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Product Photography: Learn how you can make a bottle look bright when taking a picture on a dark background.

Product Photography, Sometimes It’s All Done with Smoke and Mirrors

roduct Photography: Learn how you can make a bottle look bright when taking a picture on a dark background.

product photography on a budget

Sometimes we need to put light where there is none. Here is how I used cardboard and aluminum foil to make this bottle of Valley Green Naturals look bright.

product photography tips

First we’ll need to make a small stage where to put the bottle. Find a cardboard box that it’s taller than the bottle you want to photograph and remove the top flaps and two of the sides.

product photography how-to

I used pieces of maroon paper to cover the inside of the box. You can use any material you like. Fabric is great idea because there is so much to choose from. Using something that is different helps to make your picture look special.

better product photography

I lined the inside of the box with white foam core to make it more rigid. Then, to let the light reflect back, I covered only two sides with a color paper. If your box is not white you can tape a piece of white paper to make the light bounce back.

etsy photo tips

Use the object you want to photograph as a template to cut a piece of cardboard of the same shape. Wrap the cut-out in aluminum foil.

photo tips

Put the bottle in the set leaving a few inches of space between the bottle and the back wall.

etsy photo tutorial

Make two rings of tape and use them to stick the cut-out to something that can hold it standing up.

product photo tips

Put the cut-out behind the bottle and turn it to make the light coming from the window reflect and go through the bottle.

product photography tips

Looking from the position where you will put the camera find the angle that makes the most light go through.

photo help

With and without the card in the back!

I like them both.

product photography tips


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  1. No wonder great photography seems expensive- and it’s worth every penny! Thanks for the tips! How about some for photographing highly reflective metals, especially silver?

  2. Great post ! I can’t wait till next week post…

  3. Thanks; very cool trick!

  4. These are some excellent tips! Things I’ve never thought about before. Thank you!

  5. I love all the photography articles I can get my hands on and Handmadeology is the best place for that….

  6. This is so clever! Never in a million years would I have figured it out on my own! Thanks!

  7. Great info. I love all of you articles.

    I would like to see one on how to photograph cards.

  8. Thank you for the great tips

  9. Your tutorials are fantastic!

    The images are great illustrations of your text.
    Superior in every respect.
    Harriete Estel Berman

  10. Thanks for the detailed step by step with such great pix- how about some advice for for greeting cards?! especially when they have glitter or something like that?

  11. This is so clever! Look forward to reading more. :)

  12. Fabulous Tutorial, definitely saving this to review when I’m feeling ambitious on the next photo shoot! Thanks so much for sharing!

  13. Those are fabulous tips!! THANKS!

  14. This is such useful information. Thanks!

  15. One question, how do you make sure that the cardboard piece in the back doesn’t show? You’d have to be lined up exactly right to make sure. Or does the tinfoil make it invisible? I’d think not. What’s the answer?

  16. This is a great article.You are very generous with your knowledge. My problem photographing my cushions is the sunshine. ( I know I should not complain) but finding shade without making them look dark is ni-on imposible. Pam

  17. Thank you. you for for sharing your expertise. I have struggled so much
    with photos, fearing I would never get
    it. I get it! Peace, elizabeth

  18. I love learning how to use natural light to enhance my photos… thank you!

  19. You my friend, are the BOMB! Still gleaning from your book! I’m a bit slow to implement but man I have learned a lot.

  20. that tip is amazing! WOW – thanks for sharing!!

  21. I will need to try this with my Sandblasted bottle lanterns. I have a very difficult time getting the light right for those. They always end up looking flat.

    Any tips for stained glass?

  22. Amazing. Thank you so very much!

  23. LOVE LOVE LOVE the product photography tips! In my opinion, creating quality photographs of your products comes second only to creating quality products, and with pretty much any profession, there are tricks to the trade and knowing these tips and tricks are what separates the men from the boys (so to speak).

    Thank you! Thank you!

  24. Awesome, helpful and easy to understand! Thanks for sharing! I have a question….

    I’ve heard that items photographed with plain white backgrounds get more clicks than items with black, colored, or staged setting backgrounds.

    What do you think?

  25. Excellent idea andsimple to make, thank you

  26. Wow! The things you can learn on Handmadeology!!

  27. Hmmm, I wonder if this trick would work with gemstones? Some stones aren’t opaque and need some enhancements when photographing them to give the true luster and transparency of them. I’m gonna experiment with this! (Kind of a Holmes and Watson moment; when the solution is shown to you, you say, how absurdly simple!)

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