Saturday , 15 May 2021

Simple SEO For Etsy Sellers

simple etsy seo

Without traffic and views Etsy sellers would never make sales.  Getting shoppers into your shop is the first step to making sales.  There are many ways to get traffic but the best is free traffic from Google.  There are millions of searches everyday and proper SEO (search engine optimization) can help you harness the power of Google.  The great thing is Etsy has made it easy for sellers to maximize their SEO.  Simple SEO is a easy to follow guide that can help any Etsy seller properly set up their shop for SEO.

How To Properly Place Keywords In Your Etsy Shop To Dominate Small Niches In The Google Search (part 1)

  • 3 most important factors that determine a good key word
  • How to properly use the Google keyword tool
  • How to find the “real” competition for your keyword or phrase
  • Why 1 million searches for a keyword is not necessarily good

How To Properly Place Keywords In Your Etsy Shop To Dominate Small Niches In The Google Search (part 2)

  • Where to place keywords in your Etsy shop
  • Why your shop announcement, sections and title can help your SEO

Quality Backlinks for Better SEO

  • What is a backlink?
  • How can they improve SEO?
  • 5 tips for getting more quality backlinks

More Etsy SEO Links:

Etsy Guide to SEO (awesome free pdf download)

Crafty Biz – How to Optimize your Etsy Shop for SEO and Google

Etsy Shop SEO in Six Simple Steps for More Shop Views and More Sales
Etsy Item Titles – SEO 

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  1. Thank you for the article! Will definitely be looking at the links provided. The whole subject is so overwhelming and it’s wonderful that Etsy does so much to help us along…

  2. wow. this is a great resource! thanks :)

  3. You’ve managed to detail a complex subject and summarize it in plainly and simply.

    Thanks for your efforts on our behalf.

  4. This is so helpful and I would like to thank you so much for your continuous support and efforts. I wouldn’t know where to begin if it wasn’t for you holding my hand and guiding me!

  5. Posted a link to this on Unanimous Craft – really helpful!

  6. Thank you so much for this and all that you do. I have been working on my SEO since I first read about it through this site and I definitely can see a big difference in my traffic – and sales!!! Now I am going to focus on getting quality back links to my shop. Thanks again for the info!

  7. Very helpful, SEO seems like such a complex subject…

  8. It’s really helpful. Thanks for this sharing!

  9. Tim,

    I originally saw a previous blog with this same information.

    It’s really super that you continue to press onward with key information on SEO for ETsy Sellers. I see way too many shops that are not utilizing this and losing out.

    Keep up the great work!

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