Tuesday , 11 May 2021
How do I get more people to buy from my Etsy shop? Great question! I wish I could just say, “Keep renewing!” And then you will sell like crazy. But that little $0.20 adds up, fast!

How to Hook More Buyers With Your Etsy Shop

Flock- handmade ceramic bird beads 8350

Flock- handmade ceramic bird beads 8350 by: SlateStudiosSupply


How to hook buyers with your Etsy shop

Every couple of days I pop into the Etsy Biz Forums and see what buzz is going around. There is one topic that never ceases to be answered enough:

How do I get more people to  buy from my Etsy shop?

Great question! I wish I could just say, “Keep renewing!” And then you will sell like crazy. But that little $0.20 adds up, fast! Instead think of your Etsy shop like you designed and programmed it yourself–I say this because you shouldn’t rely on Etsy to make it happen for you. Take your shop’s success in your hands and put your brand’s stamp on your Etsy home.

What are the secrets of shops that sell consistently? Try these on!

  • Keep it Simple Stupid–This is one of my all time favorite descriptors whether it’s web design, product development, online selling, and more. It’s always best to keep it simple! Utilize white space, clean lines, easy to read text, and an obvious purpose for selling in the first place.
  • Think like a customer–Shop around on Etsy and see what you are drawn to. After you find 4-5 shops that all have you hooked start comparing what it is they have in common (I promise there are commonalities). Now look at your shop, do you also find these same things? Remember you are your best customer and don’t always have to play the guessing game!
  • Photos, photos, photos–I am certain you have heard the importance of great photos before, that’s because they can make or break your shop! Natural light, white backdrops, and variety are 3 areas to consider. Show your product in action, still, up close, and from far away. There are 5 photo slots, you better use them all up!
  • Be narrow–Are you selling 7 different ideas in your little shop? That is 6 too many! Choose one and be a rock star at it. A confused buyer does not purchase. A shop with too many stories is not fun to read, and even your ideal customer will walk away if they are conflicted.
  • Share your expertise–Why do you spend your time on your craft? Where does your passion stem from and what encourages you to learn more? Share that! Because Etsy is quite saturated use a second home to give your potential buyers a place to better connect with you–this will better connect them with the desire to buy from you. If you aren’t ready for that blog build in an About Me section and place that passion there. It goes a long ways!

There are more where these came from–next time I will share a few ideas on how to drive traffic to your shop, and your shop only!




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  1. Hi Andrea,
    It used to be the case that frequent renewing kept listings at the top of search results, but since Etsy changed to an algorithm-driven relevancy search model, renewing doesn’t work for a default search…that is, unless something has changed and I missed the memo! :-)

    I’m looking forward to your next post on driving traffic to my shop.

  2. Is an email campaign useful in driving traffic to an etsy shop. How can I do it and still conform to Etsy’s policies? I have been considering MailChimp

  3. Even if I knew these rules before, I need a reminder like you every time and again!Thank you very much!

  4. Thank you for the tips, Andrea! Looking forward to your next article!

    All the best!

  5. Thanks for sharing these tips with us…

  6. These tips are great! Thanks for sharing

  7. How did I miss this article a year ago?! Well, it’s still very helpful, thank you!

  8. Photos and clear description are most important. Thank you for your useful post. Could you please write a post on optimizing pinterest board for your etsy shop.

  9. I have not sold anything in my Etsy shop. I improved my photos, my description of the pieces … I have already spent some money and have not had any return. I like to work on the bench and not on the computer. I do not know, I’m a bit “sad”, I like what I do and do reasonably well, so why not sell?

  10. I love comparative shopping- as much for finding cool things to purchase as to find out what gets me in there.
    Thanks for the advice and inspiration.


  11. Love these suggestions…is it possible to have more than one idea if they have a similarity…like fabric for example? I would love some advice on when to open a second shop (or third) and when to add to your existing shop instead.

  12. Thank you for your tips. Working my way to my first sell. : )

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