Tuesday , 4 August 2020
We have been working closely with Meylah once again to put together a one stop shop for all your small business resources.

One Stop Resource Center for Creative Business Owners

meylah resource center

As you know, here at Handmadeology we try to share with our community the best resources for building small businesses. We have been working closely with Meylah once again to put together a one stop shop for all your small business resources. From services, to ebooks and tools, you will find an ever growing list of resources in the new Meylah Resource Center.  The Meylah Resource is designed for all creative business owners, not just Meylah sellers.

Meylah is excited to announce the launch of a Small Business Resource Center, a place to find advice on how to grow and manage your business. In this new addition to their website they make it easier for you to find new articles contributed to Meylah by the many coaches and mentors that share their expertise with us.

The Certified Experts are hand picked by Meylah and Handmadeology to bring you the highest quality in services and products.

resource center

Also, in the Resource Center they make it easier for you to find the services and products that can help a small business to brand better, produce things more cost efficiently sell more and manage money like a pro.

Welcome to Meylah Resource Center. 

Here you will find the help of Certified Experts to help you in any area of your businesses that you would like to make better.

Here is snapshot of our experts:  For a limited time they are offering some amazing resources on sale.

Mariano Pastor founder of Via U! specializes in advertising photography and making it affordable for  small business.

Product Photography Package from ViaU

Via U! is a studio in NYC that collaborates with you online to create product photography of the best quality.

We take the time to learn what makes your product, and your brand, special. Then we use our experience helping large brands increase sales to make your products look extraordinary.

We give you photography ready to be used. Via U! edits small blemishes that may exist and color corrects each photograph to be true to the original product.  We pay for the return of your products.

product photography package


Sandy Dell co-founder of Gourmet Innovation specializes in selling wholesale to retailers.

The Complete eGuide for Selling to Gift Shops

In this value-packed resource, you will find HUNDREDS of practical tips, techniques, stories, and how-to tactics that REMOVE the fear and anxiety from walking into (or contacting) a gift shop and asking a buyer or manager to carry your line.


Nakeesa Frazier, founder of Fusion Art Management specializes in writing top notch personal biographies, product biographies and Meylah storefront set-ups.

Artist’s Statement

Your artist’s statement is a short 1-3 paragraph document that will answer questions like: Why do you create your specific type of art?  How is it created?  What is it?  from your perspective, for the reader.  Artist’s statements are needed to accompany your artwork during exhibits, online on your website, in your portfolio and when asked from by jurors for art contests, competitions, etc.

Tim Adam founder of Handmadeology specializes in social marketing and community building for your creative businesses.

Your Etsy Relevancy Strategy

Do you have an Etsy relevancy strategy in place?

Do you know if you are targeting a large variety of shoppers or a small target niche?

When you search your keywords on Etsy where do your items land?

Do you know how to find strong keywords and phrases that will stand up to the competition on Etsy and Google?

Are you seeing the traffic you want from Etsy and Google?

The Handmadeology Team has put together a package that is going to help you prepare for the Etsy search.

The Etsy Relevancy Strategy Ebook and Analyzer

etsy relevancy strategy


Jason Malinak founder of Etsy-preneurship specializes in bookkeeping, taxes, financial tools and the legal side of the business!

Etsy Tax Guide – Etsy Instructional – How to – The Bundle

This bundle pack will give you confidence that you are running a legal business with regards to taxes for the United States.

It includes:
- Form 1040 Small Business Tax Guide
- Schedule C Tax Guide
-Home Office Tax Guide
-Self Employment Tax Guide
-Sales Tax Tax Guide
-Equipment Tax Guide
- 12 Financial Mistakes to Avoid

I’ve spent years in school and actual tax practice to be able to write these tax guides.  This tax guide is a super tiny % of what you would pay talking to a small business tax accountant in a one-on-one setting.  That is my goal!  I want to put the expertise and confidence in Etsy sellers and empower you to feel at peace when it comes to taxes.

This bundle gives you about a 22% discount from buying each EBook individually!

etsy tax guide


There are more the experts in process of joining the community to support you.

Explore, have fun and let us know how to make this place better.

Happy Learning and Happy Selling!


Call To Our Community! We are looking for our community recommendations. Something you want to know more about but can’t find? Somebody you think could make great contributions to the Resource Center? Send us email toresourcecenter@meylah.com. Let us know so can we invite them to join.

View Launching Meylah’s Resource Center : Making World Class Small Business Advisors Available to You! over on Meylah!


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