Tuesday , 4 August 2020
Each day, Etsy selects and features about 300 Etsy products on its front page out of the 9+ million handmade, vintage, and supply items on Etsy. If this was a simple lottery – your odds would be 1 in 30,000 of making the front page daily!

Quick Poll – How Many Times Has Your Work Been Featured On The Front Page of Etsy?

eco jellyfish cosmetic bag in red cavas and blue denim

eco jellyfish cosmetic bag in red canvas and blue denim

Each day, Etsy selects and features about 300 Etsy products on its front page out of the 9+ million handmade, vintage, and supply items on Etsy.  If this was a simple lottery – your odds would be 1 in 30,000 of making the front page daily!


How times has one of your items been featured on the front page of Etsy?

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Do you notice the same sellers on Etsy's front page?

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For the past few months, we’ve been doing research. . . . lots and lots of research, data gathering, graph making, analyzing data, asking questions, interpreting data—all in the quest for truth about what type of product photos make the front page.

We’re almost done with the analysis and are putting the finishing touches on a special report edition of the Handmadeology Magazine—which will be called “The Naked Truth About How to Make Etsy’s Front Page”!

This report will tell you 10 ways you can statistically increase your chances of making the front page and other interesting never before revealed front page facts-offered through the Handmadeologybiz Etsy shop.  The numbers don’t lie – we know how to make the front page and how these sellers make the front page consistently!

Sign up below to be informed when this Handmadeology Magazine Special Report will be released.  You will also receive a 20% off coupon good at time of check out.  (It will be between 30 and 35 pages long packed full of easy to interpret graphs, examples of these 10 variables that make the front page, and practical suggestions to improve your product photos.


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  1. Once I was in a Treasury, but my listing was below the fold….and not really seen on the Front Page even though in the Treasury.

    So close, yet so far away!

  2. My art has never been featured on the front page and I’ve been on Etsy since 2006. My fairies don’t let that get them down, though. ;D

  3. Wow I think the second poll says it all! :)

  4. My Victorian Mouring Hat was featured on the front page of the Storque last Christmas season, b/c of our Milliners of Etsy Team.
    I saw my traffic triple for 2 days, then it slowly fell back to normal!!
    It probably would not have happened save for the team effort!!

  5. My work has been featured once on the front page in the 2 years I have been on Etsy.

    No sales followed though.

  6. Never been on the front page. The first Christmas I advertised because their was space but I don’t advertise anymore and have not seen a tick of difference up or down in my store. I have easily boosted my brand 100% over the years by Blogging, Twitter, FB and Empire Avenue. All that and I haven’t seen an up tick in sales only more traffic.

  7. I have been in 87 Treasuries, but never featured on the front page that I know of.

  8. Since it got so cluttered with Taste Test and Might Likes, I’ve pretty much stopped caring about the FP. Had to check the Craftcult Vault even to find out how many times I’ve been featured lately.

    But to be fair, I have to say that in the past I’ve gotten sales and custom orders from FP features.

  9. Can someone tell me how you know if you made the front page of Etsy ?

  10. I just finished a 3 day feature on the front page (Fri, Sat, Sun). I have found that it takes much work & perserverance to get there. Doesn’t just happen – & you have to have what people want. I may love some of my work, but others may not – I post what I’ve learned they will like. Also, tags, title, Description (part of which google picks up, joining groups, blogging about your products, blogging about others products(networking), putting shop links in your emails.

  11. I was in a treasury once – in 2007.

  12. I was featured once, but it didn`t help sales!

  13. So Craft Cult says I’ve been on there about 25 times, but I’m sure many of those were as alternates or below the first 12…

    Curators typically create treasuries searching tags by color, theme & items near the front of the search [recently listed]. Remember that listing tags may need to be updated too since Etsy reformatted how you create listings. No more *cheating* by using multiple [unrelated] words on a single tag line.

  14. I was on the front page once, at 4 am, 3 years ago. It was thrilling, but no sales came of it because of the time of day.

    I have heard that using a copyright or watermark on your images makes you much less likely to be featured on the front page, but because of the large amount of copyright theft I deal with for my tutu images, I can’t leave the copyright off. So I have pretty much let go of my front page hopes…

  15. Kim (RabbitDogPrints)

    We’ve never been on the front page. I kind of liken it to winning a million dollars. Would be nice, but probably won’t happen.

  16. I’ve been in the top three rows of 9 FP treasuries, and 5 of those items sold. I’ve been an alternate in 8 other FP treasuries, and I think a few of those had enough sales to actually get the item on the FP with no resulting sales.

    And the vast majority of the FPs (12 of 17) were the result of being on teams – not the top FP generating teams, though.

    I’ve curated three FP treasuries, which is really winning the lottery, I feel, and much more rewarding.

    I’ve been on Etsy for one year, have 300 items in my shop, and 178 sales. Not as good as I’d like, but I plug along.

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