Monday , 30 November 2020
How to Work From Home and Stay Productive

How to Work From Home and Stay Productive

Today, I wanted to share some of my best tips for staying productive when you work from home. The more comfortable you get with working at home, the more tempting it can be to procrastinate and become really unstructured with your days. These are some tips that keep me organized and efficient.
As always, these are just some things that have worked for me, and I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. xo!

1. Play music at a low volume.
It is really tempting to keep the tv on “in the background”, but tv and videos are super distracting. Stick to music or podcasts, which you can listen to quietly in the background while still keeping focused. Listening to quiet music has actually been found to increase productivity. I like to listen to instrumental music (acoustic guitar type stuff) on Pandora, and I find that it keeps me working hard without getting bored.

2. Step away from the sweat pants.
Chillin’ in your sweatpants is part of the “working from home” fantasy for most people, but in my experience, when I have tried to work in sweats or pj pants, I just felt unproductive. Maybe it’s a subconscious thing, but I think when you look like a slob, you feel like a slob. It just makes me feel like I want to go to bed! I’m not saying you have to wear a ball gown and full hair and makeup, but even just wearing workout clothes rather than sleep clothes will make a big difference. In other words, wear something that you wouldn’t be embarrassed to leave the house in.

3. Create a separate space for working.
I am very lucky that in our current house, I have my own office space, which is ideal. If you don’t have the space in your home for your own office, just find some space somewhere that is only for you and your work. In our old apartment, I had a space in the corner of our living room. It’s just important to have an area that is just for your supplies, computer, etc. so that you can stay organized.

4. Make a daily schedule.
One of the best things about working from home is that your schedule is so flexible, but I still think that having at least an outline of a schedule is a must. I am always trying to improve and  adapt my schedule to my current situation, and right now I seem to have something that really works for me. My schedule is flexible but still has blocks of time for certain activities. For example, every day, I do my exercising first thing in the morning. That is something about my schedule that never changes. I also leave Tuesday afternoons open for appointments and meetings. I will do a full post about my schedule at a different time, but thinking in terms of blocks of time has really helped me to stay productive.

5. Do things ahead of time.
You will find, as you start working from home, that you can actually get more done during one day than you could at a regular job or an office job. This is because you free up so much time from not having to actually drive to a different location or attending meetings and such all the time. Use this free time to take care of things that are coming up. I am not always the best at this, I’ll admit, but I’m working on it. It’s really tempting to use your free time for fun, especially since you’re already at home and in a comfortable environment, but scheduling a blog post ahead of time or getting a jump start on the next day’s orders will just make you feel like a boss. :)


hollyHolly Casto is the owner and product designer behind Charm & Gumption, a blog and shop dedicated to inspiring women to design a life they love. She lives in Nashville with her husband and goldendoodle.

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  1. Thank you for these excellent tips! My biggest challenge is carving out time to work without feeling guilty about other household things getting done. I am going to outline a daily schedule, including a household chore besides washing dishes, and hope this helps!

  2. This post came at such a timely moment for me as this is something I’ve been thinking about of late as I am now trying to work with a new bub in the mix. I am definitely going to try and “schedule” the things from my to do list and actually “schedule” some free time as well to see if this improves my productivity. Thanks so much for your post.

  3. Wonderful tips! I am at home only half a day for the present, but I try to organize myself to do more work and these tips are very helpful. Thank you.

  4. Some great tips here. I find tht writing a list of the top 3 things to do each day creates focus. I’m not a allowed to daffodil astound until I’ve done them! Also, having certain days of the week for certain tasks really works for me.

  5. This is me all the way…especially the PJ part! I need to head some of your advice and get to focusing! Thank you for sharing. :)


  6. I have worked at home for 17+ years! Your tips above are exactly what I would share. One thing I might add: Pay attention to what time of day you are at your most effective, and do your best to reserve that time for work! For instance, I am a morning person. I can get more done in the morning hours than I can get done all day. I try to use that productive time to work in my business, and not get caught up in distractions.

    Also: don’t get in the habit of checking out the fridge every 20 minutes because you’re bored…

  7. I treat working at home as if I were going to an actual “job” away from my home. I get up early, I get dressed (yes it is a little more laxed than office attire) and I take a lunch break. The hardest part for me is getting back to work after my lunch break, I tend to start finding other things to do around the house:o) but I have been getting better.
    I feel it is very important to know that just because you work from home doesn’t mean you are constantly “on vacation”, but just that you have more flexibility during your day if you need to run errands or go to appointments or take some time to do household chores.

  8. Thank you Holly, you’re right on with all suggestions. Thank you so much!

  9. Thank you. I get distracted sometimes and i think coming up with a schedule will help me focus.

  10. Thanks for great tips…yeap funny thing with that being hungry every 20 minutes, but so true:)

  11. Thanks for this helpful tips. People now days can really be productive working at home. Technology gives people who wish to work at home opportunities’ to be successful and another means to earn money. Try looking for a job that matches you perfectly, and thus not affecting any chores or task while you’re at home. I just subscribe to I think it will provide you with the most suitable job. Invisume operates privately and helps sales professional to be more productive in life

  12. Thanks for the practical tips. I totally agree on dressing the part. Currently struggling with making a daily schedule and hitting deadlines.

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