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How To Get Featured In Thousands Of Etsy Treasuries

How To Get Featured In Thousands Of Etsy Treasuries

Water Element Necklace, Aquamarine Glass Round on Gun Metal Chain Handmade

Water Element Necklace, Aquamarine Glass Round on Gun Metal Chain Handmade | By: Pole Star

Jen From PoleStar says:

This post stems from a few posts I have seen where sellers are astounded at others being featured in thousands of treasuries. I was going to post IN a recent thread but I thought the advice deserved it’s own post.

Everyone here should NOT feel like small potatoes for only being in a few treasuries. We all start somewhere! There are unlimited treasuries now so the potential for how many treasuries you can end up in is infinity!

If you want to be in more treasuries some things that help are,

1. of course, great pictures. Set a mood with your photo, if you had a store front, how would you stage the front window? That is what you want to reflect in your shop pictures, of course with out being cluttered.

Someone who posted in the other thread is AmyArtz, her avatar is gorgeous, it makes me want to click, to find out, what is this cool looking cube textured pendant.

2. Of course a well made product and some cohesion in your shop. After a while people will know your shop for a great photographed version of a product.

I sell wire wrapped jewelry. As do A WHOLE LOT of other jewelry sellers on Etsy. I love what I make of course, am obsessed with making it and I do like to run it as a business for profit as well. That is why I am here on etsy selling it instead of piling it on my bed and rolling around in it a la The Proposal or whatever that movie was. My category is swamped. But guess what? I don’t let that get me down, I just try to do the best that I can do in my shop.

I take unique photos and people know my shop look and come to my shop for items to put in their treasuries. I know this, b/c they tell me so :D.

I also have a large variety of colors in my shop. From neutrals to bright yellows, etc.

I make what I love. I love owls, Etsy loves owls. I made an owl necklace b/c I LOVE owls. I love foxes, but I am not feeling a fox necklace, just not wanting to go there.

And for SURE I will never EVER make a mustache necklace. If I do, slap me like the passengers do the freak out lady in Airplane b/c I will have done lost my marbles.

If you feel like you want to express a trend, do it! If not, don’t! It is important that you do what you love and follow your instincts.

3. Network. Especially network with other people who love to make treasuries. At the heart of the treasury is people loving to curate lists. Be it through your favorites, a challenge through a team, etc. It is a challenging yet fun experience. It can fulfill your need for window shopping and artistic expression as well!

Network by joining a team, START a team! Twitter, Facebook. I have made so many FRIENDS through teams, such good friends, I could go stay with them overnight and sleep at their houses w/o worrying they would be a psycho killer even though I know them only through the internet.

4. Make treasuries and let everyone know you are in them! Pimp them out. That involves convoing people who you featured, tweeting your treasury lists and facebooking them.

Even if you only do one a week it will help.

5. Pay it back and forward. If you are featured in a newbie treasury, make one with newbies; if you are featured by another bow maker who loves your bows, make a treasury with that bow maker.

6. Use the Etsy Merchandising terms.

Personally, I go through the articles and pick out “key words” and email them to myself and when I make a treasury, I skim the list and include the relevant tags in my treasury.

I am by NO means curating a ton of front pages even though I would like to. But those help me nonetheless.

I love being on the front page, but you know what feels even better? CURATING a front page. That is such a rush, awesome feeling.

7. When you feel inspired, make a treasury about it! If you think, “oh this was such a great sunny day” make a sunny day inspired treasury.

If you see a show on discovery about alligators, make a gator treasury!

If you feel strongly that unibrows should usurp the mustache in status not just b/c they are higher on the face, then make a unibrow treasury. I have made a few. }:)

You get the point.

8. Renew your items. Even if you only renew one item a day that is photographed and tagged well, you will end up in more treasuries.

9. Look how people tag the treasuries that end up on the front page. If it applies, use those tags in your treasuries and products.

If it applies to your product, then tag it! One of the terms for September was “earth tones” if you have earth tone items, then TAG that.

DON’T tag your hot pink item “earth tones!” lol. But you know what else is hot on Etsy during spring and summer though? NEON< FLUORESCENT< tag your hot pink item with those terms.

10. When someone notifies you they featured you in a treasury, ALWAYS go comment on it. They took the time to make it, and it is an honor to have your item included, whether you are in one treasury or in thousands.

I hope these tips help, I may copy past this list and add to it as I think of other tips.

I am one of those people who are in THOUSANDS of treasuries. I do not know any admin personally, but I have been selling on Etsy for 2 years and networking and making friends for the same time while listing hundreds of items and keeping in mind merchandising themes in my tags. I do all of the above and I know that if you do all of the above too you WILL be in thousands of treasuries faster than you think.


Earrings Sterling Silver Lampwork Glass Hydroquartz, Fruit of the Vine

Earrings Sterling Silver Lampwork Glass Hydroquartz, Fruit of the Vine

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To find out how many treasuries your shop has been featured in head over to the Etsy Treasury HERE.

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  1. Thanks for helping to understand the importance of the treasuries a little more. I will try to follow you advice and do at least one a week. Thanks for the post, too.

  2. Thanks for sharing Jen’s advice with us – her work is fantastic and her shop is one of the loveliest on Etsy, imo

  3. Thanks for the article. Some very good points and I love the pictures.


  4. very good tips, very down to earth and helpful! It is one of the best “tips-article” I’ve read so far.

    Thanks for bring it to us Timothy!


  5. Thanks for submitting this article by Polestar- her jewelry is amazing and she is a great person as well. A lot of helpful tips here!

  6. Great tips! Long live the Treasuries!

  7. I haven’t done anything with treasuries in a long time. Thanks for the informative “kick start”.

  8. WOW! This is such great advice!

  9. Really good common sense approach to getting “out” there, making potentially viable FP TE’s too! I love color, texture, and having fun…and that’s what I often will show in my treasuries. I agree, Jen, curating and getting great artists to the FP is addicting.

    Thank you for your article!!

  10. Great tips…I’m not on Etsy, but I buy FREQUENTLY from Etsy I feel that many of these tips spill over as great general advice for connecting and getting involved with the creative community!

  11. I’ve never created a treasury yet. That was a ver BIG YET. Soon I will. The tips here were great. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Great tips – good photo’s are key to landing on the FP !

  13. Great tips – thank you!

  14. Thanks for sharing these tips … will keep plugging away at making treasuries. I’m kinda obsessed by making them. Such fun, such a great way to meet all the artists and having a look at what they do. Thanks again!

  15. Great advice:
    4. Make treasuries and let everyone know you are in them! Pimp them out. That involves convoing people who you featured, tweeting your treasury lists and facebooking them.

    I’ve often happened upon great treasuries with no comments and I’ve quietly convoed the curator to suggest they notify the sellers so that all that hard work doesn’t go unheralded.

    It was surprising how many people thought the sellers were notified as a matter of course. I guess now with the aid of the fab new activity feed, they are, but not everyone is paying attention to that yet.

    It’s a bit of work to convo 16 sellers but I reckon the rewards are worth it. I’ve made some great connections with people after letting them know via convo that I’ve featured one of their items in a treasury.

    Further to paying it back and forward, I’ve done three “I Heart You Back” treasuries now, featuring other sellers who hearted my little shop and the response from them has been awesome.

    Thanks for this post, Jen and Tim. Happy Holidays to all.

    • I don’t do treasuries nearly enough, but I agree that notifying the sellers is important. I have a template that I use – add in the treasury’s address, and cut-and-paste it into the convos to the sellers. Keeps it easy, and keeps them in the loop.

  16. Jen, thank you so much for all the helpful tips, and thank you Tim, for re-posting them here.

  17. I haven’t done many but I do enjoy it.The time it takes to contact other sellers means I don’t do it as often as I would like.Is there an easier way that I am missing?

  18. I still have not curated a treasury yet but I love being in someone’s treasury. Thanks for this great information.

  19. I have never made a treasury but have thought of it often…After the Christmas rush I will sit and figure it all out and make a treasury. I am sure once I do it I will love it.

  20. I’ve recently discovered how fun making treasuries can be! I’d also like to say that if you’re in a treasury, stop by & comment, thank the curator & definitely spread the news, it’s the best form of advertising. I like to let anyone featured in one of my treasuries know about the feature. Many respond, but I’m often surprised at those that don’t. It’s great advertising, not just for the treasury, but especially for those featured & if there’s enough of a response, it might even end up on the front page, talk about exposure!

  21. Thanks so much for writing this! I love to look at the beautiful treasuries that people make. Your wire jewelry is amazing. I make jewelry with PMC and was actually just thinking of adding a wire section to my shop. I miss making it! Happy Holidays.

  22. This is a great article. I love the purple earrings! My husband does all my photography and I honestly believe that without his gifted eye for taking photographs my watches would not look as good as they do. I make my pretty and unique watches but he makes them stand out.

  23. So much great information. This week’s resolution: make a treasury!

  24. Great article, I am a beginner, so far I have only made 1 treasury but enjoyed it so much I want to do more! Thanks for the tips!

  25. Great tips, thanks so much! I love doing treasuries (just did one an hour ago in fact) but I’d love to see them get wider exposure.

    My photography is available for purchase – visit Around the Island Photography and bring home something beautiful today!

  26. Great article with many helpful tips!
    Thank you so much for sharing this with us :-)

  27. Great post! I am new to Etsy and feeling a tad overwhelmed! while I want to grow my shop I also want to be a part of this fun community!! I created my first Treasury last week and I must confess I’m HOOKED! LOL I think I’d rather make Treasuries than scarves! oh no!! someone slap me : )

    Thank you again!


  28. Great advice. I love to make treasuries when I have the time.

  29. My goal for 2011 is to push my store to the next level. I have recently joined the Treasury creating crowd and absolutely love creating them and reaching out to the artists I have featured. Your tips here have helped me understand how to increase exposure. I love the idea of giving back to those who have featured me! Thank you!

  30. Jen, thank you for sharing tips for success on Etsy.

    I continue to be impressed by the generosity of sellers on Etsy, helping others to be successful.

    I just opened my shop a few days ago and am eager to learn more about things like Treasuries.

    It seems like there is so much to explore in Etsy!

  31. I just opened my Etsy shop hastypearl on Dec.6. I will continue to learn from you and all of the others that have been SOO sweet to help me along as I anticipate my first sale!
    Blessed New Years to all!

  32. Thanks so much for all the great tips! Just did a treasury :)

  33. Jenn from Polestar is one of the very first people I met on Etsy. Why? Simply because her photographs and her work stand out. Jenn does not know this but when I see Etsy treasuries or the front page emails I can pick out her work right away as I recognize the great photos. Consistency and individuality is essential to an Etsy shop. I am fortunate enough to have met Jenn once online…she told me an item I had listed was violating Etsy policy and she did not want me to lose my Well 5 or more years later..thank you Jenn! Your work and expertise inspire all of us!!

  34. Jen, great advice! You do an amazing job with your shop…when I see an item of yours I recognize it as Polestar… There aren’t many sellers who have done that so well.

  35. Thank you for these wonderful tips. I will do my best to implement them to help bring exposure to my shop!

  36. Great article, thank you! #AlchemyDivine on Etsy

  37. That is a fantastic post – I have struggled and struggled with trying to get more seen, made tons of treasuries, joined teams etc. This has given me new fire in my belly to have another go! Just tried to update some of my photos. I love my hand made books and I want them to sell! I can’t take them to craft fairs becuase they would get too handled and they are one off items. Bit difficult because seeing and feeling them, turning the pages is probably what would make people buy. I try to get that across. Thanks for this.

  38. Great advise! really enjoyed it. I’m new to Etsy and struggling a little, so the tips are very helpful.

  39. Such great & fresh advice! I’m working on my treasury skills, and I will be applying some of these great tips.

  40. Thanks for the tips on the merchandising buzz words. It will help a lot.

    I too have been in quite a few treasuries, although not in the thousands. I learned a while ago that if you return the favor by building a treasury around one of the curator’s items, things will be good for you.

    On a side note, when you search for you shop in treasuries, the number shown is not just treasuries you have been in, but also treasuries you have curated. I know this because I regularly search for my shop to find who has featured me in a treasury so I can return the favor. I keep a list so I can be sure I’ve done it because I’m about 2 years behind. I know they show up in my activity feed, but I might be too busy right then to return the favor, or even get it on my list. Searching for my shop lets me update my list when I have time.

  41. Great article. I have been fortunate enough to have been featured in several treasuries and now realise that I haven’t used these opportunities to their full potential. I’ll definitely be putting more effort into this area from now on. Thanks for the advice.

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