Saturday , 19 June 2021
Once piece of advice for new sellers would be to read about SEO and familiarize yourself with it before putting up work on Etsy.

My Etsy Story : Jessica Reiss Photography


Turquoise Bikes NYC

Turquoise Bikes NYC by: jessicareisspix

 Jessica Reiss Photography

1. Tell us your Etsy story.. how you got started in your craft and how you started selling on Etsy.

I have always loved photography but never realized how much until I received my camera as a birthday present from my husband a few years ago. I immediately began taking pictures. I learned how to use the camera pretty much on my own, taking only a few classes and reading tutorials online. I would bring my camera with me everywhere we went (and I still do), and took pictures of everything. I started to post some on Facebook of vacations, excursions, etc and received a ton of compliments on them. I was told constantly that I should be selling my work. Finally, after being told for months that I should give Etsy a try , I decided to take the plunge and put up some prints.

2. What have you learned about business since you launched your Etsy shop?

Well, I have learned that I know very little about business! I work full time as a Speech Language Pathologist for preschoolers, which means that business is way off of my radar. Having just started Etsy about a month ago, I have realized that I need to market my work extensively. I have made a Facebook page for my work, have joined Twitter and have made a Pinterest account as well. Business is hard to get into, especially with no background in it at all, but I am learning as I go- getting advice from others who have been successful, and reading online A LOT. Overall, that it’s not that easy to sell and it takes time to get yourself out there.

3. Tell us one piece of advice for new sellers.

Once piece of advice for new sellers would be to read about SEO and familiarize yourself with it before putting up work on Etsy. I have had to go back and change so many of my titles and tags so many times because I didn’t know what I was doing, and figured I could just fake it. I know that there is a learning curve, and you need to actually try different tags, terms, etc and find out what works best, but i could have saved myself HOURS had I known what I should be focusing on at first.

NYC Photography


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  1. Hi Jessica, I seem to be in the same boat as you. I chuckled when I read your first SEO attempts for I’ve done the same thing. All I can say to you is what I tell myself each day, keep doing what you love, keep learning something new, for all is worth while in the end even if just for the experience!

  2. Hi Deborah!
    Thank you! I couldn’t agree more! :) I’m glad that I’m finally getting the hang of SEO now (or at least I think I am!) because going back to change 90+ listings titles/descriptions/tags on several different occasions is NOT fun! Best of luck to you!!

  3. Thank you Jessica for your article. I am in your boat too. I am getting better and more confident with my shop and I find a lot of practice helps. Like you and I suspect many more Etsians I too am constantly changing Titles and Tags. Maybe it is part and parcel of having an Etsy shop.

  4. Hi Jessica! Your SEO advice is so true, but to my opinion even in reading tons of articles beforehand concerning the subject, you will always have to keep your shop up to date and try new things with SEO. It really is lots of work!

    Your photography is really gorgeous, continue the good work!

  5. Your work is beautiful Jessica! I couldn’t agree with you more regarding how important the marketing aspect is. Something I have learned is to not give up quickly. Many people feel discouraged when items don’t sell or when they have a difficult time gaining followers – I am in that boat right now but I keep telling myself success does not happen overnight! Being patient is quite the understatement. Thanks for sharing your story!

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