Thursday , 9 July 2020
How to gain more customers, get better free SEO, and more brand exposure!  (FREE Video)

How to gain more customers, get better free SEO, and more brand exposure! (FREE Video)

I have been thinking about how hard it can be when doing everything yourself…..geez have I been there.  So many hats!

Did you know that when I had my million dollar handbag company, there weren’t any blogs, social media, no google (only yahoo), and most buyers and magazine editors were not even on email……hard to believe I know and it was not even that long ago. Getting in touch with them was so expensive.

In some ways things were so much harder because we couldn’t reach out to our “peeps” with a single post on Facebook, or blast buyers with an email and actually get any sales……we really couldn’t do much to raise our SEO because not that many people were buying on line yet and there was no real way to reach them outside of yahoo ads……which cost a lot.  I spent over $1200 a month on ads to earn about $10,000 a month on my website at the time.

Now, with blogs and social media……you can do most of your connecting and customer list building for FREE….yippee.

I hope you’ll check out my second free video and get a few of my secrets on how to position yourself as an expert to gain more customers, get better free SEO, and more brand exposure!   You’ll learn how easy it is to blog - and I even give you ideas on how to set that up for success.  I get pretty creative and you get to see me think on the fly!

2014 is the year to finally take control of your business.  I want to help you change the way you do your business so you can have less stress and live a better life.

In my third free video, I will give you my other secrets on how to communicate with your customers so that you don’t seem pushy or annoying, yet turn them into raving fans!

I can’t wait to hang out with you……. see you on the next video.

Get instant access to my FREE video series HERE.



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  1. Thank you Sarah, I will check this out today. Looks good!

  2. I don’t get any of the videos from these links… they all take me to your registration page again, and I’ve already registered…

  3. It is the utmost desire of small business’ owners to get big community of customers. For this purpose, they run different marketing and advertisement campaign but internet marketing has superior role among all strategies. If you don’t know about directing more customers towards your business then its time to read this post and get success. It sounds good to find free videos here as well as great tips.

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