Tuesday , 20 October 2020
This collection features fabulous team mates who have included me in treasuries recently and some from my favourites too.

Rust & Verdigris

‘Rust & Verdigris’ by DotStitch

This collection features fabulous team mates who have included me in treasuries recently and some from my favourites too. Thank you everyone!



Green Swarovski Crystal Leaf…


Vintage Tin Horse & Jockey T…


RESERVED listing for tutenfi…


Handmade Tiger Lampwork and …


Hair Forks Micro Set of 3 Mi…


Bird Nest Gift Tags Hang Tag…




Fog Set – Dreamy magical fog…


Dark Silver Agate Bangle Bra…


Opaque Antique Green Czech G…


Rhodium Plated Vintage Silve…


Criss Cross Capelet – REDUCE…


Knitting Needle Case in gree…


60s Art Deco Color Block Pat…


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  1. So great to see my treasury here. Thank you! The featured artists are so talented – please take a peek at their shops. Andrea x

  2. Oh my! I was thrilled and honored to be included in this gorgeous treasury, and seeing it featured here now has me Happy Dancing all over the place! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  3. Ooh this is so exciting… thank you so much DotStitch for making such a beautiful treasury :-)
    Nangijala Jewelry

  4. So very cool to see this one featured! I love the colors and picks and of course am honored that my pendant was part of it!

  5. Wow! Dotstich! You did it, what an honor! Thanks for letting me ride your coat tales! Congrats to one of the Queens of treasuries.

  6. Gorgeous items and such beautiful colour choices. Unique and stunning.

  7. Wow! Dotstitch, you made it! Thanks for letting me ride on your coat tales and share in this joyous occasion. I am thrilled for you, oh! Queen of treasuries!

  8. You did a beautiful job on this Andrea, and apparently, Timothy agrees! ;)

  9. Such a magical & eclectic collection – really beautiful art & handmade. Well done, Andrea!

  10. Beautiful Treasure’s~!

  11. Beautiful!!

  12. I absolutely love this extraordinary treasury! I am so happy to be a part of it! Congratulations Andrea!! :)

  13. Gorgeous! What a lovely color display! I am honored to be a part! WOW!

  14. This is gorgeous! I just love the colors.

  15. Awesome treasury and so cool to see Mollie here:-)

  16. I love, love this treasury – and am thrilled to be a part of it! Andrea did a great job combining colors and unique items. I am so thrilled to see it featured here!

  17. Has a bit of whimsy. Added several to my favorites. Well done

  18. Great shops & items in this fab’ treasury…:)

  19. very pretty! love the warm tones! :)

  20. Impressive! Great finds!

  21. Wow! I’m thrilled to be in this gorgeous treasury and to see it featured here! Thank you, DotStitch! Thank you, Tim! :D

  22. BEAUTIFUL and rich looking..great featured artists

  23. What an eye appealing treasury. Great job. elizabeth

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