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Guest Write For Handmadeology


ANTIQUE TYPEWRITER | by: NostalgiqueArt

The handmade movement is accelerating at a fast pace.   Hundreds of thousands of people are signing up for  Etsy every month, and it is getting more difficult to get recognized.  One way to increase your network, get more recognition, expand more exposure, contribute to the handmade community, and build back links is to write guest articles for blogs. Lets break the five main reasons you should be writing guest articles.

Increase your network:

When you are writing for other blogs in the handmade community you have the opportunity to meet other like minded people.  Let’s face we all need to make connections and hang around people that have things in common.  Do you belong to an Etsy team?  Do you join groups and Fan pages on Facebook?  Putting your heads together helps everyone get things done faster and in the long run can improve your business.

Get More Recognition:

A little recognition goes a long way, and writing for other blogs in the handmade scene can increase it greatly.  Just by writing articles for other blogs, readers understand that the blog publishing your article sees you as an expert in the topic you are writing about.  The more you write the more your recognition will build.

Expand Your Exposure:

By writing on more blogs and websites you will reach different audiences and expand who sees your brand.  By writing guest articles you are building a permanent brand that can bring you more traffic and sales.

Contribute To The Handmade Community:

We all have learned one or many things from blogs in the handmade community.  Guest writing helps you give back and contribute to the handmade community.  From featuring handmade goods to teaching, blog posts help the community is a huge way.

Build Back Links:

When you are guest writing on a blog you should be give the ability to link back to your blog, Etsy shop, and other sites.   You should also be allowed a short bio.  Back links will help your SEO, especially when they come from well know relevant blogs.

Guest For Writing Handamdeology:

Handmadeology is a growing blog and community with a vast social network.  With over 267,500 fans to the Handmadeolgoy Fan Page, and 450k monthly impressions on Pinterest, it is certain that your exposure and recognition will grow quickly. Handmadeology is designed to give back to the handmade community, so your guest posts will easily fill that role.

Every guest writer is given a bio and the ability to link back to as many sites as they like.  With these links your SEO will improve.  Also with every post you write there is an author bio to the right in the side bar.


The Handmadeology Team is looking for guest writers that are ready to grow their network and gain more recognition for their brand.  I am looking for crafters, sellers, buyers, artists, designers, and bloggers affiliated with the handmade scene.  If you are interested in getting more information on guest blogging for Handmadeology fill out the for below, and I will get back with you asap.

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  1. Interesting concept. I will pass this along to those who are actively involved in writing for blogs, etc…

  2. I’m interested in participating. The following is the message I sent in the above form, it failed to send on the first try.

    I create one-of-a-kind jewelry from cabochons that I hand cut. I like the idea of interfacing with other artisans about techniques and marketing ideas.

  3. I filled out the form! And OOOOPS! I forgot to leave a link to my blog, so I put it here in my comment…just click my name. Besides you’ve seen my blog before anyways Tim lol.

  4. I would love to write for other blogs, but I have trouble coming up with enough material for my own blog. Would there be assignments like as if I was a reporter and then go do research and write or do I have to come up with my own topics. I do want to feature people’s art from items they have bought from my store, but I haven’t had anyone get back to me with any of their creations yet. However, I am having a contest right now though to thank everyone for helping my sales hit over 100 in my Etsy Store.
    Hopefully, I can get some more inspiration to write for more blogs. Thanks for the information. I will pass it along to my forum members too.

  5. As usual such wonderful information. I have to totally rethink my approach to my shops and getting recognition for them. About to go away for a month’s holiday and will have to give it lots of work when I get back.

  6. I’ve done a few interviews about people’s workshops on my blog, it’s quite hard to do over email but the results so far have turned out well.

    If anyone is enthusiastic I’d also be interested to colaborate with them on an article.

  7. As usual, to guest blog is excellent advice. We welcome any guest blogging inquiries and follow Tim’s blog post promoting advice so a lot of people you wouldn’t normally reach are seeing your name + getting a bit of your personality – a big part of why people choose handmade + something that may not easily come across on an Etsy listing.

    As far as material, we’ve just posted part of a Pinterest board with a short bio. Readers love finds – your guest post may already be written + you don’t even know it. We highlight makers from all over – whether or not we sell his or her work; we love hearing abt why you make what you make, what your town’s like, etc. My point is that guest posting’s worth your time + it’s not that difficult.

  8. Okay I’m still repeating my mantra (a lttle less enthusiastically now) …. “I will not blog, I will not blog, I will….” :)

  9. holy crow. I forgot a link to my blog too. Ugh. It’s here now.

  10. I’d be so excited to write a guest post for Handmadeology, but I don’t have a personal blog yet. I’m not sure when/if I’ll be starting my own. Is this a prerequisite to being a writer for this blog?

  11. I sent an email through the form above, applying to be a writer for Handmadeology, but I have not received a response. Should I send another note?

    Amy Kalinchuk

  12. I just sent the form with some background info about me, my shop and my writing.

    M Design Boutique

  13. i left a separate message for my blog, but if you dont get it, its linked here as my username!

  14. I would Love to Guest write for Handmadeology. I have just commited myself to my own blog and would love the exposure.

  15. It all makes sense. In everything i read, everwhere, I notice grammar mistakes, mispelled words, omissions, etc. proofing is not what it used to be. Thanks for all the ideas though. A treat as always.

  16. I found this site by chance (Actually through facebook). Lovely stuff! Keep it up!

  17. Hey Tim,
    Guest blogging is something I’m starting to offer on my blog as well. . . I’d love it if you considered that. . . I submitted my request and hope to hear from you soon. . . thanks for everything and I wish you continued success!

  18. I am new and never blog. Are you offering a service for others to blog for companies like mine? If so, that would be great! I would love a program like that.
    Tessy Lou Co

  19. Hey Tim – it’s so funny that this came out now because I just came up with my idea for an article yesterday! I submitted all of that – hope we can work together.


  20. I am not sure if my shop is at the point where I woudl feel comfortable giving any advice on Handmadeology as I’m still relatively new to online selling. But have bookmarked for later consideration.


  21. Handmadeology has become the singlemost valuable tool for my business ! I want to subscribe to PRO, and sent $10 via Paypal, but I still can’t sign in yet. Could you please help me ? Thanks and Congratulations on your ‘ology anniversary !

  22. Hi Grace! I am interested in guest blogging. Let me know if you are interested in me too! Thanks!! Liana

  23. Hey Tim! I’m not sure if you’re still following this thread, but I’ve just found your blog and I’m fascinated by it. I feel like I’ve already learned so much, and I’ve been reading a lot! I’m interested in doing a guest post for Handemadeology, but the contact form doesn’t show up on my computer. I’d love to hear from you if you’re still looking for people to guest post! Thanks <3, and I'll be subscribing as soon as I click "submit comment"!

  24. Love this blog and all of the wonderful resources!! I have part of a composition book dedicated to tips from Handmadeology! I have not had hundreds of sales on Etsy yet, but I do alot of craft shows and I also make reborn dolls. I would love to guest blog about selling reborns, as I think it would add some insight/get exposure for the benefits of this art form.

    I have something all typed up, it just hasn’t been edited or published yet! If you read this, thank you for considering me!

    (I linked to my Etsy shop so you see what else I make in addition to the dolls.)

  25. I would love the opportunity to be a guest writer – please let me know what other information you need for me to be considered – I am happy to provide! Thank you for the opportunity! Best wishes, Amy

  26. Hello! I love this blog, and have gotten some really great tips to use for my shop. I have a couple of ideas I’d like to share as a guest writer, but the form for me to contact you isn’t showing up. Could you please contact me or let me know an alternate way to get in touch? Thanks!

  27. If you are still accepting guest bloggers I would be interested in more information. I’m in Australia where I sell my handmade stuff on a site similar to Etsy – – I’d be happy to write about it

  28. Hi Tim,

    A long time ago I contacted you about writing and maybe wrote one article for you, then life got busy. I tried subbing another article to you via email, but I never heard back so I am not sure you ever got it.

    I am a published writer and I run several handmade businesses. I am interested in getting more exposure so I want to do more writing. If you are interested in using me let me know and I will sub that article I think that never got used. Just let me know the best email. If you give the the go-ahead but don’t hear back double check to make sure nothing landed in the spam folder.

  29. Hi guys,

    I’m interested in writing for your site. Not only am I an Etsy seller with good sales but also a masters student in the UK studying Strategic Marketing. For my final thesis (15000 word) I’m looking at how small business use online marketing to boost sales and traffic with particular focus on etsy sellers. I will be speaking to over 100 top etsy seller to find out what works for them and hope to create a “best practice” guidelines. Obviously for my work it will be wordy and full of jargon, but I would like to publish a quick, easy to read guide based on actual research of many sellers not just 1 persons experiences. I think it will have great value to readers.
    My work will not be completed for another 3 months but I am gaining contacts now, so please let me know if you would be interest in publishing this for your readers

    Many thanks

  30. Hi Tim,

    I have been in touch with you before and wrote an article over a year ago for you but am interested in getting back in to writing for you. I am a published author. I subbed something a while back but never rec’d a response. If you are still interested in running some articles by me, can you please let me know the best email to sub those to. Thanks

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