Thursday , 9 July 2020
Increase Your Etsy Sales With a Customer Referral Program

Increase Your Etsy Sales With a Customer Referral Program

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If you are looking to build your Etsy¬† customer base and increase your sales, Referral Candy’s Etsy referral program can help!

We’ve added coupon code creation/deletion functionality into the app (we do this through the Etsy API). The app will delete coupon codes when the expiry date (that is set through the ReferralCandy dashboard) is reached. The app will ensure that coupon code rewards (given out for making a successful referral) are deleted after it is used once (essentially making it a one-time use coupon). Prior to this upgrade, Etsy sellers using our app needed to manually create coupons and update their ReferralCandy account every time their coupons ‘expired’.

With this level of control, Etsy sellers can run a much more powerful referral program as our app is able to send unique coupon codes to each customer to share with his/her friends and to reward customers with unique coupon codes as well. This improves the tracking accuracy of referrals greatly. This also reduces the chance of coupon code fraud/misuse, and Etsy sellers can be more confident in giving our larger discounts as rewards (since our app will ensure the coupon code is deleted after it is used once). Prior to this upgrade, for each referral campaign, our app just sent the same coupon code to all customers to share.

We’re pretty excited about this upgrade as it allows Etsy sellers to run a much better referral program, which should help them increase their sales even more! Also, this is pretty cool considering that even Etsy itself doesn’t have coupon code expiry and a ‘limit number of uses’ functionality. =)



Learn all about how Referral Candy works HERE.

We’re happy to announce a special promotion for Etsy shops! For shops that sign up before August 31st 2012, you’ll only pay a fixed monthly fee of $8.95 with no commission. Sign up now to take advantage of this special offer.¬†

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  1. I do wish Etsy would set up an app where the coupon code would expire once they use it one time. I’ll have to check this app out to see if it would be worthwhile for me to do it. Thanks for the information.

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