Sunday , 19 September 2021
Quickly Add Any Etsy Treasury To Your Blog Or Webpage

Quickly Add Any Etsy Treasury To Your Blog Or Webpage

For way to long the Etsy community has been taking screen shots of Etsy treasuries to show them off on our blogs.  We have just made your life much easier!   We have created a very simple tool that allows you to place any Etsy treasury on a blog or webpage.  You will notice that everything that is clickable in an Etsy treasury is clickable on this Etsy Treasury Blog version.

Check out the new Etsy Treasury Tool here.

Here is a treasury I picked to show off this new tool!

‘The Butterfly Effect’ by cooljewelrydesign



Mid Century Modern Pastel Ye…


Pallet Garden Custom Made


set of three butterfly pillo…


Raw Emerald earrings green m…


Colors As People See Them pe…


Hand painted long silk scarf…


Copper Napkin Rings – Set of…


Butterfly Decor, pastels, ne…


CLEARANCE – Peach and Antiq…


Long Ruffle Butt Skirt (hemp…


monarch butterfly pillow – h…


White Porcelain Stoat – Sovi…


Black and white photograph. …


Tablecloth with napkins &quo…


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Simple install instructions:

1. First find a treasury you want to feature.

2. Locate the Etsy Treasury ID

Etsy treasury id number

3.  Head over to the Etsy Treasury Tool.

4. Copy and paste the Etsy Treasury id number in the box.

Etsy treasury code generator

5. Pick what you want the layout of the treasury you want.  You can pick different number of columns and the size of the pictures.

6. Hit the generate code button and your preview and code will show below.

7.  Here is what the Treasury html will look like.  Click in the box and hit “control a” to ensure you copy all the code.

Etsy treasury html code

8.  Head over to your blog and paste the code where you want the treasury to show up.  Make sure you are in the html tab before you paste your code.

Blogger will look like this:

etsy treasury blogger

Check out the new Etsy Treasury Tool here.




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  1. Thank you for sharing this. I am behind on my weekly treasury feature. Now it will be easier to do it. Thanks!

  2. Fantastic! This will look so much better on my blog compared to how I was doing it before. A very helpful and much needed tool!

  3. Thanks for the nice write up! Your instructions here are much better than the ones I wrote – I will add a link to them on the tool page.

  4. This is amazing! Thank you for sharing!

  5. Great! Love the fact that it’s clickable. Thanks so much for giving a head’s up on a wonderfully useful tool.

  6. Thank you! I’ll give it a try.

  7. You’ve solved a major dilemma for those of us working on laptop ! Not having the ability to capture an entire screen shot in past and having to resort to cutting and pasting,…, has been hellish.

    Ahh! for the simple things in life. Thank you for presenting us with this great application.

  8. Tim – thanks for bringing this to our attention. I just created the code for a Treasury of mine and easily added it to my blog:

  9. Thanks for the tutorial, now I have a more effective way of putting treasuries on my blog. I didn’t have a tool for this before, so I just had to add one item at a time. Now I just have to create some actual treasuries…

  10. I love this new tool! Put up a purple pumpkin treasury yesterday and then told my etsy team members about it. I sent them a link to this page which walks them through it so easy. Thank you!! ;-)

  11. This is totally fabulous! I post my treasuries on my blog and we post team treasuries on our team blog. This will make things so much easier! A big thanks to Martin for creating the tool and to Tim for explaining it so simply!

  12. Thanks so much for sharing, I just did a search for how to share a treasury on my blog and here is a link to just what I needed,and it’s so easy!

  13. I know this was posted a while back, but I just used it today. This tool is awesome and so easy to use. Thanks for posting it and thanks to Whale Shark Websites for sharing it with us.

  14. It is so great to finally have this type of tool. I quit posting my treasuries (and those I was featured in) on my blog because of the non-clickable issue…this is super.

  15. OMG Thank you thank thank you!!! I was wracking my brains trying to fgiure out how to do this. Thx!

  16. Finally!!! This is the easiest I’ve found! Thanks so much!

  17. When I try to paste the code into my HTML, I get this error message: “Invalid variable declaration in page skin: The skin variables could not be parsed as they are not well-formed. Input:”

    What can I do?

  18. i am not the most computer savy person but even I was able to master these instructions. I have blogged about my treasury on UK handmade
    Thank you so much for this

  19. I have tried to use this tool with the code from several different treasuries but keep getting the message “unknown file extensions…” Help! What am I doing wrong?