Wednesday , 28 July 2021
Today, we launched our own market by leveraging Meylah’s marketplace technology. This partnership will super charge marketing for creative businesses and support all the creative community.

Handmadeology Launches Its Own Selling Venue For Creative Business Owners

Handmadeology Market

Handmadeology Launches Its Own Selling Venue For Creative Business Owners!

Today, we  launched  our own market by leveraging Meylah’s marketplace technology. This partnership will super charge marketing for creative businesses and support all the creative community, giving sellers new ways to market their products through online and social channels.  We are inviting sellers across the creative community to become part of Handmadelogy market.

We believe that the Handmadelogy Market will showcase creative business owners in a new and exciting way through the Handmadeology blog, social network, and seller tools. This will also allow buyers to get an enhanced experience to discover, engage and transact with our community in a meaningful way. By partnering with Meylah, we get the social commerce platform to scale the growth of the Handmadeology community in a right way.

“We believe in empowering communities such as  Handmadeology so they can thrive and support each other in the community. We are thrilled that Meylah’s platform can enable communities like Handmadeology to achieve their visions.”  Ram Dutt, CEO of Meylah

To get involved:

·         Click here to apply and then select the ‘Sell With Us’ button in the upper left hand corner of the screen to complete your application. To participate in Handmadelogy marketplace, your store must be customer ready. Download the 10 point checklist which helps your store become customer ready.

·         Be sure to like Meylah and Handmadelogy on Facebook

·         Get access to our  private facebook group for sellers in the Handmadeology Market to connect.

·         Get access to our Handmadeology Market community Pinterest board. (4000 followers!)

BONUS : DO IT TODAY!! Create your own product collection using Handmadeology Collection application to promote your products with your customers (only works with Handmadeology Market Shop)

Create and share your collections all over the web!

handmadeology collections


What the Handmadeology community is saying about the new market:

I currently sell on Etsy but I’m not happy with the number of re-sellers passing mass produced items off as handmade. I’m really interested in finding a venue that offers the customer confidence in purchasing “handmade”, a venue that’s well managed with the Artisan in mind.

I love Handmadeology AND Meylah. With their powers combined we’ll be unstoppable! :)

I’m looking for another avenue to sell my handmade jewelry. I’ve been a Meylah newsletter subscriber for a while now, and this seems like a great marketplace; one where I fully believe my products would be a great fit. Thank you for the opportunity!

I have been a Etsy seller for three years and want to increase my presence online. I have been impressed with Handmadeology and wanted to give Meylah a shot.

I wish to try a new selling site for my items, and have followed Handmadeology for many months. I appreciate all they do for sellers.

I am always looking for new places to sell that respect and honor quality handmade goods.

I run a handmade business, and it would be an honor to be a partner with such a well-known name!


Blog Coverage from around the web:

-Outright posted the press release over on their blog:  HERE 

Thrilled about the partnership beween @Meylah and @handmadeology to benefit online sellers! Don’t delay:  #ecommerce

-Meylah’s blog post about the new Handmadeology Market: HERE 

Meylah & Handmadeology join forces to launch Handmadeology Market  by Ram Dutt on @Meylah

- Jennifer from Eightmillion writes about the new pertnership over on her blog:  HERE 

-Sheryl from Sher’s Creative Space talks about getting in on the ground floor of the Handmadeology Market: HERE 


Get started today and set up your shop for free… no listing fess and no monthly fees!  Sign up here!


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  1. Welcome and Congratulations Tim. You are a great asset to the creative community and we know that with this new tool you will be able to support your community even better.
    Much Success to you and Handmadeology.

  2. AWESOME! A great way to start off the new year! Love the idea behind the collections tool. Looking forward to absorbing everything that I can from both to utilize with my storefront.

  3. Question: I have MP3′s listed on Meylah, but there doesn’t seem to be a Meylah app that allows the customer to listen before purchasing. Will the Handmadeology/Meylah partnership be providing a ‘listening’ capability for MP3 listings?

  4. PS….will my Meylah Shop automatically be migrated to Handmadeology Market, or are these going to be two separate venues?

  5. What are the fee’s? I’ve looked on the site and can’t seem to find them.

  6. I’m definitely joining, however, I don’t see a category for placing my items. I sell on Etsy under Everything Else.

  7. I was confused, too — perhaps more categories would be helpful for buyers. Maybe they just have some bugs to work out.

  8. I applied to start up shop in your new market, however when I go to post a listing it says the only marketplace is Meylah? It doesn’t give me an option to post listings in the Handmadeoligy marketplace…. am I doing something wrong or is it just Meylah where I post?

  9. I’m stoked about the opportunity to join HM! Like many sellers of handmade goods, I’m looking for a place to thrive.

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