Tuesday , 4 August 2020
94% of Etsy sellers use Facebook as the primary marketing method for their Etsy shop according to a survey of 600 Etsy sellers.

New Etsy Facebook App Lets You Add a Treasury to Your Fan Page

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Fanpageology, the newest Etsy Facebook app just launched this week!

94% of Etsy sellers use Facebook as the primary marketing method for their Etsy shop according to a survey of 600 Etsy sellers.

The top two concerns with Etsy and Facebook are:

How do I increase the number of my Facebook fans?

What should I share to connect with my fans and generate more sales?

Fanpageology connects your Etsy shop to your Facebook Fanpage with the ability to create customizable tabs that will take your Facebook marketing to new levels of effectiveness. Fanpageology provides you the tools you need to increase your fans that are targeted customers and connect with them in ways that encourage more sales and brand loyalty.

Fanpageology gives Etsy sellers the ability to create fully customizable content to share on Facebook using 19 features with a simple drag and drop system that lets you immediately see how it will appear on Facebook while you create custom tabs.

Fanpageology empowers Etsy sellers to do the following on Facebook:

Promote and share treasuries

Put your Etsy shop on Facebook

Create an inventory slideshow

Share testimonials with Etsy feedback

Run contests

Create an email list and collect email addresses

Put web pages on Facebook tabs

Share Etsy team information

Promote with coupon codes

Run contests and product giveaways

Build brand awareness with videos, pictures, text, and hyperlinks

Share your Etsy shop About Page details

Create buzz and viral content

GAIN MORE FANS with fangates! (Fangates allow you to create incentives for non-fansto like your page and generate phenomenal proven results)

Fanpageology is a cutting edge tool taking Facebook marketing to new heights for Etsy sellers!

Subscribers will also have access to how-to videos and educational materials taking the guesswork out of Facebook marketing as well as harnessing the power of Fanpageology -making your Etsy/Facebook connection extremely effective.

Get ready to experience more engaged fans, additional sales, and Facebook content your fans really want to see in their news feed!

Join us as Etsy and Facebook help make each of our small business dreams come true – with

Over the next few weeks we are ging to highlight all the powerful features that Fanpageolgoy offers, and today we are starting with the Etsy treasury feature.

Now, for the fist time you can add the Etsy treasuries that you create right to your Facebook fan page in seconds.  Get your treasuries on the most popular social media site and start driving more traffic and  get more views, hearts, and comments!!



With our simple to use drag and drop system you can add your treasuries to your fan page with a few clicks of the mouse! Check out the video below for an exact step-by-step on how easy this is!

etsy facebook app



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  1. Oops, nevermind. I see it now. I was trying to access it as my fanpage, but I switched to myself and it worked. :)

  2. Awesome! About time there was more connectivity between the two! Now, to get FB and Pinterest talking…

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