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Now that we have found what key phrase we want to try to rank for, we need to properly place it throughout our Etsy shop and listing.

How To Properly Place Keywords In Your Etsy Shop To Dominate Small Niches In The Google Search (part 2)

In my previous article I talked researching for strong keywords and phrases. Now that we  have  found what key phrase we want to try to rank for, we need to properly place it throughout our Etsy shop and listing.

The listing that is in question is this fabric and paper garland by The Paper Button:

Let’s look at this item and place the key phrase in the proper places.  We are trying to rank for the key phrase “paper garland”. Find out why HERE!

The first place you can place your keyword or phrase is in the item title.

Right now as this item sits it’s url is doing nothing for the key phrase we are trying to rank for.  In order to have the url working on our side we need to change the title around just a bit.

Etsy SEO - Etsy Keywords

I moved the words around just a bit as you can see below.  Now the key phrase is in the url.

Etsy SEO - Etsy Keywords

Including the keyword or phrase you are trying to rank for in your title also is important when the Google bots are crawling your picture in your Etsy shop.  Every picture for each listing has the alt tags already set by Etsy, and the alt tag is your item title.  When Google looks at your picture it will see that this picture belongs with this item due to the alt tag.  Make sure your keyword or phrase is in your title.   Below is a screen shot of the html source from this listing.  Notice the alt tag is the title.

Etsy item titles

Moving on to the item description.  Here we want the key word or phrase in the first line of the description.  You will notice in the original description the key phrase is no where to be found.  You can see in the Google preview that paper garland is not present.  Let’s fix that!

Etsy SEO - Etsy Keywords

With a few simple changes and not making the item description to jumbled, we optimized the item description.  Check out the Google preview.  Notice that we now have matching key phrases.  This will do two things for your visibility.  First Google will start to rank this item higher in the search.  Second this will help the searcher make a better decision when clicking.  If you were searching for paper garland and saw this Google result you would click.  Seeing twice the results of the key phrase in one search result is powerful.

Etsy SEO - Etsy Keywords

Even though our Etsy tags are only used in the Etsy search and don’t have much to do  with Google, you will still want to add your key phrase to your tags.

Etsy SEO - Etsy Keywords

Making a few minor changes to the shop announcement will help improve the look and SEO.  By moving the key phrase paper garland closer to the front it will not get cut of by Google and searchers will see it in the results.  If you have not already read my post on Why you should keep your Etsy Shop Announcement I suggest you do!

Etsy SEO - Etsy Keywords

Here is what The Paper Button’s shop looks like in the Google without the changes made.  You can see that the key phrase we are trying to rank for does not show up anywhere.

Etsy SEO - Etsy Keywords

You can also move around words in your Etsy shop title.  By moving “Paper Garlands” to the front it will not change the look of the title much, but it will show in the very beginning of the Google results.

Etsy SEO - Etsy Keywords

In my next article I will be teaching how to get your shop and items to rank faster and higher in the Google search!

If you missed  part ONE … make sure you read up on how to find the best keywords for your Etsy shop.

Part 3 will explain what backlinks are and how they can help you improve your Etsy SEO.

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  1. Fantastic! Etsy needs to hire you to explain, well … everything.

    Boy, do I have some work to do.
    Thank you

  2. Brilliant tips! Will see what I can change in my shop today!!

  3. Great reading. I’ve made some changes to my store after reading your article…so I’ll be interested to see if this makes a difference to the amount of traffic that finds me.

    Tracey Jane.

  4. Thanks Tim! This is very useful


  5. Masterful presentation! You have made the job of ranking so palabtable.

    Thanks for being so thorough and concise.

  6. Thanks this is very helpful!! Question though: do you need to add words in your tags that are already in the title? I always thought that was wasteful since the word is already in the title?

  7. I could hardly wait for this second Keyword article to appear in my email!! Now I’m off to do some tweaking of my titles and descriptions. Thanks so much.

  8. What a helpful article – I think I have a lot of work to do!

  9. Thanks Tim! You’ve made this so clear and simple! I spent part of yesterday searching google words and was happy to find that I was actually ranking on the first page – last listing – of handmade tiles! Knowledge is power and you’re teaching me!! Thanks again!

  10. Thanks Tim, I always look forward to your helpful articles ~ Appreciate YOU! Many blessings to you and your sweet family!

  11. Can’t wait for the next one.

  12. So very helpful and written perfectly so I can understand!! THANKS:0)

  13. Thanks for another great article. Always learning something new here! :o)

  14. Thank you very much Timothy. These are all things I have never really thought about. Very helpful!

  15. Wow!
    I wasn’t expecting a second part to feature my garland. This really helped explain a lot about Google search with phrases in very concise and easy to understand way. I am so glad to have been used as an example. Stay cool Timothy Adam…

  16. Thank you very much for the information! Very helpful!

  17. Thank you for sharing this information, I have already started improving my Etsy listings based on your tips. I’m going to refer to this post often, its the most helpful thing I’ve read yet!

  18. So much better than what ETSY shows you.

  19. Thank you once again for sharing your knowledge! You are such a valuable resource. I’m working on updating everything now & looking forward to the results!

  20. Oh boy, I think I need to go change my shop around. Thank you so much for the tips, I have a lot of work ahead of me now. :)

  21. Thanks for another very informative article. Now I’m off to edit my listings!

  22. Great Tim,

    Since I’ve been redoing my SEO I can tell a difference.

  23. Thank you for all the great clearly explained tips!

  24. I’ve been including trend advice in my descriptions so that people know what the piece they are buying will do for them. It uses SEO in a different way, enhancing the title with the description.

  25. I love Jacqeline’s advice about what the item can do for them! Great article and comments. -Bethanie

  26. Thank you Tim! You’ve made SEO so much easier for me to understand! Off to take a close look at my shop and listings! :D

  27. hmmm… is it good to basically repeat the shop name and title in the beginning of the announcement, or have a short condensed version of the Welcome message there?

  28. At last I am beginning to understand! Thank you for explaining everything in your easy manner.


  29. So incredibly helpful. Thank you for “dumbing it down” for the technologically challenged, such as myself :)
    Now it is finally making sense.

  30. Wow! Great article!! You think you know what you’re doing with your keywords and then you read something like this and realize you still have a lot to learn! Thanks!!

  31. This is by FAR the most useful tool for my Etsy Business! Thank you SO much. I try to sit down every night and learn something new, to help improve my business and this is where I come!
    Thanks so much!

  32. Great tips! Thanks so much for this article. I’m going to have to relook at my listings!

  33. Thank you so much Tim. Very easy to follow.

  34. Thanks for making this easy for the average grandmother…it is a sill coincidence but I saw your book yesterday and found this after coming home. Good job and nice niche for your work.

  35. Thank you again!!! l have read all three articles in this series.

  36. Sorry l have a question. l sell many heart pendants in my Etsy shop and l was advised to change up the titles and not have a generic title for all of them. Is this a good idea?

    For example – Heart pendant – purple marble effect.
    Vs. Pendant necklace – green and blue etc..

    l was told not to list every heart pendant as heart pendant etc.., but change it around a little.
    l hope l am making sense.

  37. Thank you Tim for a wonderfully written explanation of something I’ve had a terrible time trying to wrap my brain around properly! I realize now I have a lot of work to do with my items, but at least have an idea of what I need to do now. I agree with the other post – Etsy needs you on staff!

    Please check out my handcrafted fine writing instruments, lapidary rock slabs, and rare turquoise nuggets.


  38. Thanks for the information. It is very helpful!!

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