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With all this talk about keywords, I feel I have been leaving out another super important key to SEO. Backlinks. I know you have heard the term, but what are "backlinks"?

Quality Backlinks For Better SEO

With Enough Coffee quote original print flannel grey - 8x10 Gifts Under 25

With Enough Coffee quote original print flannel grey - 8x10 Gifts Under 25 by: hairbrainedschemes


With all this talk about keywords, I feel I have been leaving out another super important key to SEO. Backlinks.  I know you have heard the term, but what are “backlinks”? Backlinks are links on other sites and blogs that are directed towards your shop or blog. Another common term for backlinks is inbound links . The number of backlinks that a site has is one indication of it’s popularity or importance on Google.

Backlinks are important for SEO because Google gives more credit to sites, shops, and blogs that have a higher number of quality backlinks.  Google will consider these sites, shops, and blogs more relevant than others in the search results for certain keywords.

When  Google calculates the relevance of a site, shop or blog to a keyword, it  considers the amount of quality inbound  links to that site, shop or blog.  So in our search for backlinks , the number of inbound links is good but focusing on the quality of the inbound is more important, and is what really matter most.

When Google is looking at a site, shop , or blog, it is considering the content to determine if a link is quality or not.   When you have sites linking back to your Etsy shop or blog that have content that is similar, the link is considered relevant.   On the other hand is a site links to your shop or blog and is unrelated is is considered less relevant.   The more relevant a site is to your shop or blog the higher quality the backlink will be in Google’s eyes.   Find blogs and sites that that talk about on a broad spectrum handmade, craft, and design, but also dig deeper into your niche.  If you are a underwater basket weaver (do people really do that?)  finding a blog that writes are about weaving baskets under water and getting them to link to your Etsy shop would be a Super high quality backlink!  Seriously though, you get what I mean.  You know your product best.

5 tips for getting high Quality relevant backlinks

1.  Be active in Social Media.

The more you are spreading your links around Twitter, Facebook and other social networking sites, the better chance your shop and items will be noticed.  On that same note, remember that social networking is a two way street.  Make sure you are sharing the love and linking and post other seller and blog posts.  The more you do this the more people will reciprocate.

Now with our new social media tool Promotesy you can automate your social marketing of your Etsy shop  - integrating your Etsy, Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin accounts.

2.  Promote your Etsy shop sections

Your Etsy shop sections are pages permanent t pages in your shop.  They are permanent until you delete them or change them.  They also have meta data that Google looks at, like keywords, titles, and descriptions.

Don’t fill  your shop sections with a bunch of words, it won’t make sense to Google . You want it to read right, and so does Google. Like my example : “Modern Necklaces by Timothy Adam Designs” If you cram a bunch of words in there it will look weird and be less effective.  Google ranking depends on many factors and grammar is one of them.

Take a look at my Modern Necklace section in my etsy shop.  Here is the source code, and as you can see there the title, keyword, and description all say modern necklaces.

Etsy Backlinks

Be sure you are spreading your Etsy shop section links around.   Also once you have them set, an begin promoting the sections do your best to not change them.  If you do change them the time you have spent promoting wasted and and even the backlinks will be obsolete.

3. Blog

If you are not blogging, start today. The best way to build backlinks to your Etsy shop is on your own blog.  You know the content is going to be relevant!

Check out all the blogging tips for creative business owners right here on Handmadeology.  Blogging Tips

4.  Strive for Quality

If you are listing quality product on Etsy , and your product photography is outstanding, bloggers will take notice and want to write about you and feature your products.  This will also work in the opposite way.  If you are blogging about amazing products, not only will the seller you featured link back to your blog, people reading may do the same as well.

5.  Get Proactive

Get out there… get your killer product you worked so hard to make in front of bloggers.  Most likely your favorite blogs that you read have a place you can submit your shops, items, blog posts, and even tips.   You know the blogs you read and you know if they are relevant to your Etsy shop or blog.

Did you know you can submit your blog posts, Etsy Treasuries, and Tips to Handmadeology?

We are proud to announce that we have just launched the Handmadeology Market.   It is FREE to add your items to the Handmadeology Market.  We do have an option to have your item featured for more exposure for only $5.  Learn more about getting your items featured HERE.


the handmadeology market


By listing your items in our market you will be benefiting from our vast social media reach and our 5000 daily visitors.   Also when you creat a listing in our market, you will create a strong backlink to your shop, website, or blog.  Learn how to optimize your pictures to be found faster on Google.



Backlinks are vital to the growth of your SEO.  If you want your Etsy shop or blog to move up in the Google search, seeking out quality backlinks is at the top of the list.   Look for blogs and sites that are relevant, strive for quality,  get a blog, promote your Etsy shop sections, and be active on social media sites. 

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  1. As always, great content, that I’m so happy to share!
    Thanks, Tim!

  2. Great info. I’m new to Etsy and am reading everything I can get my hands on. I have started a blog about my jewelry making adventures. You can check it out at

    Thanks! Keep sending the tips!

    • I to am reading everything I can to become more knowledgeable and get my sales up on ETSY. I haven’t done the blogging and took a look at yours. Wow! very cool! I just have no idea how to get it started or what I should blog about.

  3. Thanks for the back link information. I had no idea :)

  4. Thank you for the great information. This is really helpful!

  5. EXCELLENT information – I retweeted this because its vital for online sellers to have a fighting chance when they compete – that only happens when there is reliable, useful information that clearly explains to sellers why and how to do the networking activities essential for online sellers. Thank you!!

  6. Thanks for the info. The blogging thing really works. Ever since I started blogging I’m getting more traffic. Backlinks are vital, so share the love. My blog is where I preview my latest work

  7. Eyeopening ! Especially the use of shop sections as it relates to the our meta tags.
    I always learn something new everyday here a handmadeology. TYVM.

  8. Very insightful, Tim. I can see I really need to work on my sites. Thanks!

  9. This NEEDS to be in the Etsy forum, Tim…so many newbies are asking about how to get traffic lately. Not that that is anything new but I just poked my nose in recently and noticed it again. :)

    Any tips for ramping up blogs for us vintage sellers? I know I am always asking you for more info to aid the vintage sellers; appreciate anything you can offer.

  10. You just helped me hone up my shop title and announcement :)

    I’m finally getting my head wrapped around SEO. I’d never have thought of using my shop sections as backlinks!

    Thanks Tim!

  11. This list of to-do’s I have for both my Etsy and my blog get’s bigger. It is a very positive thing -loads of info I hadn’t considered or even knew about …. already recommended you to some friends in same position. Many many thanks!

  12. Definitely something we all need to be on top of, especially when you consider that ETSY adds thousands of new sellers every month!!! Tim, at what point will ETSY have too many sellers, making our SEO efforts less effective, even at our most diligent???
    Please do some serious research before you answer this! It’s something that has been weighing on my mind for a long time!!

  13. Wow, now I am really going to get going. I will send you an update to let you know my progress.

    I will also be interested in your reply to Tina regarding vintage.


  14. I’m really grasping this backlink thing and it’s importance. My question(s) might be super basic. Is simply responding to artlcles like these considered leaving backlinks? Are some backlinks considered of a higher quality then others? For instance, if I’m able to insert a clickable link to an item in our shop while writing the response paragraph, is that a higher quality backlink then just my website address that is left to the side? I’m really ready to run with this and give myself, say…3 months to see how much my ranking with Google improves. My biggest fear? That I be thought of as simply self serving when sprinkling these backlinks all around.

  15. I just set up a new website for selling my art and I’m putting as much effort as I possibly can into my SEO and this is a HUGE Help!! THANK YOU for all you do for the handmade movement and helping us to be more visible online :D


  16. Brilliant, Timothy! Off to trawl for blogs on my subject matter.

  17. Thanks for all of the really great tips. Viewing the page source and checking for backlinks are a huge help in tweeking my sites for SEO. (I have a long way to go)

  18. trying to get my head wrapped around so much info! I am wondering, like Astrid Nicole above, about if leaving a response on a blog or forum is considered a backlink.


  19. Great tips again Tim! Short but to the point, I’m off yet again to work on my Etsy shop.

  20. thanks Tim for explaining about the importance of backlinks! I’ve read about it before but never understood why it was important.
    Appreciate your post on this!

  21. Thanks for the tips Tim! I’m going to work on my sections, titles, and descriptions so they all tie in and will be more cohesive.
    I will also make an effort to add more links within my blog posts.

  22. Thank you so much for all of the information that you give. I really appreciate the idea about directing outside links to the shop section rather than a listing that will sell and get old. No more dead links!

  23. Excellent tips, thank you! This was very clear & easy to follow, SEO articles can often be as clear as mud.

  24. Thanks for the article and for the invitation to submit our blogposts. (Now do I dare…)

  25. You can create backlinks for your Etsy shop, blog, Facebook Fan page at Unanimous Craft. Just create a free user account and then choose “Add a resource” from the resources menu.

    Unanimous Craft is a directory of indie business resources. I’m organizing the crafty community. Help me!

  26. what an awesome post. I wish I had more time to blog, love your site. went to vote got thru a bunch, then told to sign up to make my vote “count” pretty lame in my book. I would love to check out yet another site but just can’t right now sorry
    peace n abundance,

  27. I’ve learned so much from you, Tim. This has always been an area I wanted to understand better, and now I do. Thanks for all your insights.

  28. OH heck I supose I should start a blog. I just don’t know where to start. I have to be the none geekiest person on here. Thanks for your help Tim.

  29. Is there a simple explanation for all this stuff? I am completely overwhelmed by all the advice about getting a shop noticed. Everybody says “blog” but nobody elaborates. Blogging is unfamiliar to me. I have no idea how to go about or what it’s main purpose is or even what it really means.

  30. I wish I had discovered you blog months ago. Thanks for all the great info.

  31. Simple and easy to understand overview. Thanks!

  32. Thank you so much just joined your team and this will really help – need to start blogging obviously.

  33. Thanks Tim you make more sense than anyone. I’m still in the dusk a bit (note! not the dark) But I’m getting there slowly slowly catch the monkey. Pam

  34. Thanks again. These articles are always so helpful.

  35. .. hmmm.. as a basket weaver, it would really be easier to do one underwater I suppose!
    Great information, thanks for sharing!

  36. Tim, many thanks to you, ETSY, Google, and Youtube for the knowledge…reading your book now!

  37. Thanks so much for the great and easy to understand tips!

  38. Found some very useful information here.

  39. Very helpful, thank you for the tips! xo kb.

  40. Another great article. I have never thought of promoting my shop sections. I am still not clear how that is done.

    I blog on Blogger and have blogged for a while now. Once in a while I will get comments which I love. I promote other artists and yet I still have trouble coming up with content.

    This read helped tremendously. Thanks!

  41. WOW! great article. Thanks so much!

  42. thank you for all your helpful and informative tips.

  43. Excellent article, TIm! Working on shop sections next.

  44. great info Tim, Thank You. Never thought about posting the shop sections! will have to do more of that!

  45. Thanks Tim you make more sense than anyone. I’m still in the dusk a bit (note! not the dark) But I’m getting there slowly slowly catch the monkey. Pam

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