Friday , 10 July 2020
Zibbet offers sellers tons of features at super affordable prices. You can set up a shop for only $7 per month with no other fees.

NO Listing Fees, NO Sales Fees For Life

Zibbet Featured Shops







I found these amazing items while browsing around Zibbet today.  Zibbet is a global marketplace, connecting buyers and sellers of handmade goods, fine art, vintage items and crafting supplies.

Zibbet offers sellers tons of features at super affordable prices.  You can set up a shop for only $7 per month with no other fees.

Here are few features that caught my eye:

  • NO listing fees
  • NO commission/sales fees
  • Shop performance stats
  • Total customization
  • Coupons
  • Gift Certificates
  • Add video & images on Profile page
There are tons more features you can check out HERE.

Right now Zibbet is running a special offer where you can pay for a lifetime premium account.

Check out all the details HERE over on their site.


Zibbet has an Etsy item importer for quick and easy posting.


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  1. Seven dollars a month if you sign up for a whole year. $9.95/month if you want to try it out on a month by month basis.

  2. Wow! I wondered where all of the views were coming from. Thank you so much for including me in your Zibbet feature! It’s a wonderful site. I have done well there. And the customer service is absolutely top notch :-)

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