Sunday , 20 September 2020

Seller to Seller Tip – Fill Out Your Shop Info

Purple Wood and Funky Glass Beaded Earrings

Purple Wood and Funky Glass Beaded Earrings | by: ellesbeads

Make sure to fill out your entire shop information, including your location (state/province and country at a minimum), your shop policies, your profile, and your announcement.  Not only does it make it easier for buyers to find you, but it makes it easier for others to promote you as well!  I feature shops on my blog (as do many crafters) and it always helps to have as much information as possible to share with my readers when I talk about a shop I like.

Tip by : ellesbeads
Funky Eco-Friendly Jewelry and Accessories

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  1. I agree!! I like to see where someone is on Etsy and I hate to say it but I move on when it isn’t there…

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