Tuesday , 11 May 2021
Interesting Factoid : How Many Sellers on Etsy? How Many Items Do You Have?

How Many Sellers on Etsy?

15 piece Set of vintage wood type numbers 0-9 and punctuation

15 piece Set of vintage wood type numbers 0-9 and punctuation

RetroChalet says:

As of right this minute, there are

290877 sellers
All of which have items in their shops. These numbers are approximate as of this minute and constantly change, however:

21 Shops have at least or OVER 2500 items in stock

13 Shops have between 2000-2499 items in stock

180 sellers (approximately) range in the 1000′s range

200 sellers between 800-1000 items (fluctuating)

200 sellers between 600-800 items (fluctuating)

200 sellers between 500-600 items (fluctuating)

365 sellers between 400-500 items (fluctuating)

Most of the above sellers are listing items and updating their shops daily. That is only 1179 members or so.

That means the huge remainder of Etsy, 289698 members keeps under 400 items in their shops.

You can see all sellers and sort sellers by items here: (20 items per page)


Hos much do you keep in your shop?  Join the conversation HERE

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  1. I try to keep about 50 items in my shop. All of my jewelry items, bridal and the like, are handmade. I might have 5-10 items not listed at any given time, due to just finishing them, creating a custom order, etc. I don’t want to overwhelm someone who is looking for an item. I do custom work, and I’m always available to discuss something if they don’t find what they need!

  2. I’m still considered new to this, so I’m hovering just over 40 pieces, but plans for plenty more. I keep hearing that there are more sales when you have more volume, so I’m putting that theory to test.

  3. Wow, those are some wicked statistics! I have approx 150 items in one shop, and 120 in the other. I think if you are serious about what you do, keeping more than 100 items in your shop will insure that you get seen. The more items in your shop, the more links that google can pick up on and send people to you. :o)


  4. WE do really good keeping 75-85 items in our shop, that seems to work well for us and we get more sales when the number is lower…? but it fluctuates..interesting facts!

  5. I have only been at this a few months and have about 24 items in my shop. I wonder if I increased the items in my store if my sales would go up. According to some of my analytics, the majority of my shop viewers don’t got past the first page of my store.

  6. I’ve been trying to keep over 200 items in my shop. 100+ items was when my jewelry started selling regularly.

    • That is really interesting. I wonder if others have noticed the same thing? I am getting ready to start selling in a couple of months and have been wondering about this.

  7. Thats an amazing number of sellers but I am more interested to know how many sales are actually made.

  8. Wow! Those stats are amazing! I have never had more than 240 items in my shop, although at the moment I have only about 220. I have a lot of jewelry in the works, so it won’t be long and I’ll be back to that number again.

  9. I try to keep fifty items in my store. In
    the fall I attend craft sales and I sell
    most of my inventory, plus special orders,
    so after christmas I have to take the next
    few months restocking and keep up with
    sales,local and on line.

  10. I have over 400 items in my store and I just keep on listing and relisting…I have a steady amount of sales, certainly not near as many as I like but I hope sales pick up soon…I love finding vintage things so much I just can’t stop looking!!

  11. It sort of depends on what you are selling.How many of the sellers in the article are selling supplies?I try to keep 40-50 items in both shops.One of the shops has items that are wearable art from the ground up,using recycled materials.It takes time.Having 100s is not realistic.

  12. I want to bring my shop down to under 150 listings.

    Wow! That is interesting. I was amazed how many shops don’t have avatars!

  13. Interesting stats. As of today I have 245 items in my shop. Being a photographer I have pretty low overhead and print on demand. I list my photos as I take them and try to offer a variety of sizes.

    I did notice my sales increased at 100 items and then again at 200 items. The more you offer the more you are seen :)

  14. I have about 90 items currently in my shop. At first, I didn’t want over 50, but my ideas on that are changing. I don’t currently have a goal for the # of items to have, but I do need to be posting new ones more often. Thanks for the interesting statistics!

  15. I’ve been listing over 100 items in my shop for awhile now. I also started selling more in the last few months, but did not think to attribute the increased sales to having more items for people to find in keyword searches.

    I have more I can add, but find it hard to keep up with photos, writing descriptions, etc.

    These comments are certainly motivating to keep adding product to my shop!

  16. When I got up to 1000 items, decided to split into 3 stores to offer a more specialized selection in each store. I had too much variety, and I think people just got tired of looking. I have been moving items from one store to the next as they expire – it’s a long process, but worth it.

  17. Right now I have 115, I’m trying to get to 200 though, 300 would be awesome!

  18. I’ve fretted over this many times. I make individual pieces from recycled zippers that require a lot of work and time. I am now focusing on Etsy more than any other selling venue right now so that should make it a bit easier. For what I do and the detail involved I just don’t see how I could get to hundreds. I guess all people like me can do is keep plodding away and hope for the best.

  19. I keep about 120-140 depending on how busy I am with other custom stained glass work,classes,etc. which takes away from my time to make things to sell on etsy. I will probably up that number this summer to get ready for the Holiday selling season!!


  20. Wow. Huge numbers. I thought to have under 100 but went above, but the new limit is 150.
    Not sure, why these numbers:)

  21. I have just covered the over 100 mark- I have more admirers, but not more sales, well not as of yet, will keep trying:)

  22. Hello!
    Just wondering if you have an update version of these numbers?
    Thank you n advance

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