Sunday , 20 September 2020

Seller To Seller Etsy Tip – Join an Etsy Team

collage fabric bird in frame

collage fabric bird in frame

Take time to look into joining an ETSY team that is in line with your shops mission and merchandise. There are many teams on the ETSY site, some more active than others . I tried to find a team that not only have the same philosophy but had an active blog with engaged members.

When the team is active you as a team member are more likely to feel  supported as a group , able to ask questions and receive advice from team members in the private forum , and featured in Treasurys and be involved in great blog posts.

thanks ,
Elaine Kean

Red or Gray Art

natural wood paper block words collage

natural wood paper block words collage

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  1. Thanks for sharing about etsy teams. I’ll look into it!

  2. It took me several months, but eventually I realized I needed an Etsy community + I joined an Etsy team. It was one of the best decisions I have made since opening my shop. Great tip Elaine!

  3. The maxim about strength in numbers was never more true than in this case. It is imperative that you find an Etsy community. You can benefit from other people’s experience, and that alone is priceless.

  4. I joined the Eastern Washington Etsy team and have never regretted it! Everyone is very supportive and encouraging both with business and in personal life. I highly recommend joining a team.

  5. I belong a to a few teams and just realized recently that I could subscribe to the team and get all of the forum updates. So very helpful as I could not remember to check in with the teams regularly and it was taking so much time. SO now I click in from the daily email update and it is a lot easier to participate.
    Love it!

  6. I’m in the promotional frenzy team, they are a great bunch of people and i love being part of their team. :)

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