Thursday , 15 April 2021
I recommend two avenues, driving traffic from within the Etsy community and from outside. I know, that’s not very specific, so here are some more details for you.

How to Drive Much Needed Traffic to Your Etsy Shop

Festive Placemats - Green with White Polka Dots - Set of 4

Festive Placemats - Green with White Polka Dots - Set of 4 by: toocutecustomcrafts

How to drive much needed traffic to your Etsy shop

Here is the follow up to hooking your buyers with your Etsy shop–before you can hook lets get them there! I wish it were as simple as opening a shop, relisting items, and “poof!” you are selling well every day. That’s not reality, so lets move on!

I recommend two avenues, driving traffic from within  the Etsy community and from outside. I know, that’s not very specific, so here are some more details for you.

How to drive traffic from within Etsy

  • Get Involved: build connections with your shop as a platform. Chat to others in the forums–hop into forums that you know you could be of some assistance within. You don’t need to spend all day there, find some conversations that are low in comments and shed some light.
  • Contact shops: You are an Etsy user and probably an Etsy shopper, use this to your advantage! Build your own virtual colleague database. Contact shops you feel are really doing something right and shops with similar product as yours and open up the conversation. You will be surprised what that support can lead it!
  • Be a guest: Etsy has a fantastic blog and it’s read by more than a handful of people  Be a guest writer! This takes some persistence as the line to be on the blog is long and you can get lost in the shuffle. To help expedite this submit ideas over time, have a point of view to offer, and forget promoting your shop! Instead write about something you are an expert in that can inspire others.


How to drive traffic from outside Etsy

  • Support your shop: how can others promote your shop if you aren’t even pluging it? The easiest way to do this is to build a second home for your work where your buyers can learn about you, your process, and why you do what you do. How? Start a blog!
  • Build links: Link to your Etsy shop from as many  Blogger, etc. These sites also offer great communities that support what you do, join in on the conversations.
  • Guest Blog: Get on the rador for blogs with handmade lover followers. Become a reader, see what trends they are talking about, and then offer up a guest post that gets their readers involreputable sites as you can. Reputable are those that will catch the attention of Google, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google Profile,ved. DIY projects and selling advice are always hot topics. Here are a few of my favorites: Scoutie GirlHandmadeologySmile & Wave and for a list of industry specific blogs just email me!

What are you waiting for?




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  1. Thanks for sharing…very useful info.

  2. Great article and advice. Not sure if Etsy updated how people find items now but since October views and sales seem a bit down. Starting to pick up now. I will definitely be taking your advice.

  3. Excellent post. It does pay to get involved and contact other shops.
    Really enjoy your blog. Thanks for all the great tips!
    Karen : )

  4. Thank you for this advise, I have been working on more communications in forums, blogs, seems to be drawing more traffic. Planning to continue to do so. Again, many thanks.

  5. Three more great pieces of advice that really helped my store:

    1. Pay attention to key words. Use your shop stats and Google analytics to see the most common key words that drive traffic to your store.
    2. Make sure to use the top key words in the first 5 words of your store listing Title and description. (If you will look below the description in editing view, Etsy shows us how the listing will appear in search results)
    3. If you haven’t signed up for Etsy direct checkout, do it today. Etsy claims an average 7% increase in sales. I was reticent to sign up and was not convinced it would make any difference. It did.

    The combination of the above in the last 5 months has increased my store traffic by at least 50%…more traffic, more sales.

    Oh–and make sure you have the best first picture possible. That in itself should be a work of art. You gotta make people want to click on your listing!

  6. Working with a few people in a mutual heart/viewing has really increased exposure, but not necessarily business. You have to be exceedingly careful how and why you contact buyers and shops. Etsy monitors ALL of our convo’s. It is up to them to determine if contacts are spam, and you would be utterly amazed by how many shops are closed FOREVER for little or no reason. So, be very careful! Etsy is not a democracy complete with free speech, and the sooner you learn how to work around that the better.

    As for me, I am finding the best results in using the big three: Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest and interacting there as much as possible. I know that blogs work for some people, but in my world I simply do not have time! I don’t read blogs at all nor do I participate in blog giveaways from either an entrant or a gifter. It takes too much time which is better spent doing what I know works.

  7. I can read these suggestions and nod my head and say, yeah I’ll try that, but I must be more shy than I realized, because I don’t seem to interact on Etsy itself that much. Is this really all that helpful? I tend to believe that I’m just trying to sell to other sellers, so I must be missing the point.
    My views are better after changing the titles and tags some, but after some much needed feedback about the pictures, I now know what I still need to change there.
    It’s just a never-ending cycle of change, isn’t it?!

  8. Thank you for the tips. :)

    How valuable would you consider paying of ads on blogs with a lot of traffic? Blogs such as vintage fashion blogs and so forth.

  9. I am doing all of these things and blogging. Recently started doing show owner interviews as well. It brings more attention to my blog. Many of the Etsy people like to read the interviews on my blog. My views are also improved, I must say.

  10. Thank you for the tips, Andrea and everyone! I have to agree it’s a constant learning and trying to get found. I’ve found that finding the right keywords that for search tends to help the most, but i guess every little bit counts as well!

    All the best, everyone!

  11. Really good tips! I have three blogs and one is connected to my local newspaper. I wrote to the webmaster and submitted my idea for the blog. They accepted it and I have my foot in the door to connect people via newspapers and locally.

  12. As a new etsy shop owner, these tips are very much appreciated.


  13. Appreciate the help. Thank you!
    As a new shop owner you’re kinda lost trying to figure out how to manage your business. It seems like this is going to be helpful.

  14. Great advice! I have started doing all of these things and have seen some pay back. I think it’s also important to be both patient and persistent with these strategies. This is the hardest for me as a new seller-I need to remember to keep it up and keep the momentum going. It definitely builds over time.

  15. I am new to Etsy as if 12 days ago .. I have been researching and reading like crazy about how to be successful. Thank you for all of this info, you all have made things more clear and now I will begin my adventure.

  16. I notice that my shop has alot of favorites and visits each day but I found that almost everyday, the same people favorite the same products over and over again and this only happens when I spend lot of time favoriting products and shops.

  17. Great post. I have re-ignited my eTsy store over the last week or so and am working really hard on getting traffic. Thanks for the direction.

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