Thursday , 9 July 2020
How to Get More Repins After the Pin

How to Get More Repins After the Pin

As you know one of the top social sites these days is Pinterest.  My hope is you are using Pinterest to promote your creative business.  Your customers are there and your business needs to be there as well.

I have one question for you, Do you just pin and leave?

In this article I am going to share with you 5 steps for getting more repins after you pin.


Step 1.  Hash Tags, Titles, and Keywords

Make sure you are using hashtags in your pin descriptions.  A hashtag (#) on Pinterest will help your pins be found in the Pinterest search.

Just as important as hashtags, be sure to title your pin correctly and add in keywords in your description.

You can also add a link to your shop, site, or blog that is clickable right in the description.

Step 2.  Share your Pins on Facebook other Social Media sites

Sharing your pins on Facebook will help drive traffic to your shop or blog, and will also encourage others to repin your pin.

Head over to your pin board, and click on the pin you want to promote.


Copy the url of the actual pin.  Each pin has it’s own unique url.


Paste the url of the pin in your Facebook status.  Once Facebook populates the info, you can delete the url of the pin, create a new title, and write a new description.


The same can be done on Google Plus.


Step 3. Ask your favorite blogger to feature your pin!

Bloggers are always looking for good content, so look for a blogger that fits your niche.  Look for the contact page or submission page on the blog.  Be sure to let the blogger know what you will gladly help promote the article when it is posted.

Step 4. Try out Vrialwoot

Vrialwoot is a free site that helps you get more followers, repins, and likes on your pins.  With cool feature like, scheduling pins and pin alerts, this site is a must!

Step 5. Buy a Fiverr Gig

Fiverr is a service based marketplace where freelancers will preform tasks for $5.  There are a number of Fiverr gigs available out there for repinning.  Make sure you are careful in your gig selection.  Pick a person who is more likely to be in your niche.  Stay away from people that have very larger following (too good to be true!).

Remember, your Pinterest following will grow and you will start to see traffic and sales if you are consistent with pinning.

Happy Pinning!!



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  1. I’ve been trying to be more proactive on Pinterest, but am not sure I agree with your strategy. Let’s say someone is trying to promote their shop on Etsy. It seems to me that all of the social media sites should be pointing there. If you use your Facebook page to promote your pinterest one, you might grow your following on Pinterest, but I think you will lose on click throughs that go to your shop.

    With Viralwoot (you have a typo, by the way), I spent three days messing with it, testing it and even bought some of their seeds. I got 65 new followers and 116 repins, but not one of them followed through to the blog posts that I was promoting. It was labor intensive, a lot of the products on Viralwoot are awful, and I found that many people create dumping boards for their repins from viralwoot, meaning that they are not incorporating them into the core boards that they really like. I did find some shops and products that I liked, but for the time and energy that it took, I think it’s much better to just network personally with what you are truly interested in, directly on Pinterest.

    The one thing that did work through viralwoot is their etsy app, storewoot. You pick 10 products from your shop to be promoted for a month and those are definitely getting views. No sales yet, but at least the views are going straight to the products and shop. The campaign is about halfway through and each item has around 25 repins so far. They get pinned to the storewoot boards and then show up in viralwoots repinning options as well.

    As for Fiverr, I spent some time exploring them last week and think they are great! I will definitely use them in the future to test new ideas. Great way to support all kinds of creative talent!

    Well, hope this helps!


  2. Great advice! I’ve been slowly building my Pinterest following.

    The link you have for Fiverr takes us to Viralwoot

  3. Thanks Tim! I typically use the Pinterest URL when scheduling post for Hootsuite. I shorten the link then add text and hashtags. Great tips. I will be sharing.

  4. Please, if anyone uses Fiverr buyer beware. Many times these sellers use a bot to do the work. They steal images from other sites that have a higher PR value and repin them with your information. These images may even come from your competitors. While I’m sure there are good Fiverr vendors, if it sounds too good to be true, it is.

    You can find someone to manage your Pinterest account for about $5-10 a week. However you will have to provide login credentials. This scarse me.

    I have to admit, I’m disappointed in this article. It’s poorly written and screams outsourced material. IMHO. I expect more from Handmadeology. I look to you as a valuable resource.

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