Saturday , 15 May 2021

My Etsy Story – Cubit’s

My Etsy Story – Cubit’s

1. I had a quit your day job plan for years, its only vaguely related to what I am actually doing but I have some really cute threads saved from gardening forums years ago about starting Cubit’s.

Right at the beginning of the “economic downturn” I lost my job. Gloriously. I mean it was epic and shocking and wow I hated that job.

We had a huge trip to Europe planed for a month later and despite being in financial upheaval, off we went. I remember looking out the train window in France and seeing all the kitchen gardens and knowing that now was the time to move on the plan. There would be no job searching when I got home.

So I went on unemployment to buy some time, started really working on the business plan, applied and got a nice government grant along with business training and a mentor and long story short, we had a baby somewhere in there, here we are.

2. What sets me apart from my competition is that I am approachable. Many of my seed selling peers come off as know it alls and terrify new gardeners. I truly believe that everyone can grow their own food no matter where they live or what their experience. Etsy offers a great platform for communicating with my customers and answering their growing questions. Additionally, I have learnt that they are not as computer savvy as I once hoped and its great that Etsy has such an easy interface.

3. Its okay to start small on Etsy, but small efforts bring small results. We originally were just listing a few of our varieties on Etsy and while they sold, it wasn’t until we filled our shop and used all the features Etsy offers (treasuries, widgets) that we saw real results.

4. Easy Peasy. I am an internet addict.


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  1. I love how you showed that in a down economy, you can still have a great life and prosper! Congratulations on your business and family success!

  2. Small efforts bring small results – those are definitely words to live by. Thank you for sharing your story – you are an inspiration to all of us!

  3. Cubits was definitely one of my favorite interviews at

    It is chockful of wonderful information!

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