Thursday , 9 July 2020
Handmadeology Monday Connection – 4/13/2015

Handmadeology Monday Connection – 4/13/2015

MONDAY CONNECTION:: Time to post your links and connect. Post your shop, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and blog. Ready….SET….GO!!

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Featured creative businesses from last week’s Monday Connection:

Retro Fan Replica Vintage Decoration


Goats Milk Rosemary & Lavender Handmade Soap  


Narwhal Plush Toy





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  1. I greatly appreciate things done by hand. They mean creation , time and lot of effortfor an idea to become fact

  2. Table fan looks ancient and classy, I wonder if it works? Handmade soaps created out of natural ingredients have always been my favorite and this soap looks too tempting.

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