Wednesday , 4 August 2021
I listed some Vintage Lavender Eye Pillows on my website this week and thought would I share just how easy it is to make a decent little area for a simple photo shoot. Mind you, there are many, many more blogs with professional looking photos and tutorials, but this one will show just how quick and easy it is to get you started.

Simple Product Photography Setup

I listed some Vintage Lavender Eye Pillows on my website this week and thought would I share just how easy it is to make a decent little area for a simple photo shoot. Mind you, there are many, many more blogs with professional looking photos and tutorials, but this one will show just how quick and easy it is to get you started.
First I gathered my product (the eye pillow) and the props (the ironstone dish, lavender buds, and a vintage powder box with the word Lavender on it).
Next, I pulled a rickety, old, $1 table over to the open door (an open door or window are my favorite places to take product photos). I just purchased it last week ~ for a dollar I couldn’t pass it up; if nothing else works, I can always use the spindles for something. I stood an old shutter up against the door. The sun had already gone over the house, so I was still getting natural daylight, but not bright, direct light. Looks a bit rough, huh? Excuse the items underneath ~ those are things from my Junk Sale that are ready to be boxed.
Then I draped a quilt over the shutter and on the table. The print was too busy for my items, so I scrounged around in a box and found an old cotton slip to use as the backdrop. I stuck a couple of straight pins at the top to keep it from slipping down. Get it? Slipping ~ LOL! Sorry, I’m a bit tired and that’s all I could come up with…
After I got the items arranged, I took a few shots using the closeup feature (not macro, just closeup) and no flash, and I think I got some pretty decent photos with very little effort or trouble.
I hope that helps a little, and if you have any tips, feel free to share them in the comments.
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  1. I love improvising for photo backdrops. And I’m glad to know that I am not the only one to use an old lace slip for pictures! :o)

    I also shoot next to my big sliding glass patio doors. Natural light is the best!!

  2. Georgi (aka Lu of JeniLuScraps @ Etsy)

    What a great idea! I usually shoot in natural light next to a window, but I love your idea of adding the props in your photos. I think about that on occasion, but haven’t come up with anything I think might work. Thanks for the tips!

  3. Thanks for the tips. I always go outside because it didn’t occur to me to use the door or window…..and I have a beautiful window seat! Since we rarely use the seat, I’ll just gather some things and leave them there for when I’m ready to shoot. Thanks so much!

  4. very nice! i like the shutters too. they’d make a great backdrop on their own.

    • Yes they do! I used them a lot in other product photo shoots over the years, but this past summer I made them into display shelves. Now I’ll have to find more shutters for my backdrops.

  5. bobbi helms (fatdogbeads)

    great job on making this as easy as possible to understand for those of us who are a little photographically challenged. thanks.

  6. Wow…so simple but the picture looks great!!! Who would of thought a slip!!!
    Thank you so much for the great tips!

  7. Lovely picture full of ambiance! I actually have a couple of these old shutters. Great idea!

  8. Great props. I will have to go to my favorite thrift/antique shops and look for some props that would work for my jewelry. Thanks for the inspiration!

  9. Thank you for taking the time to write this tutorial. Taking photos is one of my least favorite parts of listing things in my shop. It always seems so difficult. Your guide makes me want to try again.

  10. Beautiful! Great ideas too! Thanks! ^_^

  11. You made it look so simple…Thanks for sharing your wonderful tips. I’m gonna try it out right now.


  12. You got it all with these original props – I can almost smell the lavender! The use of vintage and the slip, all so romantic and soothing. Great Job!

  13. Nice idea. I like daylight, too. Tips are always helpful. I am working on one now, maybe I can turn it into something magical! Smiles,MJ

  14. Simple Props and natural light – works great! This time of year I have to take photos on weekends as it’s dark when I get home from the 8-5 work day.

  15. Thanks everyone! As mentioned in the original blog post, there are much more elaborate setups, but this just shows that you don’t have to have a dedicated photo area (just find a lit window) or fancy props (upcycle something you have). :)

  16. Your picture turned out great. Thanks for sharing.
    Photographing my hats properly has been one of the biggest challenges in my Etsy shop. I am constantly trying to come up with a flattering shot. Will try some of your ideas.

  17. What a great post thank you!

  18. I think props make for a more interesting photo, too, but I do have to add that the Etsy FP tends to feature treasuries that minimize other items in the thumbnail. Watch for about a week and you’ll see that most of the photos have the item angled, but centered in the frame, with most of the space around the item clear. Treasury makers that figure that out and use that technique, mostly make it on to the FP. Personally, I think it gets boring, but it does highlight the item and, I suppose, lead to more sales.

  19. nice! I have found that using a conch shell with a polished inside is the perfect backdrop for my bracelets. The reflective surface really helps focus the light on the beads.

  20. Excellent tips. Thanks! Love the texture on that old table top.

  21. I live in Okinawa, Japan where my patio is covered in the treeline dust/dirt. My stationary business requires me to have crisp and clean product. I would LOVE to shoot my cards outside BUT considering my circumstances I am at a loss. Any suggestions? PS I purchased a professional light box and I really don’t like it at all.

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