Friday , 10 July 2020
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HGTV Design Star Winner Emily Henderson’s Interview With CassaSugar

Great exclusive interview with Emily Henderson on CassaSugar. Love this flea market tip from Emily! This tip is more practical: I get to a flea market as early as possible and I race through it kind of like a crazy person looking for the biggest pieces first, because those pieces always sell first. People come and meander through, and that’s ... Read More »

Etsy News – Changes To US And Canadian Shipping Address

ioates says: As part of the new Checkout, we are changing all US and Canadian shipping addresses to have standard state and province abbreviations. This change has two parts: First, whenever you enter a new US or Canadian address, you now choose the state or province from a drop-down menu instead of entering it in a text field. This is ... Read More »

Etsy News – Things Happening Inside Etsy, Inc

Story by Rokali People Etsy has 125 employees now. I remember when we were just four people, working from my apartment in Brooklyn. At that time, it was crazy to think we’d ever need more than twenty employees to make Etsy tick. And now, at 125 employees, we’re still hiring. Why? Because we have more work to do. We’re hiring ... Read More »

How to get on the coveted Etsy Front Page

knotworkshop says: So many folks wonder how to get on the FP. I thought I’d write a little tutorial to point you in the right direction. Granted, I’ve only been on there a few times and it was totally a stroke of luck, but I’ve done some research and think I’ve figured it out. 1) Have great photos. Yes, you ... Read More »

Etsy Admin Talks About Getting Featured On The Etsy Front Page

emilybidwell says: Hi! I hope I can help clarify the homepage and Featured Seller process from Etsy’s end. Homepage: Etsy’s homepage is curated by the community through Etsy’s Treasury: Etsy selects particular Treasury collections for the homepage based on seasonal themes, a strong display of item diversity from across many categories, and strong photos with clearly represented products. Additionally, ... Read More »

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