Saturday , 19 June 2021
The new Etsy App Gallery is now live. Now you can find all the amazing Etsy apps developed by the developer community in one convenient place.

New Etsy App Gallery

The new Etsy App Gallery is now live.  Now you can find all the amazing Etsy apps developed by the developer community in one convenient place.  You can even search by category.   Each individual app also has a nice display page that has screen shots and a description.  There is a nice easy to find blue button that takes you straight to the app website on the pages as well.

New Etsy App Gallery

Etsy Hacks

New Etsy App Home


New etsy app gallery

Tools for Etsy

etsy app gallery page

Check out all the awesome Etsy Apps in the New Etsy App Gallery!


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  1. Apps! I love apps! Keep ‘em comming!

  2. Thanks so much for pointing this out! So many clever developers out there. Lots of interesting new ways to interact with Etsy. Love it!

  3. um, what’s this for? (I just started adding Favoritizer and got this:

    If you proceed, Favoritizer will have permission to do the following on your behalf:

    * Change listings in your shop
    * Create new listings in your shop
    * Add to and remove from your favorites
    * Read your billing and sales data
    * Manage your shipping address

    That doesn’t make sense or sound like a good thing.

    • …so…. I was wondering if this is just a typical TOS thing that doesn’t really mean anything, or something like Facebook applications that say they’ll have permission to pull your info but don’t actually seem to do anything with it, or if this thing will actually change things in my shop without my actual decision to do so. and if the last thing is the case then is it worth using this?

  4. Great! I love Etsy hacks so much – off to check out more of the apps. Thanks!

  5. I love having these all in one convenient place, rather than having to search for them!

  6. I’m an app addict and love trying every Etsy recommended application. Thanks for putting them all in one place for us!

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