Saturday , 15 May 2021

I Just Hit 200 Etsy Sales…. Here Are My Tips

Handmade Ipod iphone case blue red green handmade crochet

Ipod iphone case blue red green handmade crochet | by: knotworkshop

I Love how helpful the Etsy community is when it comes to teaching others.  Here are some tips with a little different approach then the norm to  reaching 200 sales.

knotworkshop says:

1) Inject your personality into your shop if you can. I am sure that it is my humor that is bringing customers in, not my mad crochet skillz (although they are pretty awesome).

2) Cruise the forums at night. You’ll meet some of the funniest (and drunkest) folks. And even venture to Etc. occasionally as cool stuff is hidden down there sometimes.

3) Play the game or don’t play the game. It’s up to you. But acknowledge there is one. There will always be cronyism and underhanded dealings in every business. Your own shop on here is not immune. Do what you need to do, but just admit it. As my homey fivelittlegems once said ‘take care of you and yours cause nobody else will.’

4) Have good enough photos. Seriously, my shop looks more like a copy of Mad Magazine than an Anthropologie catalog. And that’s okay. I’m doing fine and I’m holding true to my style. You can too.

5) Sometimes the wolves are in sheep’s clothing. Don’t understand that? Sometimes the owls are dressed up like felted acorns. And one can claw your eyes out and the other is a squirrel’s worst nightmare. So be. on. alert.

6) Our long lost comrade goat once said, ‘Etsy is not your boyfriend.’ I agree. Etsy is not any one person to love or be loyal too. It is a venue for your business. And remember, even your boyfriend can cheat on you and leave urine all over the toilet- or worse in the corner of the family room if he’s really drunk. So keep all your options open.

7) Have fun. Life is too serious.

As the great philosopher Ferris Bueller once said, “A) You can never go too far. B) If I’m gonna get busted, it is not gonna be by a guy like that.”

Rock on my fellow Etsians.

Join the discussion in the Etsy forums HERE.

Giving important Etsy forum threads written by the Etsy community a second look, so Etsy sellers can Read, Learn, and Apply!  Find more Etsy Tips Here!

Lariat Necklace long skinny Multicolor crochet handmade

Lariat Necklace long skinny Multicolor crochet handmade


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  1. Love these tips! I’m thinking I need to do more late night forum cruisin’! Thanks!

  2. Great article. I’m still laughing.

  3. Hey — that’s what I like — some down to earth, no nonsense advice. Congrats on your 200 sales, knotworkshop!

  4. Great tips. Congrats on reaching 200 sales. I’m almost there :)

  5. Great article and good for you

  6. Totally agree on late night cruisin’ That’s how I save the light of day I need to paint.

    I so appreciate your no nonsense comments. They really “cut to the chase”. Thanks.

  7. Good good good!! Thank you, and congratulations!

  8. Do not doubt the power of your mad crochet skillz to draw in the crowds – they are truly awesome – paired with your humor, it’s a wicked combo! Congrats on the 200 sales and thanks for the tip :)

  9. great short tips!.. the best is the quote from the “Great Philosopher Ferris Bueller”.. i still remember and laugh tons with this movie.. now I want to see it again!!!

    and all of your tips are true, good enough that all of them -except the good photos- are different than the usual tips you can find out there.. thanks again!!!

  10. That’s a real thing! Not the same tips all the time from different sellers! :)
    Thank you so much!

    And BIG CONGRATS on the 200 sales!!!

  11. Great tips and well said. Congratulations on the sales – hope you soon reach 500.

  12. Great advice! I really though I was the only drunken etsian on the late night prowl. I even made a vow never to post anything after 10 pm. So nice to know I am not alone and so nice to get such refreshing advice.

    Congrats on 200 sales and best o’luck on the next 200!

  13. Thanks for your honest approach…great tips!

  14. I’m pretty sure I love you :)

  15. I congratulate you on reaching the phenomenal figure of over 2000 sales within a year of this post, with just 12 items listed, I can’t get over it…Tell me your secret please, well done is an understatement!!

    All the best.

  16. Looks like this has been up for awhile, but it’s still relevant.

    Thanks for the tips! As a semi-new Etsy seller (in vintage items, no less), I need all the advice I can get. Much appreciated.

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