Thursday , 13 May 2021

Hey Stay At Home Moms – Here Are 5 Tips To Boost Your Etsy Sales

Forest Knit Alpaca Neck Cowl with Cedar Buttons - ready to ship

Forest Knit Alpaca Neck Cowl with Cedar Buttons - ready to ship

AlpacaCreations says:

If you’re a stay-at-home mom like me, you probably laugh every time the “Quit Your Day Job” advice hits your inbox. Although I’m sure we’ve all had moments when we’ve wanted to, the simple fact is…we can’t quit our day jobs!

While I love the Etsy marketplace, the fact is 70% of my sales last year were local. Promoting your work on Etsy takes a lot of time – a commodity that is always in short supply when your main job is running a family!

What’s a busy mom to do? Promote while you work! What does that mean? Read on for examples…

1) BRING YOUR WORK WITH YOU EVERYWHERE. OK, I knit, so it’s portable. But, even if you paint, pot, bead, etc. find some aspect of your work to bring with you, even if it’s a sketch pad to draw out new ideas. I knit while waiting at the dentist, bank, car shop, airport – everywhere. Other people around me are invariably interested in what I’m doing. Which leads us to…

2) BE PREPARED TO TALK ABOUT YOUR WORK. While I was waiting for my car to be repaired last year, I had 3 car salesmen watching me knit. I started talking about knitting, and one of them shared a story about how he remembered his grandmother knitting when he was younger. Turns out he also loves supporting local handmade and took several business cards to pass out to friends. Once you start talking, you’ll find people will be more engaged with your work, which can also lead to sales.

3) BRING PHOTOS AND BUSINESS CARDS. I can’t stress this enough. We can’t carry a store full of products around with us, so I have a small photo book on hand to show people my work. At my last dental appointment, my photo book got passed around the entire office and I got 3 orders that day! Keep an ample supply of business cards on hand, too. That way people can check out your Etsy store and have your contact information.

Read more tips from AlpacaCreations in the Etsy forums HERE.

Giving important Etsy forum threads written by the Etsy community a second look, so Etsy sellers can Read, Learn, and Apply!  Find more Etsy Tips Here

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  1. Thankyou so much for sharing your promotional & marketing tips:)

  2. Thanks for a great article! I’m an at home Etsy mom and it’s been quite good for me…. here are some other tips!

    I make sure to wear my “oddest” piece of jewelry…. it always draws their attention and people always ask “where did you get that!?”. I also purchased this and I’m amazed how well it’s worked for me!!!



  3. Very helpful and useful tips! I make couture baby items, like bibs and blankets, many of them personalized. I can’t tell you how many times I’m in contact with moms and their babies and I wish I had my business cards and some photos along with me!!! You’ve definitely motivated me to get those items INTO my purse!!! Thanks….

  4. I too would LOVE to quit my day job and put all my full time efforts into my Esty shop….soon I will be able to retire and do just that…am sooooo looking forward to it!
    Thanks for the tips.

  5. Great article with sound advice. It’s sales 101, but a lot of artists, including me, get so into making the product that we forget the fundamentals. Thanks!!!

  6. I completely agree about wearing your items too if you can! I always try to make sure to wear something I have made to work or family events and everyone always talks about it!

  7. Great article!! I always have my business cards, but an album is a good idea!! Thanks!

  8. As a work at home mom i can say that i found this post very interesting and helpful and i hope more WAHMs will read it as well.

  9. Wow, thanks for sharing and I’m so happy I do all those things already! I was laughed at for taking out my stitching in the lunch room at work the other day. But I don’t carry pictures! duh!
    I guess with it all on the web I just figured I’d be able to show people where ever I was, but not so.
    I’ll have to put together a little brag book.

  10. Great article. Thanks for sharing. You’re inspiring me to get a photo book together now! ~Corinne at Bagalicious,,

  11. Great article! I am a full time stay at home mom, Part time Jewelry maker, and a part time waitress. I used vistaprint to make Pens to have people use to sign their bills, Just started back to that job last week but I’m hoping my pens will spark up a conversation or two. Thanks for the tips!!

  12. Thanks for the post. I now have a whole 2 hours a day monday to thursday without kids to work. I get more done in those 2 hours than 8 hours with them :) Wouldn’t trade it though!

  13. These tips are great, and as I was reading I realized that all too often I could be doing something crafty out in public but I miss that step in getting ready to go out somewhere, so I put together a little kit to fit in my purse with a few tools and supplies, so now I can work on the go.

  14. Great post! It’s amazing how work I squeeze in while my little guy is napping. Next year when he starts pre-school I may actually be able to conquer the universe! :) I do always have business cards handy, but great idea to have pics on hand too.

  15. I highly recommend investing in the Moo business cards. You can have your contact info on one side and a picture of your product on the other. A litte tip: download their template to make sure your pictures are formatted properly. Eventhough I had resized my pix within their directions, they weren’t coming out right until I used the template! Check out the Etsy offers page: for a link to get 50 cards for free.

  16. such simple idea but I hadn’t thought about them so will load up a look book and carry a sketch book everywhere from now on
    thank you for the great advise

  17. I like the idea of having amini portfolio of project photos! I also include my flickr, etsy, facebook, and blog links on my business card. I hired thegirlmakes banners to create a facebook landing page which also includes each of these links. Find her beautiful designs and listings here:
    She also did my business card, avatars, and etsy banner at a very reasonable price.

  18. Love the idea of a mini portfolio to carry around. Thanks!

  19. These tips are so true people are always interested in other peoples work. I sew all over the place and see people peeping over their books to see what I’m upto. Mind you glass blowing could be a problem.I have cards but the little book is a great idea. Great tips thank’s Pam

  20. I love the article and tips! I carry a portfolio I made in photoshop, it includes prices as well, business cards, and order forms. Got to be prepared for when conversation turns to sales!

  21. Thanks a bunch! I’m not a stay at home mom, but I do stay at home. Carrying photos in addition to business cards is a great idea. I am constantly having people ask what kind of jewelry I create. It is definitely much easier to explain with photos.

  22. Thanks for such an informative article. The photo album is a great idea along with including prices, etc – I also loved the idea of wearing the most unique piece of jewelry (if that’s what you make).


  23. These tips are wonderful. Wish I had them when I was raising my three children. I will send them along to my daughter who is a stay-at-home mom with a little 4 year old and needs to express her creative talents.

  24. I love this advice. I take something with me everywhere I go. Even ball games! My family makes fun of me but I totally agree with you on your pionters. Great post.

  25. Thanks for the great tips. I too feel the lack of time when it comes to promoting. You have inspired me to make a photo album too.

  26. I love the idea to carry around a small photo book with images of your products. I am making a mental note to try it. Thanks for sharing.

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