Saturday , 19 June 2021
Here is a little tutorial to show you how I turned an ordinary wooden scoop into a customized product.

Hot Stamping Tutorial – Brand Your Products

After contemplating how to get my logo onto some wooden scoops I recently purchased (to go with an up and coming product), I came up with this little tutorial to show you how I turned an ordinary wooden scoop into a customized product.

The medium: wood
What I wanted to do: adhere my logo on each scoop

But how? I considered stamping, painting, and stenciling. Then I got the brilliant idea to wood burn the logo onto each one. So I went on the mad hunt for the long forgotten wood burner. When I found it I really started hesitating if I could work on such a small area, and my logo is fairly detailed at that tiny size. Then before I put it away I got to reading about the different tips and a little light bulb came on.

HOT STAMPING!!What you need:
Wood burning tool (bought at most hobby stores)
Hot stamp tip (it is round and flat)
Reverse Laser print out of image to transfer (very important this is laser and NOT ink jet and if you have any text or a non-symmetrical image to print it in reverse)
A little patience and cautious hands…it gets hot!

While your wood burner is warming up trim your image to fit the area to be stamped. I printed a whole sheet. Be sure to leave enough around your image so the burner tip does not touch the wood surface and so you have room to tape it in place.

Next, position and tape your image, ink side down, lightly on one edge so it won’t slip while burning.

Now, while holding your image down firmly use the wood burner to impress the image into the wood. Use small circular motions, firm pressure, and check often for imprint (just flip your taped image up slightly and reposition if more heat is needed). Watch your fingers here. I was working on a fairly small surface so I had to be extra cautious. If you notice your paper is turning brown it’s time to turn the burner off or you will end up burning through.

I did have to rock the burner around a bit because of the curved surface I was working on.

Once the image is fully transferred you can remove the tape and paper. Tada!

This was such a simple project and I love that I could do it myself. What are some other creative ways this technique could be used?

I’d love to hear your ideas and please stay tuned for coordinating soapy product!!

Article by : Life  Soap Simple 

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  1. Wow, such a great idea. I’ll be on the look out for something to use this on.

  2. Nice! They look really good. The logo design and the green color look perfect on the natural wood.

    Thanks for sharing the tute.

  3. I’m thinking of what I can make, out of clay, to add a wooden tableware piece to it…
    Honey pot, cheese plate, coffee jar…
    Thanks for the ideas.
    Sally Anne

  4. Wow, I didn’t know you could do that, too bad it doesn’t work with inkjet.

  5. Wow, cool! That looks great, good job! :)

  6. Thanks for a great idea and how to do it. ETSY sales.

  7. Just what I was looking for – thanks

  8. This is super awesome! Thanks for sharing. Anyone have suggestions for labeling small accessories, like felt hairclips?

    • Hi, if you print your text or logo onto inkjet transfer paper then iron onto cotton fabriic or tape and sew them on to the back of your hairclips, that would work! You would fit lots of labels on a sheet of A4 so it would be very economical. I use these all the time on my products! xx

  9. Even if you don’t have an inkjet printer I’m sure Kinko’s could laser up some prints for you!

  10. Hi! Great tutorial, you can do things like this with inkjet transfer paper if you haven’t got a lazer printer, I use these all the time on fabric, but It says you can use them on wood and other materials in the instructions with them.
    Monica, maybe these would be the answer to branding your hair clips – you have to print the text in revese of course. If your logo and print is very small you can fit loads on a page so it works out very economical! The things in my shop were mostly made with these, if you want to take a look at the detail you can get with them.

  11. Great idea and a wonderful tutorial! Thanks for sharing. Now if I could just find something to use it on…lol.

  12. Wonderful project! They look beautiful. I love your logo & color choice :)

  13. What an awesome idea! And thanks for the tutorial!

  14. This looks like a ton of fun. I can imagine using this technique on Christmas Ornaments as well. I think I might give this a try! Time to break out the wood burner again!

    Sharon Orella

  15. A great tutorial!Thanks for sharing.

  16. can you do this to gift boxes or gift bags, to personalize? using the same method?

  17. I want to ask you a question about how or where can i buy a hot stamp tool that display the peace sign? I have the hot stamp tool from walnut hollow I am in need of the peace sign for burning onto wood. Can you help

  18. Hi, I wanted to know if this process would work on leather?

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