Thursday , 17 June 2021
Connecting your Etsy shop with Facebook and Twitter is only one piece to the social media puzzle. Learn how to grow a targeted social network that will help your shop thrive.

Make The Social Connection – Huge List of Social Media Marketing Tips For Etsy Sellers

etsy social connection

Etsy has made it easier for seller to connect with their fans and followers right from their shop.  Now sellers have the option to add a Facebook like and Twitter follow button right under their banner.  Setting these buttons up is simple.

Connecting your Etsy shop with Facebook and Twitter is only one piece to the social media puzzle.  Below you will find a list of resources from Handmadeology.

5 Tips On How to Get the Most Out of Twitter’s Social Network

Building a Social Media Empire : Remember Rome Was Not Built in a Day

The Importance of a Facebook Landing Page

How to Spend Less Time Marketing Your Etsy Shop With HootSuite

A Simple Way to Gain More Facebook Likes and Twitter Followers at Craft Fairs

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Simple How-To – Adding a Facebook “Like” Button to a Blogger Blog

Understanding the Power Behind Your Facebook Fanpage Insights

Tips For Growing a Targeted Twitter Following

Facebook Fanpage Branding Tips for Etsy Sellers

Handmade Marketing Log Book

Social Media Bundle

Etsy traffic log

You know how important traffic is.  Without traffic you would have zero sales.  The idea behind the Etsy Traffic Log is to help you keep track where your traffic is coming from from an entire year.  The goal-tracking feature is designed to help you keep motivated and strive for more traffic. Traffic  = Sales!
Here is a screen shot of what the Etsy Traffic Tracker looks like.  You will notice your traffic will be broken down by day and week.  The Goal Tracking feature is simple to use. Just enter your traffic goal and the traffic count down is updates every time you enter more traffic.

etsy traffic log

This tool is an Excel spreadsheet based tool that can be used by artists that use both a pc or a mac if Microsoft Excel or Open Office is installed

Click HERE… to download your free Etsy Traffic Log Spreadsheet


Other Articles and Resources:

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do you have time to connect?

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  1. Wow, so much content. Thanks so much for sharing and re-sharing all of these great tips and articles. I’m printing this page off so I can tick off as I go. I don’t want to miss a thing, especially with the gift-giving season coming.
    Its my first Christmas in my Etsy shop – in a competitive market I need all the help I can get to make my products stand out.
    Thanks again for everything this site does to make my new business a success.

  2. Lots of great info all in one spot! I love it. I also love my Etsy Traffic Log. Thanks again!

  3. Great list of “must-dos”.

    But, I need help!
    When I try to connect my shop to my Facebook fan page, it connects to my personal page instead. How can I change this? I have my business page for a reason, my life is personal and I don’t want all of my customers reading about my family. So, please help. The video from Etsy is no help at all.

  4. Good advice, but the video went too fast for me to get all the details. I am not all that computer savvy:)

  5. as always,Tim, your site is a fountain of useful information. Great job!

  6. Thanks so much for sharing The Mogul Mom’s Twitter post! :)


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