Friday , 7 May 2021
No matter your “look” here are 5 tips for making the most of a gravitating brand.

Looks matter: how to build a look savvy brand

Bridal Clutch or Bridesmaid Clutch Pouch Purse

Bridal Clutch or Bridesmaid Clutch Pouch Purse : by lolos

Looks matter: how to build a look savvy brand

As much as I champion on building your internal story brand there does come a point when that brand needs to translate visually. A great brand can get lost two ways–when your visual brand does not represent your story and when your true purpose is not a part of that story. Don’t just be beautiful, unique, or handmade. Be mission driven and represent that direction with some visual cues.

No matter your “look” here are 5 tips for making the most of a gravitating brand.

Tip no. 1: Keep it simple

Make your online presence bright, bold, and simple! White space, easy to read fonts, and cohesive colors–Don’t muddy your look with ten fonts and every color under the sun! Utilize your brand story when building your look so it matches the feel want your customers to walk away with. My strongest recommendation–No black UNLESS it’s an accent!

Tip no 2: Be word savvy

Your copy writing is just as important as your branded business cards or packaging. Build your own language and be yourself! The best-branded copy is when your true self and personality can shine. How do you think about your creative business? Use those words!

Tip no. 3: Photograph like a pro

Photos are the best way to show your work. But they are not everyone’s favorite part. There are a ton of photo tips out there so in an effort to keep it simple use these 3: natural light, blank or white backdrop, staged AND action shots. You don’t just need product photos–don’t forget pics of you, pics of your inspired space, and pics of your process.

Tip no. 4: Streamline your packaging

Have a system for branding each customer’s order. Sure you pack and ship out their product but what about the packaging, thank you note, business card, box stamp, or mailing address? Build a system and organize your brand supplies. For each order have a process it goes through before going in the mail. This is your customer’s first major impression of how well your brand story translated so make it a memorable one!

Tip no. 5: Have action steps

A confused buyer does not purchase. What do you desire your customers to do in your shop, blog, Facebook, Twitter, etc? Do you want them to purchase, read, sign up for your email list, participate, or even contact you? Give your customers an action step to involve them within seconds of coming to you. Build in enticing visual cues that customers will enjoy following. Use your colors, fonts, and copy to lure them into your work–the longer they stay the more they might get attached!

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  1. Wonderfully insightful article. Thank you. But really, “no black”, really? I love the bold look of black font on lots of white space. I am certainly considering this advice as I prepare to prepare for my site launch!

  2. Love the packaging process tip especially !
    It means you really have to invest thought in what for me has become automatic . Thank you :-)

  3. I’ve been thinking about re-doing my Etsy banner. I guess changing that all-black background is another reason to do it. Thanks for the tips.

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