Saturday , 5 December 2020
Blogging is an essential marketing tool that pumps up the activity on any website, builds community, and goes hand in hand with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Let’s Talk Blogging – Tips From Timothy Adam On Running a Successful Blog

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Can we talk about blogging?

Blogging is an essential marketing tool that pumps up the activity on any website, builds community, and goes hand in hand with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

You Tube, as well, if you do You Tube.   B’sue Boutiques has lots of YouTubes, as of today, there are 43:

If any building your web presence is important to you (and it should be, if you are selling your work), you simply must be blogging!

Timothy Adam, writer of HOW TO MAKE MONEY USING ETSY, recommends Blogger or Blogspot for new bloggers.  For Etsy sellers, Timothy says Blogger is great because it has a really low learning curve.   You’ll be up and running in very little time!   If you have Timothy’s book, the information on how to set up your Blogger account and new blog is found on page 81.

I prefer Typepad as I have been here a long time and don’t mind paying 14.95 a month.   It has a lot of great SEO (Search Engine Optimization—how the search engines rank and find you on the Internet) built in, extra features, and I have been here since 2005.   I’m a little of an opinion that you get what you pay for.  In the last few months I’ve seen Blogger go down for as long as 24 hours at a time.   But there is more to learn about using Typepad, and I had to have someone do my design.  You will be able to do your own at Blogger!

Timothy also mentions (and I keep quoting him as I couldn’t say it better if I tried) that blogging consistently will allow Google and other search engines to find your blog.   Maybe you didn’t know it, but SEARCH ENGINES **LOVE!!** blogs.    This is because the searches love ANYTHING that is content-rich, rather than a website that simply does a bunch of selling and provides little or no content….

But we all know your blog can link to your website…and that’s the whole point.  Let’s get these people over to have a look at the goodies!

Blogs can get ranked very high in search engines….so long as SEO is managed and you have good keyword placement.  Even if you don’t understand that yet, though, blogging of any kind is better than ** no** blogging of any kind.

So let’s say you take the plunge, you go to Blogger, get set up.  Now you have this blog thing.  You don’t fancy yourself a big writer.  WHAT do you blog about?

Here is a list (again, thanks to Timothy):

1.   Talk about your stuff.   That is, your products.   It’s your blog!  It’s your stuff! You made it.  You love it.  You’re excited about it.   How hard is it to talk about stuff you love?

2.  How-to’s.   Wanna share a technique?  Your blog is probably one of the BEST places to do that.

3.  Feature other artists:  I LOVE giving people a shout out!   You should too!   If you love vintage jewelry, do a feature every week on a particular designer.   (It’s easy to find the info on the internet to make a decent article.)   Are you in a group, club, list serve?  Then you know other artists!   Do a little interview, show their work, promote THEIR site.      They will probably return the favor.  It’s good for everyone!

4.  Host giveaways and freebies.   Aw come on….you have SOMETHING you can afford to give away! You know how much YOU like to win!   Now you sponsor a prize and let someone be a winner!   They will become a blog follower.  (gotta take my own advice and do more giveaways at this blog.  I do a lot at the site and FB).

5.  Scheduled events.   Tim says, maybe have a Wordless Wednesday, where you only show pix and don’t ‘talk’.   Or he says, Top Ten Mondays.   Make a top ten list.   Maybe even team with some other bloggers and everyone do a top ten list on Monday, and make a list of other blogs to visit to see the next list (kinda like a blog hop).

6.  Write reviews.  Bought a new tool?  Think it’s the bomb?   Or think it BOMBED?   Talk about it.

Just be nice!!!  Ranting reviews or copy in your blog does not promote you well.   We’ve all seen venomous blogs and websites.    Aw sure, many people want to hear the dirt and the dish….but you’re building business relationships.  Good business relationships are not built on anger, ire, nasty words, unkindness, or negative ‘dish’.

You want people to feel like friends, and that you are approachable.   So always be professional, leave bad words, snide comments, and  ill will **out** of a blog post.

THAT advice is from ME.   I stand on that.  No public dishing.  EVER.

7. Interviews:  did you take a class and like the teacher?  Ask the teacher if they will allow a blog interview.   Or interview your Grandma about her tatting or quilting.   Interview your uncle Ollie who came over on the boat, have him tell you the story of when he first came to this country.   Interview your next door neighbor who has the most amazing flower garden (and include pix).

IT DOESN’T ALWAYS HAVE TO BE ABOUT what you sell, make, or plan to make.  IT CAN BE ABOUT YOUR LIFE.

8.  LINKS.   Links to other blogs, artists, etc that you think people will like.  MY OPINION:   link to other active blogs.   Don’t link to blogs where the blog owner doesn’t write often.   That just frustrates people…..AND BE SURE YOU WRITE IN YOURS at least 3-4 times a week.  If you don’t write often, people will give up on you and go away.

9.  LISTS.  According to Timothy, make lists of reasons, likes, mistakes, questions and answers (FAQS)

1o.  Upcoming local arts and crafts shows, or ones you attended.  Include photos!


your fave restaurant

your fave meal

a tour of your studio or workspace (I have no shame, mine is a wreck but I show it.   A lot is happening in that workshop!  LOL)

before and after photos

a trend round up of fave handmade items (like an Etsy treasury)

a photo log of a trip you took

Okay…..are you on a roll yet?   And you thought you didn’t have a thing to write about!


Blogging is about self-promotion and you must not be shy.   So many of us have the dream of being self-supporting artists.   The only way that will happen is if you take advantage of all the social media you can.   Don’t forget, you can also use Networked Blogs (it’s an app at FB) and your blog post will appear in your FB feed within a half hour or so after you write it!

If you get busy and faithfully blog, other bloggers will notice you and want to get with you and have blog hops, feature YOUR blog, feature your product.   You can do the same for them.

It’s totally win-win.

Once again, I have to highly admonish everyone to purchase a copy of Timothy Adam’s book.   Although he wrote it about Etsy, there is so much good content that will assist you to write good blog copy, get your site into Google, write good descriptions for your site that will get your ranking up in Google, great explanations about SEO and how to use Google Keywords to write better tags.   I got mine at Barnes and Noble.   It’s a must have, must read.

Guest post by: B’Sue Boutiques 

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  1. Thank you, very inspiring article. Out of all the marketing I attempt with very little time to do so, my blog and blog hopping are at the top of my favorite activities. My blog needs such a re-organization and clean up, it’s on my bucket list. I love the information and personalization they offer. Some of my best virtual friendships have been built from blog hopping and commenting.

  2. Thank you for the information on blogging. I try to do at least 2 blogs a month through a social group that I belong to, and my blogs are sent to twitter and face book. Sometimes I include a picture of my work. I really can’t tell if, I get any real response from the blog no one ever mentions seeing the blog.
    Embroidered Dreams

  3. what great advice! some I am already using but there is always so much more to learn..My to do list is never ending!
    I have a blog and am in the process of making it look better and have more links etc to get folks to my etsy shop!

  4. Great information. I started to blog, loved doing it…then had a death in the family and got sidetrack. Your article gave me the push I need to start blogging again.

  5. This is great information! I’m rather new at all this {blog,Etsy,Twitter,, etc} and appreciate hearing what is good or not so good to write about. I’m glad it’s okay to write about “life” even though the whole reason I started the blog was to assist my Etsy shop. I wish it was as easy to get blog followers as it is Twitter followers!!
    Thank you for all the examples ~ I think I will try some out.

  6. Thanks for this in-depth article! I think I’m a decent blogger, but your post pinpoints all the ways I can be so much better. :)

  7. What a wonderful list! We’ve been on facebook for quite a while, but are rather new to the blogging world and I’ve been really struggling with what to do on our blog! This list will DEFINITELY help me! Thank you so much!

  8. Thanx! I recently revamped my blog & thanks for this list & reminding me of how & why I do it… cause sometimes I forget…

  9. Timothy, some great tips (as usual), the only one I can’t see myself regularly hitting 3 to 4 posts per week, over the last 4 years that’s happened twice. I typically post 1 to 2 a week as I don’t have time to write more good posts.

  10. Great article, especially for new people. I’ve been blogging for almost 2 yrs and it has really taken off. I went from 100-150 views per day to now 600-800 views a day, hitting 1000 views a day last week. I am a Blogger user and I love it. Occasionally there are a few quirks, but for the creative person I think it’s a great choice. I blog just about every day, sometimes twice a day. Initially I had no idea what I would blog about, now I have to hold back on blogging too much. One KEY thing that helped me, was spending LOTS of time reading and commenting on other people’s blogs. Sincerely commenting, not with the intent of promotion. If you over promote, it will turn people off. If you build real relationships your items will sell themselves. I can’t keep items in my Etsy shop now because they sell almost as quickly as I put them up and my order request outside of Etsy has been incredible. So blogging is wonderful and one of my best marketing tools to date.

  11. Thanks for this great reminder of things I could be doing with my blog!!

  12. Hey Tim, thanks for the reprint of my article! You do the community a huge service and I am happy to write for you *anytime*. Those of us who have been around and gotten some tough-love education from the school of hard knocks–or by just being determined to find a way and burning the midnight oil! should always be happy to share it with someone else. We’re all taking separate journeys, but many times, we find ourselves on the same road. It’s important to lend fellow travelers a hand. Everyone, have a GREAT day!

  13. Thanks for the motivation to start…the section on what to write makes it all sound do-able. Thanks!

  14. Thanks for the great article! One thing I continue to wonder about is content vs frequency. Is it better to say a little and do it more often, or say a lot, but less frequently?

  15. I’m new at this, there is so much to pick up on. The info is wonderful! Now, I just need to start with one little thing at a time, cause I feel overwhelmed. Thanks!

  16. I love my blog and blogging I am with Blogger and find it easy to use, I have been a bit slow this year blogging due to illness but joined some great blog hops and am getting back on top of things!

  17. I am going to use your ideas right now. I don’t have a web page, but will look into it!

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