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I have found that consistently blogging for my business not only increases traffic to my blog, but in turn increases traffic to my online shop as well. There is definitely a direct correlation between my blogging activity and the number of sales I make.

Learn How to Grow Your Handmade Business by Driving More Traffic to Your Blog

POINT AND CLICK - (It's A Passion)

POINT AND CLICK - (It's A Passion) by: ParadaCreations

Guest Post by: Rebecca D. Dillon – Indie Business blog

I have found that consistently blogging for my business not only increases traffic to my blog, but in turn increases traffic to my online shop as well. There is definitely a direct correlation between my blogging activity and the number of sales I make. The more I blog, the more traffic and sales I get. The more traffic I bring to my blog, the more traffic I get to my shop. Because I post a variety of content on my blog, not just shop and product updates, my blog brings in many new eyes on a regular basis. In fact, I feel that blogging #1 and facebook #2 are my two best marketing options that don’t cost me anything but a little time.

Much of my blog traffic comes from google – which is great. But I’ve recently increased my readership to over 20K unique visitors a month – that’s over 400 unique visitors a day – with a few tricks and website submissions – and that number is growing. I’ve been playing around with a lot of different options like kaboodle, craftstylish, creatingthehive and blogher to pull traffic back to my own blog. I also share my posts on my facebook fan page and twitter. Additionally I have added several options for following my blog – google friend connect, networked blogs, email subscription, and blog lovin’. My top traffic sources, however, for my blog, Soap Deli News, come from the following:

Google – make sure you’ve submitted your blog to google – though if you use blogger it will be done automatically for you – and use lots of descriptive keywords in your content and your title.

Stumbleupon – Stumble your posts. Have others stumble your posts. It works. Just be sure to put your posts into relevant categories and tag with key words for optimal exposure. Also, don’t only stumble your own blog posts. Be sure to stumble other things of interest as well throughout the web.

Pinterest – This is a new company that allows you to pin anything from anywhere on the web. Blog articles, projects, photos, products, whatever tickles your fancy, and you can then organize them onto boards. So they’re like bookmarks with categories and a visual that you’re able to share with friends who can then either like your pin or re-pin it to their own board. Pin your products and your blog articles to relevant boards. If people like your pins then they can pinned and re-pinned many times over increasing exposure almost endlessly.

Craftgawker – This website showcases crafts and craft projects with your photo linked to a blog article with a blurb about your project. They are extremely picky about the photos they choose to post, but if they like what you’ve got, they will send you a good amount of traffic. Don’t just share posts about your products, however, share other content as well. Your blog should have an obvious link back to your shop so you shouldn’t feel you just need to promote your stuff with them. If you have wedding lovelies, check out weddinggawker. There is also foodgawker and dwellinggawker as well.

IShareCrafts – This site is similar to craftgawker, but less strict about the photos they’ll accept. However, your photo must link back a craft project of some kind on your blog or site. They also have spin offs like craftgawker does for food and for printables.

OnePrettyThing blog – If you have craft tutorials this is a great place to submit them. They’ll link to your project and send traffic your way. It must be your own original project though – not a link through to a tutorial on another blog.

Blog Lovin’ – A blog directory that also lets you follow and categorize your favorite blogs and check out the daily feed of your favorites in one handy location. You can even “like” your favorite posts.

Giveaway sites – If you run a giveaway and submit it to giveaway sites, your traffic will soar. You can also use giveaways to grow your social networks and blog followers. Check out the article, Increase Your Online Shop’s Exposure Through Giveaways, for a how to on running a giveaway on your blog and places to promote it.

Tumblr – I don’t use tumblr as my main blog and I was VERY reluctant to give it a go. But now that it’s established I’ve found it can work. I often blog a photo from my main blog with a short description and a link back to my primary blog. Be sure to TAG with keywords. I’ve gotten a lot of hits to specific articles through tumblr from people doing a key word search ie. DIY While it’s not consistent, if your article gets featured in a keyword search the traffic surge is obvious. Not to mention the additional exposure from others reblogging your posts.

Hopefully you will find these sites as useful tools for driving traffic to your blog. I know I have. Also, if anyone else has had success in bringing traffic to their blogs using specific sites or techniques, I’d love if you would share them in the comments below so we can all learn something new!

If you don’t blog and are reluctant to blog on a consistent basis, I would recommend starting with tumblr. You can simply reblog content on days you are not feeling motivated. I read an article not long ago that said Blogging Small Businesses have 55% More Traffic and 97% More Inbound Links. And I believe it based on my own personal experience and my recent stats from google analytics.

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  1. Great article, I have 5 tabs to look at. Thanks, I’ll find you on Twitter too.

  2. wOW. This will keep me busy! Fabulous info. Thanks very much!

  3. Great resources, thanks! My shop is very new, so I really need to try some of this, and maybe start a blog. Thanks for the advice, I bookmarked it! :)

  4. Some really good tips and references in this post – thanks for sharing! I’ve recently just started my own blog so this info will come in very handy now!

  5. The Stitchin' Coop

    Beyond helpful as I am somewhat social media illiterate and trying to catch up with the rest of society!

  6. Definitely marking this! Some great new sites to check out. Thanks.

  7. I am just getting my on line shop back after a studio fire. This is great information, for my updates. Thanks.

  8. Great info. Now I need to do some homework on some of these sites. Thanks.

  9. Excellent article! You aren’t kidding about Craftgawker! They’re very hard to get accepted by. I finally did and my hits soared through the roof! It’s all about the photo for sure.I haven’t found Pinterest to be very good at bringing traffic to my blog. (yet, I suppose) If you know of a blog that says they’re taking a little “vacation”coming up, I contact them (only if I really like their blog) and suggest they link my posts in their site while they’re away. It’s been another way to bring me traffic. Happy blogging!

  10. Awesome, awesome, awesome. I’ve been hesitant to even make things to sell just because I’m a bit scared of my things not even being noticed, but this is super helpful.

  11. Wow, you just saved me so much time. Thank you!!!!!

  12. Thank you for these tips! This really is a lot of help for me!

  13. Thank you for the information, I’m just starting out with my own blog. It’s about Art, Food, Beauty and Life. It’s all my own experiences. I’m definitely going to research the above sites in order to get more traffic. Again, thank you!! Laura

  14. wow… so much information. I have heard that in recent years blogging has been declining and the focus should be on social media… but I like blogging, just putting my thoughts out there… I have saved this page and will refer to it often…
    my website: where i sell handmade dog clothes, and other toys and supplies for small dogs, has only had one sale since I put it up three months ago. I know i need to be patient, but I am now thinking of attaching a blog to it.
    Thanks again, I will re-reade and re-read your article over and over, it’s great information!!!

  15. This is great advise for anybody wanting to start their own small business online! It’s hard to get out there, speaking from pure experience. I found this to be really resourceful. and I liked this on stumble upon so that more people get to see it!

    Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!

  16. thanks for sharing. really helps a lot to market new blogs. i have pinned this to my pinterest board!

  17. Thanks for the tips.
    I want to start etsy store, and I had no idea of all the avenues to take to get your name out there!

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