don’t have a smart phone…

  2. So fun and creative!! I love this!

  3. Someone told me about this project last week and I started following on Twitter. It makes me a little nervous when the numbers move so fast.. like a balance of $100 becoming nada in just a few minutes!! Such an interesting project!

    And thanks for including the photo of my cozy!

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