Thursday , 21 January 2021
So, since I started I realized it would be like having a store......I couldn't just put pictures up of my vintage upcycled products and expect big things to happen.

My Etsy Story : geralyngray



I started back on etsy for the new year of 2011. This is much different then the first time I started in 2008. The biggest difference is I have a brick and mortar store and I attended the Etsy Success Symposium in Brooklyn in February. These two factors I believe are contributing to my success in many ways. First I had my inventory made and ready for sale………second I had my prices……..I just started taking pictures and changed my banner to reflect my product. The other difference is I concentrate on listing on Etsy while my husband makes most of the product.

So, since I started I realized it would be like having a store……I couldn’t just put pictures up of my vintage upcycled products and expect big things to happen. Just like in a store you can’t just open the door and expect sales. You must ENGAGE the customer. Luckily I enjoy this part of our business. So……..taking a good picture……..describing the item and use…………and then using social networks to help people find you. This is the hardest part for me, but the most satisfying. This is when I share on facebook if I am part of a Treasury……or I enter a contest and invite my friends to vote for me. The bottom line is you can’t have a build it and they will come attitude. You have to share……and share ……and share. This was the best lesson learned when I started blogging. You can’t just ask why doesn’t anyone read my blog? You have to read other blogs and comment!!!!! It is all about sharing……sharing your inspirtation………sharing good news……sharing questions…….sharing answers…….sharing what you LOVE and keeping it positive!!! My best advice is to set realistic goals and follow through. Write your goals down and reward yourself when these are achieved. If you are having a hard time……….read threads from the teams and understand you are not the only one having a hard time and take some kind of action to make things better. Don’t ever give up…….maybe take a break and approach with a new outlook. Please read my blog: greetingsfromgeralyn.blogspot and friend me on facebook so we can share this great opportunity called……………..ETSY!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. Thanks for sharing. I always like hearing that it’s hard work that pays off.

  2. Oops! Your link is missing “.com” so it doesn’t go to your blog. Once I added that, it went right there.

    Oh, and thanks for the tips!


  3. I love how your business is based on rock and roll music- how cool is that? PLUS- great advice- thank you!

  4. Thanks for sharing your experience. It really is the best teacher.

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