Friday , 6 August 2021
I'm not sure how many of you keep up with Etsy changes, there are many I admit. I might be one of the few who actually think *most* of them are moving towards bettering the etsy shopping experience.

Keeping Your Shop Relevant on Etsy: How To Get Found by Shoppers

Steampunk Goggles Rare AMBER BRoWN

Steampunk Goggles Rare AMBER BRoWN By: edmdesigns

Guest Article by: TrashN2tees

I’m not sure how many of you keep up with Etsy changes,  there are many I admit. I might be one of the few who actually think *most* of them are moving towards bettering the etsy shopping experience. Except for removing the chat rooms… but that is a rant for another day. Over a week ago Etsy switched its default search from Most Recent to Relevant. Really? It makes sense right? If you’re a shopping and you want to find a Monster Truck Tshirt you don’t want to have to wade through random items ranging from birthday party invitations to back hoes and fire trucks. The new search has many shop owners in a tizzy- and trying to figure out what it takes to become relevant.

Are you wondering how to become relevant on Etsy? Here are a few tips to get found:

-Your titles matter *more than your tags right now*

-Use all 14 tags (20 character limit) Be descriptive. Red Scarf, Merino Wool Use terms that customer would to search/find you. Tag order does not matter.

-Recency still plays a factor in relevancy. A little bit.

-Use key words in your description, upfront right in the beginning. Repeating key words in title and tags helps Etsy SEO Repeating key words in title and listing helps Google SEO

-Shop stats and Google Analytics are your friends! Use them. Check for your highest ranking key words- Use these in your titles and tags

-Category attributes are NOT being factored into listings (thats the new section where you can decide who your item is for/holiday/style found on your new listing page)

-The Etsy Search result formula is ‘top secret’ but some things we know ARE factored in- Titles, Descriptions,Tags, Exact Word Search Matches (meaning I search for Red Merino Scarf and you have red scarf in your title, tags, listing = you should show up in my results) If your shop returns several listings equally relevant they may be spaced to show a diversified return

Read: HeyMichelles post “Relevancy Tips: How to Make Your Shop More Relevant”

Join the Helpful Relevancy Team  if you’d like help brainstorming tags and titles, discuss SEO and Relevancy Changes, and make positive connections with other sellers as we all strive to be discovered.

I’d love to hear you’re feedback on the relevancy changes, as a seller do you feel like you’re being found? I’m wondering what you’re expectations are. As a buyer- are you finding what you’re looking for? If you prefer to search the old way (Most Recent) you can manually switch your search settings.



Timothy Here:

Make sure you stop by and download your FREE copy of the Relevancy Breakdown.

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  1. Hi! thanks so much for this post- i will be using it to help me in my quest to be relevant! I have noticed that i get a LOT more etsy visits to my shop now! my paid advertisements used to rule, and now they do not even come close to the traffic etsy is sending my way! i have also notice A LOT of NEW customers! yay!

    i love the change. working on mastering it, but with helpful posts like this it wont be long now!

    a few questions i keep running into- maybe you know…why is it that if all my listings for a certain type of item have the same tag, title, description, only 1 (if i am lucky) will show up on the first results page? and the rest several pages back or not at all?

    another is should i keep all my listings for the same item the same (i.e. title/description/tags) or make them slightly different?

    thanks again!!

    • Hey Laura! I am happy to hear that you’re little knitting nook in the world is getting found- You have some great items with awesome prints that deserve the attention. I’m going to try and take a stab at your results page question- but encourage anyone else who might have an idea to please post it!

      Depending on how your items are tagged, and the descriptions written play into the return results factor. If you duplicate each and every listing and title exactly you are creating duplicate content. As far as general SEO goes, duplicate content is typically filtered out. This may be happening with some of your listings.

  2. I’m all for relevancy it certainly makes sense however I’m at a loss to work out what’s really going on. I’m being told your items title is more relevant than your tags but search after search this doesn’t seen to be be case. Separating too many listings from the same shop seems to make sense too however I’m still getting 10 items in a row from the same shop that look the same. I keep trying different searches and get the same items. I don’t get it?

    • Susan, I understand it can be frustrating… especially if your in a saturated market or the fine arts category. Titles are more important than tags, descriptions, recency, attributes and views. Besides great photography a good title is going to help sell your item. Etsy is putting more weight in word pairs, or phrases. Check out your shop stats and Google Analytics for Top Keywords… this is how people are finding you. You can learn more from your shop stats too- Read here:

  3. There is a major problem with the Etsy change…it takes time to learn all the new changes and make the changes. I think most of us are on Etsy because we love to create our products. We have had to spend so much time re-writing, researching etc, we have not had the time we need to make our products. With the holidays coming this is a stressful. Maybe if this had to happen Etsy could have picked a better time.

    And, why did they do this ???

    • Florence- Thank you for taking a moment to vent your frustrations about the change. It does seem like they’re always fiddling around with something doesn’t it? I’m going to be 100% honest with you- I bet that there are still some listing in my shop that haven’t been “releventized”. I focused on getting some of my best selling items relevant and figured when I have more time to spruce up the others they’ll get done… besides some people found my items before the switch so the old listings can’t be that bad right? Apply what you know about relevancy to your new listings and keep moving forward.

      As far as a better time- typically August is the slowest buying month on Etsy… I’m glad they got the search lined out before the holiday shopping begins. It is really frustrating to be looking for fingerless mittens and have a vintage toaster pop up!

  4. thanks!! this is probaby a dumb question, but do dashes hurt my search? should i leave them out? i was putting them in to kep some order in the lisings- but i will take them out if they hurt a search!

    by dashes i mean like this:
    knitting crochet project bag – small – country sheep

    should i just use: knitting crochet project bag small country sheep


    • Laura, I do not believe punctuation in your titles hurts your search relevancy as they are omitted in the process. Here are some other things that DO NO EFFECT YOUR Relevancy-

      Descriptions – although Google scans descriptions, so these should still be written with SEO in mind.

      Tag order – though Etsy recommends having the most descriptive tags first, since it may someday matter.

      Item location (even for heavy items).

      Number of views.

      Number of listings in your shop.

      Attributes – for now. Etsy encourages sellers to fill out the attributes, as they are being given a serious look for inclusion in relevancy search in the near future.

      Pluralization – titles and tags are stemmed before indexing, so having both “earring” and “earrings” in your tags is not necessary, and verbs like “beaded” will also match “bead” in a search.

  5. I am delighted to have come upon you …. that’s because you visited my FB page Elegant n Funky Jewelry……

    Am really excited to have info on how to attract to my shop …. traffic has really been slow …. Thank you!

  6. Relevancy is very important.
    I do admit I get confused sometimes.
    If it is a piece of art or similar…that I invented. This can make it a bit confusing. But I just change the titles etc; till I start seeing ppl’ finding my item.
    Thank you again.
    Great morning coffee read..
    Anita Spero

  7. This article is helpful to me.
    I write many keywords on title and tags. But I found there were only a few people view my shop and listings. Could you so kind to give me some advice?

  8. I seem to have to same problem as Mark. I should have shop title, listings titels and everything correct but still my product shows up last when I search for ‘circle scarf’. Even when i search for say ‘red circle scarf’ I show up on the last pages.

    Do i just need to be favorite more by other people or am I doing something else wrong?

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