Thursday , 17 June 2021
Handmade Seller Magazine—Trading “Trial & Error” for $30,000 in Sales

Handmade Seller Magazine—Trading “Trial & Error” for $30,000 in Sales

So many new business owners take the trial and error approach to starting up their new company and most wind up quitting with the belief that the internet is just “too saturated with products” or they “can’t compete with the larger sellers.” While it’s true that a new startup can’t always be as instantly successful as the more established sellers, it is NOT true that you cannot grow your business to be just as wildly successful over time. The key issue here is “trial and error.” I took that same approach to business 12 years ago and wasted thousands of dollars on un-targeted ads and failed product lines. After two years of tiny successes and big failures, it finally “clicked” and I knew what I needed…

How I Started a New Product Line that’s Generated $30,596.10 in Sales Since Launching it 4 Months Ago.

I bet that got your attention! What’s even more startling is that I ran out of inventory twice because I couldn’t keep up with the demand. That means that I did $30,000+ in sales over three months rather than four. I’m not selling anything extraordinary, either. In fact, this particular product line is quite ordinary and it’s in the lawn and garden category. So, how did I do it?

Hello everyone! I’m the CEO of the Handmade Seller magazine and I’d like to say a huge “thank you” to Timothy Adam for inviting me to come and introduce the Handmade Seller magazine to you!

After creating multiple successful product lines my partners and I became passionate about helping others do the same. We actually stumbled into this after helping several friends grow their businesses which of course lead to helping the friends of our friends grow as well and then we got inundated with requests for help and advice. It felt amazing to watch other sellers grow in the same ways that we had and that is how the Handmade Seller magazine was born! We knew we couldn’t keep helping people one at a time, though, because we each had our own businesses to run. We ended up deciding to try and help all handmade sellers at once and it worked!

Would You Rather Sell 1 Product in a Month or 200?

A lot of people say that you get out of business what you put into it. This is true, but it isn’t the only factor affecting how successful you are. How much you KNOW is really what has to do with your level of success. Check out the two real scenarios below:

Scenario 1: A lady looking to quit her day job started an Etsy shop and spent hours on social media posts, pictures, descriptions, and product creation. She got 1 sale in her first month.

Scenario 2: I spent the same amount of time on product creation and the same amount of time on social media, descriptions, and a few extra things. I got 200+ sales in the first month.

What’s the difference here? The difference is knowledge. Because I have 12 years of experience in marketing and I know exactly how to find my target market, how to interest them, how to build something they’ll love, and how to continually get my products in front of them, I was able to successfully launch a product.

Our Sole Purpose is to Share that Power with You.

Each of my partners and each of our columnists in the magazine is an expert in their field. They all have gone through that “trial and error” process and come out on top. Now we are all united in one goal: to give you the knowledge you need to skip the trial and error all together and skyrocket to the top. Like I asked earlier, would you rather have 1 sale or 200 in a month? I’m betting you picked 200…

What the Handmade Seller Magazine Can Offer You

There are billions of people in the world and somehow you have to seek out a small percent of them that would be interested in the product you have to offer. Then you have to create ads, take photos, use special words that catch their attention, and create sales funnels. It seems like a challenge, but when you have the right tools it’s actually really easy and fun.

Each month we send out a new, digital magazine with training videos, downloads, and resource links. We focus on a variety of topics so that there is always something you can benefit from and the magazine issues are typically 55 – 65 pages long. Active subscribers even get access to ALL of the back issues! Pretty cool, huh?

It all comes down to the bottom line, though. Can we increase your sales? My answer is “yes,” but only if you are willing to put in the effort to put your new knowledge into action. We can’t force you to find your target market or use the correct keywords in your titles. Only you can do that, but we can show you which things to do to generate more sales and how to do them.

In a nutshell, you get:

  1. Monthly issues plus all of the previous issues
  2. 55 – 65 pages which you can print out if you wish to
  3. Video tutorials (sometimes text tutorials just don’t cut it!)
  4. Resource links (we send you straight to the tools and resources you need)
  5. Keyword downloads (we do the keyword research for you!)
  6. Download guides and templates such as biography templates and trending colors
  7. Expert columnists in every field
  8. Knowledge to skyrocket your business
  9. Chance to have your story featured in the magazine or your product featured on our Pinterest accounts
  10. Letters to the editor (ask questions and get them answered)
  11. Featured stories from top sellers (learn from the best in your industry)
  12. Discounts on helpful products

Every new subscriber gets us excited because that’s one more person in our family of sellers that we can help reach their dreams! If you’re ready to start that journey with us, use this 5% off coupon code that’s especially for you! Coupon code: HANDMADEOLOGY

To your success!

Dani Marie

CEO & Best Selling Author

Handmade Seller Magazine 

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