Thursday , 9 July 2020

How To Turn An Old Door Into A Computer Desk

8x10 Open Door

8x10 Open Door | By jacquelynlee

I have always been fascinated by old doors.  The rustic feel and the design makes them all unique.  Check out this how-to where Danny Lipford turns an old door into a computer desk.


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  1. What a huge amount of work and skill! I think I would look for a usable table from a thrift shop before I went to all this trouble.

  2. Wow this is great, I love his accent too. I have really been wanting to use this huge old barn door that was left to me when we moved into our home, even has the old key escutcheon.

  3. This definitely is a lot of work. The skill level and tools required to do it prohibit me from tackling it, but it is a cool idea! I like the idea of turning a door into a headboard. Thanks for posting.

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