Tuesday , 14 July 2020
Mastering Wholesale – Free Live Training

Mastering Wholesale – Free Live Training

Want to Learn How to Build Your Jewelry Brand and Grow Your Fan Base Just by Selling in Boutiques and Specialty Stores?
(It’s not as challenging as you think)

Designers who sell their jewelry in retail stores have more credibility and can gain bigger exposure to reach more of their raving fans and DREAM clients.

It’s the truth. And it’s probably already your DREAM to have your jewelry designs sold in boutiques and specialty stores around the world. So we know this is the training you’ve been waiting for!

Join us on November 4th, 2014 at Noon EDT for a VERY special training to teach you::

The 6 Prong Approach to Mastering Wholesale

In this training series, you’ll learn::

The New Economy of Wholesale
The 6 “Prong” Approach to Successful Wholesale
3 Tools You Need Now to Get Started

Register HERE

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