Tuesday , 4 August 2020
No matter what you sell, whether it be paintings, soap, or jewelry, it is important to describe the benefit of your product along with the features of that product.

Let Your Customers See Themselves in Your Products

Geometric Deer Brooch Neon 'Stag Head'

Geometric Deer Brooch Neon 'Stag Head' by SketchInc


When browsing through a rack of dresses at the mall, I’m going to consider how I would look in each one. I wouldn’t buy a dress just because it’s a pretty dress. I would buy a dress because it makes ME look/feel pretty when wearing it. Shopping on the internet is no different. Customers need to be able to see themselves using your products before they even consider buying.

Do your products descriptions make it easy for your customers to imagine owning or wearing them?

No matter what you sell, whether it be paintings, soap, or jewelry, it is important to describe the benefit of your product along with the features of that product. Even if you can go on forever about how beautiful/amazing/fantastic/hilarious one of your pieces is, that does little to help convince a buyer why he or she should make the purchase. Let your potential customers know what good your product is for them, and they will cross that add to cart line.

If you sell fine art, for example, don’t limit yourself to describing what the piece looks like and what mediums you used to create it. Describe what a pleasure it is to view the piece in person. Explain the benefits the piece offers the environment it is placed in. (Perhaps it adds a whole new feel to your dining room or kitchen.) Help the buyer imagine what it would be like to have the piece in his or her own home.

If your creations are wearable, such as clothing, accessories, or jewelry, let your browsers know how the piece will feel against their own skin. Let them know what features the piece will positively bring out in their appearance. Maybe what you make will accentuate your customers’ curves, allow them to express their individuality, or bring out their skin tone. Will that necklace instantly make whoever wears it the center of attention? Mention it! Will that scarf offer warmth and comfort on even the coldest of winter days? Let your customers know.

It’s important to include measurements and features in your descriptions, but don’t let those details be your main focus. Without the ability to hold and/or try on the items over the internet, it’s vital that you stress the benefits of your items to customers. They need to easily picture themselves using/wearing them, and feel like their lives would be better off for it. 

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  1. Ooohhhhh – great tips!
    I always find it hard to write descriptions for my paintings, but you’ve given me a few new ideas. Thanks!

  2. This is a great article. And it is so easy to do with jewelry. I try on the jewelry that I make and that way I can tell my customers what it feels like to wear it.

    Great work,

  3. Totally agree with you!
    Since I started modeling my vintage clothing myself instead of solely using a dress form, I’ve noticed an increase in sales!
    It’s extra time and effort, but worth it for my customers to get a feel for how they’ll look in my vintage pieces :)

  4. Great advice! I am trying to incorporate thsi it my newer listings. I will need to go back though and change some of my prior listing to describe the feel, emotion, the intangible for each of my items.

    Sharon Orella

  5. great advice ,sometimes I run out of ideas of what to say and at other times I say too much , need a happy medium. I’ll work on that.

  6. Great advice, as usual! Love these posts, keep them coming!

  7. forgot to leave a link . I’m a scatterbrain sometimes. I’m learning to use all these great tips and places to go but I’ll get there.

  8. Great article. I agree, letting customers see how THEY will look a and feel make a big difference. I know it does when I am (on-line) shopping.


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